Sunday, August 07, 2011

back to the sea

bonkers, it has been a while since i last blogged *ayat kena cliche sikit*

currently i'm in kemaman fondly known locally as kemamang from the mouth of is raining heavily outside and how the Eff nak pi soq?restaurant is quite scarce in this part of town because i'm not in the "heart of the action" so to speak.*macam byk actionla sgt kat sini?*

i've been away since 8th july 2011.i won't lie being afar from wifey is mentally challenging and squirt....i mean spiritually challenging.

being back at sea brings back memories.ok let's start.i'm currently employed by a singapore company.i'm based in s'pore when the need arises.basically if there is no job i'll be at home.the basic pay is decent and so is the allowances that comes with it.after a lengthy discussion with mrs sapik i jumped back into the blue yonder.

the job is well supposed to be completed in 2 weeks but now its 4 weeks and i think i'm doing a full 6 week full rotation.staying positive because i'll need that dough for my hornymoon and raya!

ok how do i end up in kemaman.well some snags and change of plans.not to worry sempat puasa and balik raya insyaAllah.

orait lads i'm signing off and bloody i miss my wife so much.kalau TDA tu pepaham la.har har har.

work is work need to story.bosan.yg penting no incident.bak kata org petronas yg cliche..."ok bekeje dgn selamat"

Selamat berpose dan berpasar ramadhan!