Tuesday, December 19, 2006


so where was i.oh yes?!lompat....dah....so in the evenig we left sedim for baling.off to kolam air panas.we make our move approximately at 5.30pm.needless to say sampai ke destinasi dalam kol 8pm.we stopped along the way solat and all.we spent the night kat kolam ayaq hangat.its a nice place with chalets dorms and all.mostly its made up of families coming in throngs.rm2 per entry.kalau tido kat situ suka hati la berapa kali nak kuar masuk.anyway....after a long hard day at sedim a nice warm dip is the right medicine.hilang all the sengal-sengal badan.there i was duduk rilek berendam dgn kengkawan,advisor,drebars abg zai and abg malik and adik2 lain.mmg malam 2 tido nyenyak tak hingat...despite zams' snoring!hahaaaa.....next day hari berangkat pulang ke kl...singgah kat lata....tak ingat nama(tak best mcm sedim) and umah irwan our advisor for lunch.mak dia masak.lauk kampung big time.gulai ikan masin,kerabu pucuk paku,sambal,ikan goreng,ikan kering...sedap sedap!so sambung la perjalanan kami melalui jalan raya dan juga lebuhraya yg berliku(chewah).....most of the time i slept.it was a slow journey back to bmi and God we all had a good time and all in 1 piece!yeehah

Thursday, December 14, 2006

the journey continues

In the name of Allah Most Gracious and Most Merciful

"Selamat tgh encik.encik nak ke mana?",tanya pak guard uitm."Saya nak gi masjid itm",jawabku."Ha?buat ape?",tanya pak guard yg skeptikal."Jumpa imam....pakcik saya keta belakang tu staf itm arau",jawabku selamba.Hey,i don't blame.dressed grunged and the car stereo was blasting Led Zep's Immigrant Song.hahaa.iklan kejap

so back to my chronicles in sedim,kulim kedah.first day activity sumwhere around 3pm we had our canopy walk.beauty from the tree tops.the brigde is fixed unlike the one in taman negara which is the hanging type.its hard to describe.nanti aku letak gambar.cantik.....esp with the river flowing and the trees galore.basically just enjoying nature from a birds eye.nice.....yadda yadda....evening.what else?terjun tirok lagi in the clear chilly waters of river sedim.nice?!babes?ada but not aplenty.hahaaaa

night falls...before we had our dinner around 9pm we had a minor ice breaking session since they were newbies among us.lepas dah gelak gi makan pastu sambung ice breaking and then gi night walk.the beauty of the night walk is that we had a full moon.so we have natural lighting.i brought along my head torchlight but only used when necessary.when we have to climb up or go down steep area i simply light up for others to walk and pass throught.i was in front of the pack mind you with our guide.it was nice to finally reach lata.....urm sorry tak ingat nama and lay down on the rocks.........river flowing,full moon...all missing is my irina.a very romantic setting even better to those yang dah kawin.ya know what i mean.....guides need not apply.just don't fall into the rapids!hahaaaaaa.....basically lepas tu we make our way back to camp.penat jugak....i slept only to be waken up by bob yg ajak teman dia mancing.so i went.bentang sleeping bag atas batu yg besar.....tido bawah full moon......best!sebab nyamuk pon takde....lagi la best.after a few hours i went back to my tent......pagi matki kejut for subuh prayers around 645am.....needless to say all the mumbo jumbo breakfast dum dee dum....so todays activity is rafting and tubing!finally some serious fun.semua ni aroud 9pm.so pakai safety jacket and helmet.we were briefed on safety aspects and how to handle rafts.basic stuff.then comes the "water confident".we were told to jump into the river and how to position ourselves in case we capsized.i did the first jump.so i was told to position my self like in a backstroke position....and watch for the thrown rope by the instructor.grab it and hold on tight.then the instructor just pull us to safety.easy?for some yes.some did struggle.semorang selamat menjalani kursus water confident.next we were seperated into 2 main groups.1 group buat rafting dulu and lagi satu buat tubing.i went for rafting first.a few minor training like what to do when the craft terbalik and stuff like that.kewl?!it when well.now!the real mccoy,rafting!i was seated in front with matki.2nd row occupied by sir roy and fifi.3rd row shurein and dina.skipper/instructor kat belakang sekali jadi kemudi.he is the boss.off we went to conquer the rapid!FUN!SERONOK!simply hard to describe in words.please kalau ada chan go for it!simply fun....FUN FUN FUN FUN!wohoooo......test your character big time.fifi sampai pucat.tu baru level 3.haahaaaaa.teamwork at its best!macam macam gelagat!hahaaaaaa.....next was tubing.i had a brush with death the day before gara2 of unsupervised tubing.sakit jugak la badan ku yg bertulang tak berisi nih!but i just went through this time around despite the incident before.i enjoy the rafting more.highlight of the day was some of us took a plungh some 30 feet way up there!we jumped off a bridge.yup i did that!i was awesome.the free fall feeling....hahaaaa.the water was 15 foot deep.out of 26,3 guys jumped off the bridge and yes 4 budak pompuan followed suit!hahaaaaaa......pastu kena sekolah dgn advisor!hahaaaa.....tapi tu hari lain...nanti gua sambung cite.

Friday, December 08, 2006

i'm back

in the name of Allah the Most Gracious and Most Merciful

Fellow bloggers its been a while since i last blogged.hectic needless to say.i'd just finish my kick back and relax theraphy....i went camping after my finals which explains why i went missing.in the forest,birds singing,rapids and waterfalls,cengkerik here and there just laying back and relax.next year?InsyaAllah Mount Kinabalu.then maybe just maybe off to Pulau Kapas or back to Sedim,Kulim Kedah for some serious fun in the water.So there i was in sedim kulim kedah.its an international spot for some serious river rafting level 1 until level 5(offers 90 degree drop)-we only hit until level 3.i would love to share my adventure with u guys unfortunately i don't have the pictures with me just yet.so the initial plans began some 3 months ago.after all the hardwork of planning and such we made our move on 3rd dec 11pm from bmi.initially there were 50 peeps on the "i want togo list" in the end only 26 decided to really really go.2 advisors and 2 drivers.so 30 in full gear.1 bus and 1 van.i took off in the van with matki(prog. mgr).we left the 2nd official driver because he is a slowmo and sir irwan got his commercial license.so off we go.irwan handed to walkie talkies to the bus.dina held 1 and zam held 1.the bus took of at 11pm we followed suit 1130pm....the driver yet to show up....basically i slept for most of the trip.up till tapah i didn't sleep.i had yong tau foo tgh2 pagi.ada yg tala nasik lemak,goreng and such.shurein joined up with the whole gang.so bersambunglah perjalanan kami.....pendek cerita we reached kulim by subuh.after solat subuh we move on.so tibalah kami kat sedim....around 845am...we were greeted by scenic kampung,then hutan getah,small stream and suddenly deruan air yg WOW!WOW!WOW!WOW!the water is damn clear!so what to do.....set up camp....lite breakfast and kabooooooosh!blurrrrrr......sejuk siut sejuk siut!sejuk gedik...hingga ke tulang sumsum......whoaaaa nelly!as we reached lunch semorang pon melantak dgn lahapnya...........chronicles ini akan kusambung...i need picturesss : (.....kengkawan sendla kat aku!