Thursday, June 30, 2005




Always make those above you feel comfortably superior.In your desire to please and impress them,do not go too far in displaying your talents or you might accomplish the opposite-inspire fear and insecurity.Make your master appear more brilliant than they are and you will attain the heights of power

another days passes by

Another day passes by,I'm nearing my self enrolment dateline which is on Sunday July 3rd.Gosh!Though I feel kind of goose bumpy at times the thought of fulfiling my dreams and my parents dreams alike gives me the push and the desire to do just go through with it and give it all!

I have not read much today.I spent most of my time today on the move.Morning,take dads ride to the service centre.Noon,went to shop and browse for stuff.Evening,pickup sis then I catch some z's and later at night went out tutoring and nurturing some young delicate minds.

Innalillah...that kid who got beaten to death passed away.What's even more ironic is that its a classic case of mistaken identity.Good news is that the killers will get maximum punishment.Gantung sampai mati.Serves em right!How can people be so cruel these days?Think about it?What is the cause?Seniors bullied juniors severely?Girls being raped some by their dad,uncles and such?A case of "haruan makan anak".Is it really safe out there?Considering this is a majority muslim country.Its just sad.

Maybe just maybe people just got so caught up in the rat race that we tend to forget and leave behind values passed on from one generation to the others.Students disrespecting teachers,some teachers being sued by parents even!well,for caning or slapping some kids.Well, if that kid is innocent than its ok but what if they're kurang ajar?I think caning is still the best thing.I thank my dad for caning me when I was younger because it works!"Kalau sayang anak marah,pukul"that is what my grandma used to say."Itu namanya mengajar,jangan la pukul melampau-lampau.Tu dah dera namanya".Being Asian I think our values in certain things are way better than our Western counter part.

But we're not perfect either.There are lots of things worth learning and emulating from them.Road manners and civic minddedness are some of the aspects we can emulate from them.Go figure?!

Jumy's latest entry on Why? is quite intriguing I would like to add.Add in When?Where?Who?What? and How?.Completes the family of 5W's and 1H.

Till next time.All smiles and July is the reading month campaign.We need a reading campaign?How pathetic.Lol

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

"makan tanggung,berak cangkung"

I did mention I'm finished with the novel "Salina" by the acclaimed writer A.Samad Said.The perumpamaan/peribahasa/bidalan(I don't really know!really I don't) really caught my eye and got stuck in my mind.Weird at first.Never heard teachers in my school teaching such.....ermmm metaphore?

Anyway,Salina is basically about a particular person and the people of Kampung Kambing a setinggan village in Singapore.On how life revolves in a setinggan/slumThe struggle and life after WW2.Modernisation and such.Salina herself is a prostitute.Being the title of the book I did expect the bulk of the story revolves around Salina.I was wrong.The author captured the image of the people in Kampung Kambing vividly.On how,malays can be so layu at times instead of being melayu.The struggle sometimes rides on a very thin line of what is halal and what is haram.That particular time where joget is the in thing and so is dating perempuan cabaret.Also there is Kurupaya the so called landlord of most of the converted kandang kambing.He turned it into homes.That is how Kampung Kambing got its name.

Actually,its nice to read something that really revolves around normal people and somewhat less fortuned than us.Similarly,like Sepet which tells story of some people as it is.Unlike some modern malay flick(the old ones are excellent esp those of P.Ramlee's!) tells ud stories of the love and collition in a middle upperclass/rich datuks and datins over and over and over again!Patutla tak maju .Producers produce these kind of films and movies because its what the "malay layu type" market wants.They want profit.So,it ain't their fault anyways.Throw in some stars and wahlah.A popular star with a huge fan base would surely want to catch the fav singer acting resulting in huge ticket sales.Don't ya think?

So enough of this shit.So.What do you think "makan tanggung,berak cangkung " means?From the context of the book it highlights an event on ungratefulness of Abdul Fakar towards Salina.Abdul Fakar is basically taken care by Salina.They cohabitate.Salina goes "wondering" around at nights and takes care of Abdul Fakar.After a while of harmonious leaving Abdul Fakar turns outs to be so dependant on her and in same time treats her like shit!He boozes a lot,kaki perempuan,taik judi and yg sewaktu dgnnya.I hate this dude!I guess the author berjayala.Sebab you can feel what you read.Similarly like Harry Potter,Dan Brown and others!So people lets all read a lot and spend alot on books so we can reduce the price of imported books and keep the receipt for income tax reduction!heheheheee.......

hariku harimu jua

i read jumy's entry today on the boldly entitled Nippies(oohhh me pinch me click the link!)hilarious and very logical indeed.

another day passed by and i'm nearing my dateline.the dateline of being "institutionalized".an incident took tyres were unevenly worn out.therefore resulting in a not so catastropic incident.the the rear right tayar went "picah!" the freakin morning!so my sleep cycle was utterly distrupted my a distress call from who else my dad!being a gearhead cum a petrolhead cum whatever i felt kinda funny.okay i used to wash and clean my car during weekends so i basically scrutinize the car.check here and there!not these days mind you!kah kah

so today i went to the night usual dose of exercise.walking and eating and eating and eating and drinking as i browse along!heheheee...a belly full indeed.i would like to recommend the mihun sup/soto/koawteow/mee sup opposite ss3's seven might dreadfully fail on the presentation aspect and a bit on the hygiene side but what the heck its darn good!burrrrppppp.......then balik rumah.end of exercise

irina's sick today so get well so honey!

no interesting news on the papers.balik-balik kes Isa Samad pancing undi(well he did!
duh).dope(sebut mcm homer simpson!)...politics

nothing interesting and mind bending topic today...hhmmmpppp what else.i'm done with my irina's b'day "card".she made me a personal b'day card(she's an artist
duh.graphic designer!)since i'm not so good with cards so i decided to present her with a small arca la.i made from wires and such and i put some LED(Light Emitting Diodes for the yg tak tahu...i should throw in a capacitor than can kelip-kelip.kewl!).sort of a card replacement.kewl huh?i wanted to present her a robot instead...nah tak cukup duit nak beli servo.i owe jumy a robot!dope

actually i shouldn't be writing that down!alamak dah tertulis.biaq that's about it!till next time

Monday, June 27, 2005

mucha gracias

thank you miss mathgirl and mr metrosexual insanely obsessed with the dark side for the adidas thingy...wrist band

todays entry

the title sucks!so i guess this is my last and final week before i'm going to be "institutionalised!" literally speaking.frankly,i'm quite nervous.well,maybe after a year off doing this and that(not going to school!) you kind of get scared shit and stuff!not actually scared more like ummphh um umm...i can't seem to find the right word.

anyway,last night i had a dose of futsal with pupils of smsah.ex-schoolmates.instead off being tired running around,i was more tired laughing my hearts out!most of us did.bottomline,fun!

yesterday eve,i sent udin home and hang around jumy's sundry shop in pudu.i do help around my dad's gas station so the feel was very similar and very particular(i don't this that is the right word to describe).those contractors should sought out the ventilation should be their upmost priority.then and only then should they sort out the beautification process.what's the point having new tiles,lights and such when its freaking hot..those poor people.not everyone has the luxury of cars and planes and
yg sewaktu dgnnya!some really depend on what puduraya has to offer.give them cleaner and colder air will yah?!hhhmmmpphhh...we'll just have to look and see.

a sad thing happened,my aunt's home burnt to ashes.i felt really bad for them.she fainted on that fateful day.luckily,no one was hurt or injured or died!alhamdulillah.we did a small family collection,some new clothes,some poured in cash and some small gifts.i felt so blessed having such a loving i feel like crying!hah...:P

i finished reading Salina by A.Samad Said.very interesting malay novel.i forgot the wonders of malay novels.good quality ones mind you.i've started reading "48 laws of power".maybe after finishing i'll hunt down "the art of war".maybe just maybe.holy guacamoly,i haven't pick up my comics!we're more used to english novels don't we.names like tongkat warrant,keris mas,um umm umm see i having troubles naming excellent malay authors! ironic.what's even ironic is that even the Kementerian Pelajaran looks like there aren't sure of english usage for maths and science!
kejap gitu kejap gini.Prof. Ungku Aziz once said they were like "macam tikus nak betulkan labu".those poor kids.not much was taken into account when the schools wanted to be turned into "sekolah bistari" and new stuffs implementad and constantly changing and more this and that!urgh.....suddenly the "song another brick on the wall" by pink floyd kicks into my mind!hehee.teringat keluhan cikgu bm aku.kesian

oh shit now inas is freakin crying!!(shut up please!)...ok

germans lost to brazil.i was hoping for a german argentina final affair.maybe not this time.hey jurgenn klinnsman please do something with the defense!(like he's reading this.still worth a shout!)

alright..the food smells delish!i'm insanely hungry and i gotta go!

i had a blast at hartam.bless you people.

Friday, June 24, 2005

i feel awfully bad

i feel awfully bad

its so bad it just sucks big time!

how am i suppose to write?


I got this one via a comment

Hi there

Apologies for posting an off topic question here.

I am invitation your views on ABORTION in order to present a case to help those in the developing world.

I personally see abortion as a NECESSARY EVIL and that unwanted pregnancy is not only a personal problem and it is also a very real problem for the society at large.

Do you think it is right to burden say a 15 years old school-going girl with a new life when she is yet to have any economic mean to sustain herself and obviously, most girls of her age are not mentally ready for a family life. Furthermore, is it fair to rob her of her career, aspiration, dream etc., in the name of preserving a life that is yet to be fully developed.

If you have an opinion, please email it to me at or if you wish, you may post your comment here: Your Onions Counts!

Thanks, La Bona

22 June, 2005 04:43

Wednesday, June 22, 2005


Terjumpa site skinhead. macam-macam

3rd July


Mari anak-anak kita pergi sekolah...


Those are some of the words from R.Azmi's song.If all goes well I'll be enrolling in British Malaysian Institute(BMI) somewhere in Gombak.Gulp!Actually I find it quite freaky returning into the student and institutional life again after a year off doing all sorts of stuff!

I haven't done any major preparations.Just relaxing at least until the end of this week!By next week I'll try to relax some more! pressure?Ya right!?A 24 year old going back to school.Come to think about it less pressure than having to succumb to office politics or site politics(I used to work as a
buruh kasar...penat oh!Esp during the fasting month)

I finished reading Klue
(My gf reads em religiously!Its cheap and fun too.And I can read it too.No need those Cleo's,Cosmo bla bla bla blurrrr....) mag.My God!I love Sharifah Amani.I think she's cute(Yes she is!) .Cuter than Ekin AF3! (Jumy...Take that buster!hihihiii).Klue is a cool mag.Really it is.I like the newsletter part.Free bashing and no politics.Speak your mind kinda thing but no politics(thank God!)

An incident took place.One of my friends car got broke into.Habis.Luckily,the car is still there(looking at the brighter side of things...but still sedihkan?)

If I were a lawmaker.Crooks and thieves their hands should be chopped off!(what about being sawed off?)Period.

Sexual abusers,head shot!Only death can justify their act.Perhaps chopping off their "anu" would be a good substitute as well.Tortured to death seems cool.

Drugs addicts.!st time,send them to those place...ermmmm pusat serenti.2nd time?Maybe shoot them.Waste of taxpayers money!Millions and millions.And it is an effective way of not spreading HIV and AIDS.Those poor women and kids!
(Geraaammmm nih!)

Okay,judging from this,I'm really not fit for the job!Hahaa.I don't think its cruel at all though.

Erm,I'm signing off.I'm gonna continue my reading.Currently,I'm reading Salina.A Malay novel by A.Samad Said.

Ok I know Jumy loves Linux
Mr Yap,she called you a retard?She shiok at you one...

Gee,guess what.What?I'm getting a new set of speakers.Should I trade my Rotel Amp for a NAD amp?To trade or not to trade...that is the question?And where did I put my my interconnects again?Oh no!Not again...

Darn I need a new bass guitar with a kick ass bass amp.Loud enough to make a women dress fly high(NOT!)kahkahkhakhaahahakahaaa....I'm turning crazier!

No idea is too crazy and no dream is too wild.Live your dreams and push forward!Bye for now

From udean

Copied from udean's friendster message board:

Aku memang tak reti

Tunjuk Engkau menari

Tapi Engkau tak usah henti

Pandai tak kan datang berlari

Mimpi aku tak semua indah

Rakan semangat janganlah pudar

Hidup memang banyak kerenah

Cerewet hidup akan susah

Janganlah berundur

Ini bukanlah masanya

Tak kuasa aku

Menghadapi ini semuanya

Sendirian begini

Tak mampu berdiri tinggi

Tanpa mu disisi

Wahai kawan

Satu lagi nak pesan

Busuk hati janganlah simpan

Nasihat untuk rakan dan taulan

Simpan semua jadi panduan

Sudah 24 tahun

Ilmu didada aku susun

Kalau berkat tak datang turun

Sampah sarap datang berduyun

Friendster is closing?Grrrr....annoying forwarded messages

The title sounds really odd right?I don't fucking know what is the problem with some people forwarding the same messages over and over again.It just really bugs me big time!What if friendster closes!If it was meant to be!So be it.They really buy it don't they.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005


On my way to jalan duta,i wondered(as usual) the mat & minah salleh's(who came out with the term mat salleh at the 1st place?) collection of bad words.There is always the fuck,shit,asshole,son of a bitch and some,well more like that's all.Actually byk lagi kot.

As for BM I think there just simply a lot of really bad words.Sial!Celaka!Babi!Puk.....dan banyak sangatlah lagi!

Then one more thing is that when you say boobs,knockers it just doesn't sound as bad as tetek!right?Ok there is another word like payudara but...well

Then there's dick!The BM version sounds more descriptive right?Ya know what I mean.

Ass...bontot,punggung hhmmmppppp singaporean malays calls it pantat(sound awful!don't ya agree)

Somehow when these BM scholars came out with these words and terms they really like "picture it" don't ya think?hhhmmmmpphhhhh

I did came across some very bad writen malay porn writing some time ago!I sounded so pukingly awful and yucky.Maybe just maybe if they use the softer term.Nah!I don't want to encourage these folks!

I think when it comes to describe these thing,its like really soft and suttle approach and really nasty ones.No middleones!

Hmmpphhh.....or its just a cultural dilemma

Sunday, June 19, 2005

Kereta power kawan saya

Yesterday there was a small get together at Johnny's OU.Me,Jumy,Reza,Rafiqa and her friend(I kept on forgetting her name.Baru je tadi ingat!I ought to eat more raisins...)
Reza picked me up in his "kereta power" with Jumy as the co-pilot.Althought,it was just a small company but we had a good time.Full of the usual wackiness.(Ahaks!Ketawa ketawa ketawa.Makan makan makan makanan.Jumy evolved into a Metrosexual guy!)
After dinner we had some desserts at A&W PJ.More food!Lovely.I scream for ice-cream.Yippie

After desert Reza took me home in his "kereta power" with the co-pilot barely piloting(ZZZzzzzzzzz....zzzzz's)!I got to test drive his ride.

I had a taste of exotics before.Having to "test flight" Reza's hot import was simply awesome.I really really appreciate it.Arigato Rezasan

First reaction was "biar betik!".Am I dreaming,this car is fast and mind you it is still standard(I think he outta leave it that way,better engine reliability.He plans to do so actually).I managed to get it till just about 100 clicks or so.In 3rd!Every shift spits "hisses"!Leaving behind the oh so lovely note via the blow-off valve.Arrghhh sakit otak sakit otak!Bestnye bestnye

Secondly,Brembo's they really justify their stopping prowess.Really they do!Don't mess with them.They don't come cheap either.

The cluch is really excellent.Really bites!Ngap!

The flight lasted for a short while(kereta tu power la.Laju bebenor)

So Mr Rezasan thank you so much for the honour of piloting your ride!Heheee memang best.Thank you thank you thank you!

Thank thank thank you juga ku ucapkan kepada Jumy yg telah belanja peratusan besar makanan yang telah saya makan malam semalam ya!Arigato.

Terima kasih Cik Rafiqa untuk desert percuma anda

For the record,although Reza's ride is a "kereta power" rest assured he is a well trained,well mannered and a very courteous road user.

"Kereta power" Reza turut dirahsiakan identitinya.Hehehee..

Saturday, June 18, 2005


I read Jumy's blog.His piece on "Learn" is very meaningful.

I read Huzaimi's blog as well,darn it is humourous.

Miss Sunshine's blog?Well full of sunshininess.

As for Rafiqa's blog,surprisingly illogical.No,maybe not what I've expected from a mathematician.Lol

Kinda continuing Jumy's piece on "Learn".

When I first step into the construction site back then,my initial feeling was "Darn I'm scared!"

Why?Fear of the unknown I guess.

As I progress,I just felt stoopid.Not stupid but stoopid(stupid sounds well...stupid.Stoopid sound more goofier and stupid in a different manner).Why?

The more I learned the dumber I get.Why?

There are just simply so much that one can aquire which is impossible for one to muster it all.I just felt I simply don't know much. or don't know nothing.Therefore,that is why we have to rely on others as well.Why?

To connect!That's's all a big connection

Connecting people.One to the other(six degress of separation!)

That is why I've learned to appreciate people for what they are because everyone has something that they can offer.Some realize it and some don't.What they do can effect others.Some are very discreet and suttle and some may lead to something big!Good or bad?Hey it their choise(s).Don't ya think?

I guess all that thought me and made me appreciate people for who they are even though some a well very pretencious wannabes.Maybe I'm one of those?I wonder?Maybe to some people I am.Maybe...Its ok.No one is perfect.I can't please(puuhhlease) everyone.Lol

Some like you or love you,some hates and dislike you.Beauty?Lies in the eyes of the beholder.A good heart(sounds like health mag) and a kind spirit that matter more to me.

Oh God!Here I go again wondering from 1 point to the other.
Hey!This is blogging.Not your secondary school composition.Duhhh!

Ok I'm done!

Jumy loves linux.Ahaks

Friday, June 17, 2005

just another theory.

It has been about 2 days since I last logged in.I have to admit it sure feels kinda weird not logging in.

The day after my dear friend passed away my beloved grandma was admitted at KJMC."another one bites the dust"-queen.i was so worried.Thank God,she is recovering steadily and she's fineee.Alhamdulillah

After I came out with the basketball theory,lets just call it" basketcase",I wondered on the "Program Latihan Khidmat Negara" PLKN.

Here's the thing.What are the criteria on selecting pupils for the programme(not that I'm really interested in joining the programme,unless if there are some "weapons training module/combat and survival skills module/warfare thingy" included!hehee...maybe I can learn a thing or two in wire tapping and such aye?hehee.I might consider big time!Takpe janji dah terlepas!)

What are the criteria?

From my personal observation I think(which is normal la) the sons and daughters of VVIP's,VIP's,Tan Sri's,Dato'-dato' and Mak Datin's kinda
tak masuk?Perasan tak? Like c'mon don't tell me at least some of them sure got SPM leaver sons and daughterskan?Don't you think.
If there are any,I think sure will make the newskan.Similarly like Thaksin's(Thai PM) daughter having to work in McD.He himself took her there(Huyoo...)

Perhaps they just keep quiet and mum about it sebab tak nak anak-anak diorang "terglamer" gitu.Susah pulak kang!Well,maybe and that could be another possibilityDon't you think?

I think if I'm very successfull I think I'll just drill and grill my children(literally speaking) similarly like what my father did to me.Okay,at first I DON'T LIKE IT,but along the way it teaches you a lot.Instills discipline and it just make you realize things aren't just as easy as it may seem.You'll learn to appreciate all the hard work and all the hard work your parents put up to bring you up and running into the big world.

So I hope I'll be even more successful then both of my parents.So I can give old daddy'o a run for his money(I hope I got that one right?) and mama the soothing feeling knowing her child finally made it!

Till next time people.Keep on pondering and all smiles

P/S:I've started my basketball drills.Mostly it consists of dribbling with my weaker left hand!

Tuesday, June 14, 2005


Today approximately 8.30 am a fellow custodian of Sek. Men. Sultan Abdul Halim,Fairuz fondly known as Yuih passed away.

Deepest sympathy from me and from us at brotherhood and sisterhood of 9498


May Allah rest her soul...Amin

Sunday, June 12, 2005 anyone?

I used to play basketball.Well,used to.Currently contemplating to play ball again.Anyway,that ain't the issue I'm gonna highlight here.

It's good to see the game is growing at a commendable state.I wonder why some sports here are very race dominated.Majority of Malays/Bumis play football which is very evident.Chinese dominated basketball courts.Indian and Sikh dominated the hockey fields.

We should mixed it all up!Don't you guys and gals think so?

My theory on why Chinese ruled the courts is because most of the Chinese school lacked school field.Most of them have basketball courts.Malays/Bumis dominated football since most of the national schools have a football field.My theory on why the Indians dominate the hockey field is because they have a very strong bones and can withstand a good swing and they can really stand the heat!Yes they really do.Seriously,they do.

These are just theory.Back when I was studying in Jenan,basketball was just there.To fill in the SBP criteria I guess.No coach,no proper jersey,a very old wornout court and rims.Not that I'm complaining.It's just that I think due to the "nature of the game" which is "not a Malay sport" and even worst not producing results(of course ma,no one cares or bother.Just a bunch of us,loving it...the important thing is we had a lot of fun! :) kan Jumy kan?kan?).Some seniors despiced us,maybe well maybe its the style(more like the "nature") that goes with the game.Not that its hip-hoppy-ish.Maybe just maybe its because we're all stuck in Jitra!(I think Kuala Kangsar is hulu-er,but they did won trophies!....its all in the mindset.Get it?)

Anyway,I kinda missed the good old days,days I played pranks on Stell and Shu Ping,on how I became good at Maths,thanks to Chien Wei.The day Jayakhantan won top honours for the Bahasa Melayu Essay.The good old days,the days.The days we all so used sharing.Race and colour was not even an issue.The days Irina kept secrets(of admiring me!) with Bernie and Che Lim.Sweet stuff!If Suria is reading this,this is the same period he hair was "different".Hehee.I'm not gonna spill the beans here(unless she just mums and not comment on anything.I might spill a wee bit of info on how she looked back then!I shall crept to the archive vault...Aku nih mengarut je!Usah dilayan.Sila buat donno)

So,say a milo drink.Its made up of water/H2o,milo itself,susu pekat,okay I'll throw in the spoon and a saucer for presentation purposes.Imagine a milo,water and susu pekat mixed and not stired.It wouldn't taste good would it.Stir it and present it well.Hah!Kan sodap!

Think about it. medication kick in!Head.....hee-aaa-a-vyyy.Need to catch some ZZZzzzzzz's

Till next time.Smile ya all

Saturday, June 11, 2005

Hujung minggu

Arakian maka tersebutlah kisah,I've just only just finished reading Suria's entry,Jumy tak post anything yg terbaru dan terlatest and nister pon samo jugak.ayien pon samo,pakcik pon samo jugak and smsaholics pon sunyi dan agak sepi.Wonder why?

Last night,we went out.Aku dan girlfriendku.Gel,Sapet and Nick bersama-sama pasangan masing-masingan!So 4 pasang kesemuanya went to GSC Summit.I must say Mr. and Mrs. Smith is hilarious!Angelina Jolie looked fab!Gugugagahgugugagah,meleleh,terliuq-terliuq.....slurrppppp!hihi.....Patutla Brad Pitt boleh terlari!So I recommend go watch it!Kelakar bangat sihh.Angelina memang KARI!Arrrgghhhh sakit hotak sakit hotak!

Lately,I'm having lotsa dreams.I just don't know why!Puzzling.My best bet, its because of the cough syrup.I don't know this for sure,just a theory!Ayien if you are reading this.Shed me some light will ya?Since you've graduated and dah jadi Doc!Hihiiii...congrats my dear friend!

Oh!my pup and mum and sis and the whole gang for that matter landed safely.My dad is practically bald(more like a skin head!) and my mom got bigger!Its not really a nice thing to say but she admits it herself.Good!Berani kerana benar.As for my littlest sis she got a minor fever.She'll be ok!

By next week,I'm off the hook.No more station to take care off but I'll just help around.Meringankan beban org tua.

Okeh...ketiadaan ide ide...bye

Smile people smile :)

Thursday, June 09, 2005


Aku kebosanan tahap cipan!I guess after finishing this piece I'm off to KLIA.I have to pickup my folks and my youngest sister.Finally,they're back home!Heheeee goodies goodies galore.Ops lupa pulak!They're back from umrah.Not just some Disneyland vacation!Bila agaknya aku boleh ke Disneyland hah?Bapak aku pon dah ke sana zaman dia muda-muda dan tak berapa hensem berbanding sekarang.Ini buat aku jeles nih.Bagaikan....bagaikan,I can't figure out a suitable statement for that!

Wondering what are my pals up to?Gel almost 100% sure layan dating.Peah last time dia bagi msg jemput aku jadi tech crew band.Xul as usual ajak main futsal tapi I have to decline since demam yg parah juga.Jumy dah balik dr Penang kot!My mathematical friend(the only logical woman being!)hilang phone canggih,bebudak total yg lain wa tak tau,forum and chatroom smsaholics agak sepi.......agaknya semua olang busy kot?musim busy agaknya!Takpon demam AF3(yuck!)

I should have slept longer since flight has been delayed.I got a very weird dream though.My girlfriend and ex-girlfriend was innit....SPOOKY!SPOOKSVILLE!eeeeiiiiiiiuuuuuu.Pelik tapi benar.Mainan tidur!Relax no eroticisme(main belasah eja je nih!)...eroticsm...whicheverlah.Maybe its bacause of my cough syrup(yummie!)

Kesimpulannya,esok lusa I have to hang out and layan a cuppa or two teh tarik(s).Maybe weekend nih la kot.Banyak sangat running around.Tak chill pon!That is so not me!

Oh!Btw,I cut my hair for nothing.Uniten tak layan pon my appeal utk sambung belajar kat situ.Takpe tompek lain ado.Nasib baik jugak dapat!Ada chan nih utk memperhebatkan diri but still I miss my longer hair!Darn it.

Okay I guess I'm off to KLIA then.Tataaaaaatititutuuuuuuuu

Wednesday, June 08, 2005


A familiar dude SMSed me:Yeah.Naik tren 3rd klas.12 hours agi sampai kl.Tis does bring back ol memories :)

I replied:Kewl.Ye olde memoirs.Hahaa.From berebut bas kt jenan(except waktu f5!)to komtar penang.Mcm2.Enjoy ur walk(train journey)down memory lane.Teringat zaman lalu...

Those were the days.My days at SMSAH in Kedah.Negeri Jelapang Padi!My dearly beloved school.I basically grew up there.My friends are more like an extended family.More than just friends!Boys and girls alike.

Now,most of us have become man and woman.Some are married,some are still studying(I fit this bill!) but most of us are working,be it full-time or part-time.Some are lost,some are gone,some don't even want to recall!how sad :(

I remember my days shooting hoops(smsah most sinful sport!don't play basketball.some seniors might hurt yah!?),playing footie(the number 1 sport),watching rugby(glory years are gone!),watching chicks going to the mosque(ooh laa laa),the buzzing siren sound(similar to WW2!) calling the always hungry folks to DM(food was never enough!),evening and night Prep. hours,the glory days of us having our very own phone booth!Crossing for the sake of Nan's Koayteow Kerang(the best in Malaysia by far!) with the very delicious half fried egg/three quater fried egg.The yolk melts ooohhh so deliciously in yer mouth!Getting into trouble,escaping trouble and the wrath of "David" and Mr. Mehat Man.The short and stumpy PK (I can't remember his name!),Lim Ah Pok...and many more!

Those were the days.
These are some of the things that makes me smile...
Moments that bounded us...
Moments that help make us grow and prosper into the world.

Don't forsake the past.

Tuesday, June 07, 2005


Dude I'm sick.My throat really hurts!Really really really hurts.So sore.My face is slowly turning red due to the overwhelming heat.Inas is busy running around and messing with the tranquility of my not working day.I hope I'll get well soon.Really soon.Tataa

Saturday, June 04, 2005


OOOooooohhhhhh aaaahhhhh burpppppp!Alhamdulillah....Nothing beats having a wholesome meal with your family members.To top things up,my aunty even bought me a cake!Good olde chocolate cake with ice-cream.I scream for ice-cream!yum....yum.AF's on teevee.Macam-macam ada?!Dah tak layan sangat.This eve I visited my chik in Subang,she's recovering quite well.Something's wrong with her tyroid glan(betul ke aku eja nih?).Infected...bernanah and bengkak.Seronok dia bercuti till 10th June.I've splashed 30 bucks on my monthly dose of comics.People should read comics or manga alike.I think its good.Really good.Really really good.Don't forget to watch cartoons or anime alike!As we grow up,we tend to leave our kidlike innerself!Our creative part I say.So it's not a sin to enjoy or indulge ourselves with all these.I think that is how George Lucas makes money!He stimulates creativity not just on himself but to others as well.Check out "The Science of Star Wars" on Discovery channel.If I'm not mistaken(Oh it's already Sunday!).So it's tonight!I can't remember the time thought....Go check your local listing.....Thank you again to chik for your supply of secret recipes' cake and 50 bucks(hadiah hari lahir!).Thank you aunt Teratai for the dinner party!Till people smile

Thank You

An extended thanks to those personally wishing me!

Friday, June 03, 2005

Thank you my dear!

My dearest Irina gave me a set of socket wrench as a birthday gift.And 2 pieces of kewl shirts...thank you sayang*hugs**hugs*and *more hugs*!Hahahaaaaaaa....I'm a happy kid..kk..ii...d...??ok happy young adult(with a kid like face....NOT!With?Withla....I said so!)


My mom,dad and littlelest sista is somewhere in Tanah Suci,so here I am(being the good son...hehee) running around here and there.Well,not exactly running around with no cause.I'm busy running his Majesty's Tuanku Surkery gas station.The house is "growing up" and "expanding" steadily.Nevertheless,today I missed my daily round since I was stuck in Putrajaya.Took my 2 sis for their MyCard business.Evening,I picked up my girlfriend pulak!Not that I'm whining.Just splashing out my busy day.

A small incident nearly took place this morning.I did my usual round.I went to the bank.Some bloody idiot Astro Promoter went a bit too far with his words!I was on my way out of the bank:
(Friday morning somewhere in the region of 10-11.30am)

Astro asshole:Bang!Pasang Astro bang.Free installation bang!
Me:( usual)Takpe terima kasih dah ada.
Astro asshole:Ok takpe jalan baik-baik,jangan sampai kena rompak(senyum mcm kerang busuk)
Me:Mind your languange(devilish stare).Jaga sikit mulut tu(dude ....I've just deposited 20k of cold hard cash and carrying 1.5k in my pockets!NOT FUNNY !@#$%&&!@!?)

Moral.Mind your language.Perkara ini sangatlah kurang asamnya

Lunch prior to solat Jumaat(12 noon - 1pm)

It has been a while since I last set foot on my previous working site(I enjoy working outdoors!).Finally Kompleks Perbadanan Putrajaya nampak rupa.I had lunch with Faiz(he calls me walking internet!thank you for the complement but I'm no computer whizz.I'll leave that to Jumy.But I'm still learning to sorta be one.Be one with the Force...haha).So as usual,I got stuck in the middle of Putrajaya site and office politics and more politics with politicians innit!(That is why I call Putrajaya the "Oh So Beloved Capital!" as Putarjaya...cause it does make you berputar!Trust me it's ain't beautiful.Go ask any contractors working there).Meeting old trusty pals sure is fun esp with Faiz around because he is so darn comical with tonnes of humour to spare.Dude you make my day.Its hard to muster that he is a daddy!Hahaaa.Anyway,congrats dude!

So after Jumaat,picked up my sisters at Alamanda,sent them to JPN,quick trip to the station,then the bank,picked them up,sent them home.Off to Shah Alam...sent Irina to the LRT station and finally.....finally SS3!Fuhh..lega.I have to decline my grandma's wish of wanting to go visit Chik at Subang.Flatla...besides I can't be missing Monster's Garage and American Chopper's(ok...memang ada ulangan...still I'm tired!)

So that was my day.No wonder I can't pile in the kilos huh?!

Ok sokmo : )

Thursday, June 02, 2005

Hey shorty it my birthday

Okay I don't exactly got what I'd wished for but nevertheless thank you to those who had wished me "Happy Birthday!".On the other hand,I did get some prezzies,my aunt gave me a pair of Pierre Cardin boxers and my couz and my sis both hand me a pair of necktie(hhhhmmmpphhhh....again?!).I did forgot however to list down an M3 for my wishlist!ahaks(wishful thinking aye?)...and Nani thank you for those lovely Harry Potter undies(I'm not much of a underwear person but there're really comfy! : ),arggghhhhh my balls are flying...quiddicth,qui...please correct me!)till people smile!

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Bangun tido

Oh my God,I just woke up from sleep.Quite tired today and the weather sure ain't forgiving.House?Still a mess in the backyard.For some people the run around work 9-5,8:30-4:30 and such.Like other they pay the bills,loans and bla bla.The current price rise in some of our daily things such as toll hikes,petrol and diesel kinda bugs me.Why?Some blame it on the diesel thieves and smugglers?Really it does bug me.And as I was driving in my proton I just felt bad driving one,cause I think Malaysians have been ripped off by a corporate company producing flimsy local cars and overcharging it!For God's sake I've been pulling out the A-pillar cover and giving it quite a stare...why oh why?A friend told me,Toyota intended to sell Avanza for about 30 grand.Tapi Government tak kasi sebab takut effect proton.Not to mention Honda City's planned market price was for a mere 50 grand!kewl!but not...all in the name sake of protecting the proton(cronies,affiliates and such!) from losing more ground in the ultra competitive car industry.Oh!I hope these companies will shut down their plans and continue building cars in Rayong,Thai.Most of the main players are right there!hahaaa....serves em right.C'mon give more bang-to-the-buck car for Malaysians la!haiyaaa.Oh!back to the diesel and such issues,I once did my time in the oh so glamorous contractor work in Putrajaya(some part of it is a waste of taxpayers money),poor thing memang glamour but a lot of contractors had to suffer till this day.Payments are late and way overdue,and yes it's always the Malays who kills the other since no undertable money is presented.Melayu mudah lupa!Really?Sapa lupa...Go figure....Bout the diesel thing again.I'm always straying.Apsal hah?Kita bukanke byk minyak?Aiyaaaaa......(and yet I stray lagi).....ok bye.I'm way overboard dah ni