Thursday, March 30, 2006


i accidentally got connected to the net so i'll take chances and see whether i can actually blog and get it published!the wireless conection is bad bad and bad.although i'm very much appaled(i don't think i got the spelling right?)to condemn let's assume its ok and superb.for most of my collegues it has been a tiring week.i felt the effect but not as bad sinced i'm done with the assignments and such and i'm going to prepare for next weeks installment.i haven't blog that much lately and its been a year now.i don't plan to quit just yet.well,maybe i'll call it quits by next practical year.i'm thinking of power fact my machine lecturer is off to some power plant.nk tgk senior!yesterday was a day filled with labview.what is labview?if you are a budding engr,researcher and what not go figure.its like a programmer yg tak tau programming language,or an artist yg tak kenal artist2 yg sepatutnya diorang kenal.its like org yg belajar management tapi tak tau SWOT.mcm tu la.aku malas nak bagitau.hahaaaa..muahahhaahaaaaaa...

Monday, March 27, 2006

new post

argh i am all alone in the so called jpp room.frankly it looks more like a mess hall.last week was my mid semester.i think i faired fair.nothing extraordinary since i was quite ill prepared my my make things worst i "blanked",kapoot and mind melted(that was how i had imagined it!) for my beloved subject.Machine Power and Drives.Like the title it's purely on machine and its mechanics.well these things do happen.maybe just maybe i "terriak" with my capabilities or what not Allah decide to slow things a bit.takpe at least i worked hard till the last of minutes.i can always be proud of that i managed to teach lots of people and my work was literally "flying" all over!hahaaa....what can i say there are lots of lazy bums around here!

huda and baim got!never imagined.we practically grew up together circa in sek men sultan abdul halim circa 94-98,now who would have taught!hahaaa.happy nites dear friends!the meal was way way superb.well i had seconds!how tak malu....

jumy and co project is underway.connecting babes and hunks~social networking.please check it out!

life these days progress at a rapid phase.goodness gracious!sometimes it just felt good sitting alone blogging just hearing the wind i had a theory on my blankness perhaps my mind just went tired.later that night i had a few laughs with el senior jumy and usual we talked and exchange ideas.i went out lashing on how MARA should review its policy on study loan.why?i'll try to put them in words.ok here goes.MARA gives away full loan and half loan.full loan covers tuition fees per semester plus "additional pocket money for books" and "monthly allowances".my take is that the montly allowances should be scrapped since most of them have parents that can afford spending money on their childs monthly for half well MARA pays for tuition and books to go.why review again because there are so mch parents was being honest with their income and such but denied at least half loan because they were deemed "rich"(???).while there are few who banked in through connections(as usual) and simply got it.i do mind not getting after seeing the recent splurge because they actually can afford living on fama's monthly allowances.ok maybe not the fees but something needs to be done or else as usual malays in particular and bumis in general will always be reviewed as "org subsidi".subsidi or not they just have to act more efficient.e nuff said

on debat perdana yesterday i was told that panelist of 5,1 chinese and 4 malays and a malay emcee debated on the topic of oil increase and its affect on the economy.the chinese dude said that the increase will further burden rakyat even worst those living in the lower income level.a guy having to go to work by motor may not do so since oil has increase thus making them even more poorer because they can't go work!what's worst it that the emcee tried to cut short this chinese guy for the malay "datuk's"(all 4 of them) debated that it is still lover than our neighbours.but the way i see it why compare with them.why can't we compare with those having lover price of,say people use gas instead(NGV)~it is only available in petronas!and we do not have enough NGV stations~evident with the long taxi queue.running on NGV.bummer.well all i can say these datuk's are people with money to spend and cash to why bother kan?the emcee yg dok ptg ckp,it just show how some malay people are making other look bad!shame on you.....

Saturday, March 11, 2006


blimey another hectic day in the life and times of shafik aka shaq aka thigh felt better from last night kenjutsu session.i learned 3 new attack/defense positions.jodan-up,chodan-middle and down-gedan positions!tiring but worth every sweath.left and right.hidari and erm i can't really remember the other name.oh well!hahaa

sports carnival unikl will be up and running exactly tomorrow(today),i'm dead broke,waiting for tomorrow(today) morning before duty starts.i'm in charge of anyone from the team thats going to piss any of my collegues i'll make sure they dry of thirst!muahahahaaa.....well only if.wishful thinking la babes and bros.

kinda have that i miss feeling.i miss home,bed,familia,friends overseas and on mainland.i miss my teddy bear gf too.nak sambung masters tu!respect.even my mom pushes and wishes her to do so.tonight is a boring and quite sentimental night here in unikl~it should be on tv.i think.

so nantilah aku taip lagi sebab nak layan borak.hahahahaaaa

Thursday, March 02, 2006

nothing here

a sudden rush of ideas crept within me!

unfortunately it rushes out...

hmmphh....i wonder

i wonder and wonder

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

thots of a militant millitant mind!

its been a while.not feeling well these two days.on the werge nak mengamuk je!thank god tak jadi sampai begitula!work has been pouring in like the angel waterfalls.bought a copy of klue still yet to read.managed to capture a line on the closing of no black tie due to licensing issues and paul's place if i'm not mistaken.tomorrow i'll shall start my kinjetsu class.yup looks like another batman in the making.i won't be using any katana thought!hahaaaa.the moment i told my mom i wanted to join this class she was more than happy to merestukannya!probably after that i have to make billions then bolehla jd batman?!hahahaaaa.....well,manalah taukan?hot babe dah ada(awek aku la sapa lagi!) thought its a pity i could not layan her sebab masalah keje and our geographical.irina applied for masters programme kat u i kecik tm (UiTM).....labview nak buat kat BMI due to overwhelming support from the students.i hope nanti our campus jd the melting pot for future NI engineers.that is my dream at improve we have to take chances.take risk.maybe later in the future jd satellite campus for free je boleh tolong R&Dkan umum!even a better dream.hmmpphhh
yesterday we were audited by LAN.the degree students and the programmes.we are yet to be audited and accredited.i hope we got it.i was handpicked to be it was fun.getting the right picture and all the clear details.terus boleh tanya stuff relating benda2 belajar ni.senang and tak pening!i had 2 sessions(by accident)i was in the jpp session and again in the student session.i actually substituted with my friend fic.biar org lain share their piece of mind.takyah bolot all right?what saddens me is that those few who tend to talk at back but when given the chance to speak out their mind they kept mum.WTF?!serious i find that stupid and disturbing!apparent among malays kata lecturer sorang nih.i agree but disagree.ikut background said another lecturer.this i agree.hmmppphhh,somehow i think that the LAN auditers tu sure kenal my uncle.i fondly refer to as abah.he got quite a rep.tapi tak tanya pulak sebab that was not the subject of our discussion.
as i wish to bable more but i'll save some for later so thousand apologies to my one and only awek missy irina hariati for not being able to be there(like i always say i'll be there when the time comes ok?!)anyone who reads my blog sebab lama tak update.if and only if ada connecrtion yg kuat bgt kat bilik tu confirm on a daily basis!jumy i hope whoever rampok you get a well deserved lightning blast from the Almighty,udin,fiqa~ayaaa lu guys apa cerita?!its been a while.okeh ESOK AKU MAIN PEDANG!hahahaaa.....i hope it will improve my focus on life even more.
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