Sunday, November 20, 2005

tk complain pelik aja~tk balas sms sbb Xde credit~jgn putuskn persahabatan~DOSA BESAR(tk percaya tanya ustaz/ah)+mcmmana nk bagi hadiah wedding kalau tk kawan lg?(tk dpt mkn catering McD)kan rugi~tk gi open house sapa2 pon minggu ini~ada problem sikit!sekian~10 jari di susun.maaf dipintal!

semoga kawan2 saya dpt masuk blast off~peah called ckp they performed well~peah teaches me bass kalau kitorang sama-sama free~saya tukang tukar pickup peah yg rasmi~next project tukar pickup bass SX clone jazz bass dgn authentic fender pickups~saya yg kena buat tu sebab dia tak tahu~simbiosis gitu!saya pulak diajar main bass~best best!sebenarnya kalau buat balik the whole circuitry lg layan beb!tak susah~leceh je(kalau nak tgk muka2 ahli band nih ada dlm blog ni~yg awal2~yg 1st kot)

selasa ini saya exam math~maklumlh pelajar terlajak!kawan2 saya dh ramai yg keje+nak kawin(cth suria&an).ada yg dh kawin,dpt anak pon jg!hmmpph mcm mana saya nak kumpul duit nih?nanti saya tanya jumy kalau2 dia ada cara.sikit pon tkpe~ringan sikit beban aku.

kenapalah saya tulis dlm bm?sebab ngadap buku org putih byk sgt kot?saya rasa buku omputih byk yg best2 sebenarnya.di samping itu,ayat omputih pendek2.jimat skt space dlm benak fikiranku!

i suppose the exam blues is kicking in!now that explains why!so i shall be off tratatatata....nk pasang lagu blues la.ciow

Friday, November 18, 2005

btw,jumy good luck exam~laziness is a virtue
suria entry was short~weird?simply weird...
imagine a few days away towards final and still got assignments?God ain't crazy but some leturers apparntly are.okay it is for the benefit of the human kind i.e me!but it does not do justice on my head!hahahhaahaha.....laziness is a virtue.....haahhaha but when it comes to certain things,an not that lazy i.e sleeping,eating,tv and things asc.hahahahhahaha.boleh pulak tonight ada meeting!erm macam2!ok i'm done mumbling~bling~bling....reduce skt stress!ok tatatatatatatataa

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

last friday i went out with irina.hmmpphh nothing just decided to chill and hang out at BSC(of all places!) we had sanwiches bought at cold storage,coke,irina's usual lipton ice lemon tea,ritz with cheese and yes chocolate pudding!duduk kat mana?lepak kt taxi stand 2 orang depan segala la bodega,dome and haagen daz.hahhahaaa...punyalah sengkek!sometimes enjoying the simply things in life mmg best jugak.duduk makan belek keta org park valet(adala porsche sejibik~tu je yg paling mahal).tgk org jln mundar mandir,makcik pakai kaftan minum kt dome dgn anak dia.tau-tau dtg sejibik S-class dgn drebar.irina ckp ni sure kes nak sgt minum kopi gourmet!hahahaaa.duduk makan sembang borak buat lawak bodo cerita-cerita yg best jugak lalu kamipon pulang.kekadang buat benda sempoi ni mmg best.sometimes we would love somthing more lavish.aight?
another rainy afternoon,i'm stuck in here again like i got nothing else to do.....hahaha NOT!laziness is a virtue.....hahahaa.i'm starting to read all sorts of stuff regardless of its value to me.inputig data like nobody's business.i'm also learning typing to fill my lazy hours and God i really need lotsa training !hahaha...slowly but surely.InsyaAllah will get there sooner or has been quite a while since i last updated my freaking blog.hahahaaa.i have my holidays cut short due to some uni thingy.peah had his taste of rockstardom and apparently the whole crew will be joining sooner or later.sapet,an,acad and nick.nak audition for next season's blast off!kewl!nanti kita sms ramai2.ramai jugak tukang jaga as the not so official techcrew esp for mr nad,it's good to know that he was invited to perform and shown on tv!hmmmppphhhh......bila pulak mukaku nak masuk Forbes agaknya?so since i'm in the topic of reading i find it very interesting stuff on networking,security and etc.for starters i think that the project tango did have an impact to me which is good.i do have buches and batches of q's but i shall try to read more and ponder more too in the midst of the coming exams! till next time......gosh i'm still typing like a slow moe!haahahahahhaha.sampai nak naik kebas.hhahahahhahah...laters

Saturday, November 05, 2005

SELAMAT HARI RAYA TO ALL!raya was a blast!great food,excellent company,one big happy family,living life~bliss.yup,i do have tonnes of assignment.a whole shit load!hahahaa~and so does the whole gimmbang of DP3A.i can freely curse the hook....masyaAllah shafik shafik!hahaaa.jumy's project tango is kicking off.due to his nature of being lazy i can't help but wonder when on earth is he going to update~he passed the baton to bob(nice meeting you...apparently his gf is studying in BMI too aka kampung Borneo~malaysian pool of chicks!gf saya asal sana oh!hahaa)

i had dinner at HRC on the 1st day of raya with sapet,xul,zano,pecks,nick.all 6ix of us.gel came later with the one and only diner(irina made a joke he did came with diner dind't he?considering the fact he does make rapid changes!hahaa)likewise food was a blast yet again.ustazs and ustazahs out there will sure be gelenging their heads right now!the only big miss was irina in her white kebaya!argh argh argh.......(knock my head knock my head~minus the action.knocking your head is quite a major sin because it dictates refusal of surrendering to fate )

school starts in basically less than 48 hours.hmmphh oh well.irina's liberty meadow's book 3 was a major delight to read.hahahaaa.God Brandy is so darn sexy! frank cho you're the man.apart from her sexiness that comic is simply hillarious.i'm a male sexy comes first!hahaa

you know when you look back at the past and can give a big smile despite the lowest of lows,the hardest of falls i think that it priceless.well,i actually occured to me.about a few minutes ago! many things so little time.have to pick up the pace! enough of my blabbering

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

i just came back from the kubur.i visited the kubur twice in the morning and later in the evening.i went in the morning to do come cleaning.actually,both my grandad's kubur is at Bkt Kiara.both well maintained thank i was walking back my uncle told me how sad it is to see that some people visiting the kubur seemed too westernised!he did mention about the grave yard looking urm rather ungravely with all the marble and engarvings and what not!he seemed rather sad.i have to say so since my father had told me once that never ever turn a kubur into like some is tanah wakaf and we are just there menumpang tanah.he also told me that it is not good to do so because it may symbolize riak(wanting to show off)!if one wants to make a kepok( use something natural like wood because in time it will give way with nature.if one is in need of a new one simply build another one.what is the point of doing such thing(building a extrodinaire kubur)?actually if one wants to do so,he/she has to ask permission from the other(the qariah) of that area.then and only then permission granted one might proceed!its time like these i just feel so thankful to have such parents and family....i'll be less jahil!my dad once mention if he were to pass away don't do such thing.he will feel ashamed.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

where have all sisters gone?i swore i parked behind my cousins car at the mosque.sad isn't it?the last night of Ramadhan!practically no one's at home.the whole crew left for the mosque prior to breakfasting.suria had a long entry.she even managed to make me write. punya pasal,maka shafik pon tulislah.hahahaaawek an yang suria's air cond is making a advice,first remove the covers and clean the dust filters.poorly maintained dust filters will result in dust particle entering the blower~if you are a frequent user best to clean the filters ONCE A WEEK otherwise once a month will do(sebab habuk banyak!nanti bila dah tebal,lapisan habuk yg luar akan menolak masuk habuk yg lama-kelamaan banyaklah habuk dlm blower.nanti motor susah nak pusing blower.sebab habuk juga nanti drain pipe boleh tersumbat.bila tersumbat compressor boleh kong(overcurrent effect~extra heat,destroys the capacitor),sebab it will overwork due to the dust particle that got stuck in the blower and the motor.further effect include,the inlet and outlet valves might leak~gas gets out~not cold).if your aircond had reached the almost kaput stage best get it overhauled or service.sorry saya tak buka kedai!hahahahahaa....other issues relating aircond would be the cutoff relays not working~seldom.most often is the gas leaks.usual suria~how about some cookies?

my sisters and cousins are back!they went to projet to grab a cuppa and hotdogs!darn.i thought of taking them to A&W.maybe later!maybe not!anyway don't forget to leave some free spaces in your handphones...influx of raya messages might incur!hahahahaaaa

sad but true.irina won't be serving laksa johor~oh!how could she do this to me!NO!NO!NO!

most of me mates will be around~YAY!

so to all have a SELAMAT HARI RAYA AND MOHON MAAF ZAHIR & BATIN!till tomorrow~chiow

i'm done with the usual suspects!systems good to go!i read suria's blog the name kerell was there.are you referring to khairil imran?if its him,haven't seen him in ages.i love his mother's laksa.i'll have at least 3 servings!hahaaaa.sangatlah tak malunya.when people jemput you to eat please really eat!hahahahaa...

since i've temporary moved live has been much quiet.bored at times.maybe its the affect of Ramadhan.just maybe.people mellow or its just me.probably its a phase.just a phase.surprisingly our differences is somehow connected in a similar pattern!come to think of it.its like we are all different when actually we are not! in Malaysia just a phase is a norm.there is the bohsia phase,inline skating phase,skateboards galore phase,rempit phase,dera kanak-kanak phase,HIV a trend!yup a trend.

there is truth in Salleh's and Rehman's books.these things come and go because Malaysia as a whole is still considered search of its identity thing.there i go again melalut.the mak nenek part in me!i don't often speak of why not write it a least you are not speaking!hahahaaaa

my house is still in the midst of chaos!so i'm spending raya here in KJ!blimey?i do have some fancy ideas for my room heheee but unfortunately i won't be getting my toolshack room/lab for my R&D purposes.oh well!
takpe takpe.enough for todays entry.periuk here i come!
okay for some mysterious reasons!my firefox will just vanish!cis bedebah sungguh,will defenitely do something about it!jeng jeng jeng.agrh so annoying.especially when you are reading something....hampeh
something is quite not in pc seemed much slower.switching one window to the other seemed quite stucky-wucky(in my own words!)hari-raya is seriously around the corner.finally,i got the pc to sisters happily conquering the PC for some serious SIMS fun 24-7!a happy belated birthday to jumy.raya oh raya.i've been served by tonnes of works by our dearly beloved lecturers.what can i say?maybe a simple "how could you?!".the end is also near my EOU~End of Unit~Final exams is approximately 2 weeks after the raya holidays!darnnn...yet here i am grazing like a cow in front of the PC.thehihi : )

my sister spent 2 days in Paris.i assume with her a brother i'm jealous even more after knowing that she was there in Paris Disneyland!argh!tidak tidak tidak!oh the pain oh the pain!hahahaaaa.......

i was filled with writing ideas but i'm reserving them for my article debut in varsity newsletter.i've been reading "As I Please" by Salleb Ben Joned.i find it humorous direct and raw.excellent!am looking forward this and me mates are planning a raya dinner at HRC and the BBQ!something else to look forward too.

actually today i wanted to do finish some school exercises.i cleaned up the room.blasted LedZep on my hi-fi~peace at last..then i got stuck in front of the PC!hahahaaa.i had some minor issues with my erm browser after installing some yahoo updates.alhamdullilah,resolved!my anak buah is pestering her mother and her cookie dough.and i'm in the mission to go get some periuk for the festivities since kat bungalow aunty saya periuk dah pupus!where have all the periuk gone?tu tu rut tu tu rut...i swore that tune was siimilar to a song!hahahaaaaaa

so till next time.i shall be gone to the land of periuks!tataaaa.