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sweet slumber

i draw inspirations from basically anything and,animal,nature,people,human,kids,etc etc.apart from my inspiring parents and family goes

i've just read my beloved friend's blog senor jumy(feel free to click on his link!)i just felt so honoured with his words and dear friend jumy is byfar the geekiest of them all.he might look not so expressive up front but inside he sure hell is!just have a go at his blog and you'll see why!i always regard him as one of the best(if not the best!)pc whizz around.i'm very VERY sure there are a whole lot out there that seconds me!i once sat next to him in this hacking competition and just looking at him make sense to what i see as senseless just amzes me.actually not just him,all the hackers in that room.i was a sight to behold!i don't know i just have these appreciation for any it maths,science,law,physics,relegion and can see that all these are somehow connected and intertwine with each other!ah back to jumy i just want to tell people that i just feel so proud to know and to grow up with him back in SMSAH.sure was quite an evolution.dude you're darn cool!

then there is my mathemathical friend.very passionate mathematician out to prove everything in LOGIC!yup you heard me right,in logic.numbers?!her name is rafiqa hazura.fondly known as makcik back then.the gurls call her along!full of smiles.the sort of person that her happiness shines through.ahaks!her parent sponsored jumy and i to genting!nice!hihiiiiii...thank you.i love it when she explains math!numbers they do make sense.she did try to explain to me and jumy once that the table we were having our drinks on are made up of integrations!oh yes she did!

then there is bestest pal.i'll put it this way.our friendship is like an old tree you know like the ones looking gloomy and all,not much leaves on it but huge and its got a very big and strong root stuck into the ground(i kinda borrowed this remaks from my beloved girlfriend irina hariati)!oh don't forget the wolves howling in the background,a bit of crows and bats!hahahaaaaa

ah-ha then there is peah!beloved big papa pimp nadrul shaqman.fondly known as peah.we've been classmates from std 1 till std 6!he has been big all the time.even bigger now!haha.i do think he is a very cool calm and composed character!best.he teaches me huh!i started playing guitar at 22 and after a brief intro to vic wooten....ok bass here i come.and i did!one of my memorable moment with him is that when the both of him embark on a journey towards BASSISM!actually we both restored some old bass'.i turned out great!currently mr nad here is enjoying gigging around with his SX bass.i just love to see them play!i post an article on that."let's jam!"

actually i have tonnes of insiring people,in fact jack from JMS(our regular hang out spot!jack's the waiter)even inspires me...i think i might jot about them.later later la perhaps!heheeee

finally,saving the best for last there's this one sweet gal,her name is irina(hai sayang!hihihhiii)!she is my beloved girlfriend od course.a rare find!a nearly extinct type of modern contemporary rock poppop etnic whatever girl.a graphic designer but i see her as an artist.just waiting to be unveil to the primary school crush!talk about the odds huh?20-1?99-1?she was my gf then.along the way she was not but somehow fate brought us back together after 6 years of my "sabbatical" which happen to taught me a lot and give me a deep sense of appreciation.why is irina so special to me?well she lets me get in touch with my imaginations and that why!there is no such thing as a wacky idea.though she can be wildly imaginative at time(that can be VERY VERY BAD or veyvery beautiful!).i learned to appreciate art,see beauty in a different manner,ugliness can also be a thing of beauty and so is beauty can always be a thing of ugliness!rediscovering that inner childish voice and imagination all thanks to her!(jumy as well!hihiiii)....i just enjoy that.though sometimes things can be a bit rough hey i'd rather not have a smoooothhhhh sailing relationship!how on earth is one gonna learn aight?!

so these are some af my inspiring characters!there are more!friends and foes alike!even my late cat inspires me!nuts?well maybe i am and well maybe i'm not.its up to others to decide!muaaaahhhhsssss.....thanks for ur time.cheeersss mate =)

Oh!before i buzz off no offense there are more of my friends and character that inspires me!my so to be doctor friend ayien(elessar!),reza,jatt,zairi(most of them are studying abroad!)i look up upon them to my path of success,my late grandpa,my former schools mates like UDEAN!then there is fisha.even nisterroOy too..i miss u guys and our schooldays and AVA days!haahhaaaa...and lots more.i wish i can just write about former lecturers,former teachers...i just wanna say you guys are my hero!

Friday, April 22, 2005


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my new pal.his name is Rosmaini.actually last night(22/4/05) we went around technology park and the area around it.putting down banners.all over folks but i took that picture on the same day were putting up banners


memanjat Posted by Hello

that's me climbing the street post at part time job!cool huh?pays abaut rm50 and rm 20 for gas and about rm70 per session.

Saturday, April 16, 2005

tonight i'm putting up banners

tonight i'm putting up banners

tonight i'm putting up banners all around putrajaya and maybe kl as well.what can i say,i'm desperate for cash!why?someone kinda ripped me off.i had months of unpaid first i was saddened by the fact but now i'm ok.rezeki comes from the Almighty.if these person don't pay up well...i'll just let God handle them.and my share of the loot.HARAM till the end of time!i was gonna treat my family and friends with my money.and that really pisses me off!muaahhh people



it has been almost 2 weeks dad can't sell his diesel(he runs a gas station).all 27,000 litres of em.some "nice people" from the trade ministry considered my dad selling subsidied diesel illegally,illegitimately(whatever?!) when it was their fault of not informing dealers and briefing them on the legitimate transaction.why oh why?we've been selling diesel to operators,contractors and such in drums only when they produce the necessary papers(which we did!).these fellas just walk in and said that we had perform an illegal op(on a very busy monday).my dad made a few phone calls to other dealers but no one had even heard about the so called yellow letters claimed by these officers.and the paper produced by the customer was was not even yellow,that's for for the past week my dad has been going up and down the ministry officeS!without any clue on when he can resume selling his stock of diesel.furthermore there was no word from the ministry on the company that regularly buys our diesel in drums.hhmmpshhhh which just makes me wonder?

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

read on

copied and pasted from jumy's blog(just in case you missed jumy's link)

David DeAngelo wrote this - I just posted it for some unknown reason

“I want a guy who is sensitive.”

“I want a guy who is busy doing his own thing in life, who has goals and objectives… who has passion for things. If we’re out together, he always keeps me on my toes, and I’m always wondering what’s going to happen next. He’s challenging, interesting, and funny. I would really like it if he was also sensitive enough to know when I need a hug, or to be held, or when I want him to make love to me.” Does this make sense?

Again, she’s not imagining a picture of a boring, predictable, Wussy who is sharing his hurt feelings because he’s so “sensitive". Big difference.

“I want a guy who is in touch with his feelings.”

“I want a guy who is strong-willed, and who doesn’t get upset about petty things… a guy who can deal with the fact that I freak out emotionally sometimes… and who knows how to be cool when things are tough. But I also want him to be in touch with his feelings so that:
1) He doesn’t repress his emotions and then eventually kill 10 people in his workplace, and
2) When he’s intimate with me, and he feels a passionate rush… he’ll grab me and make love to me like a beast!”

What she’s NOT doing is making a picture of a meek, afraid guy who calls all the time to ask “Do you like me? Because I sure like you".

“I want a guy who’s a good communicator.”

“I want a guy who doesn’t talk all the time, because he knows how to let me know what’s on his mind without using words. I want the kind of guy that can touch me in a certain way and I feel tingles all over my body. And I want the kind of guy that can say things in a way that I understand… not crudely and man-like.”

thank you dude!

a night at NZ

last night i went to NZ at wangsa maju.jumy picked me up from his office.poor chap,he got a minor fever.i drove his car,luckily i can still drive stick shift! the both of us met adam,reza and reza's pal called "cipek".weird huh?so no other topic.just the same old school stuff!we just laughed and we had a good time!

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

"honest" people

caution my friends

i did my time.working with "honest" people sure was a real bummer!i don't mind being treated "nice" if i didn't work my socks off.eventually i what did i get?sweet promises of being paid."of course they will pay you"and "on time too".so people if some guy want you to work in a company just check their background esp their financial status.i just hope these "nice people will be loved by the Almighty"....trully i do

Saturday, April 09, 2005

SEPET'S Review!

New Straits Times
Monday, JUNE 14, 2004

You only need to spend a few minutes talking to Yasmin Ahmad to be caught up by her joie de vivre. She is funny in the way that only Johoreans from Muar can be her lover for and fascination with people are infectious.

You know she's a people's person when, on your first meeting, she candidly shares some pretty personal details about herself-she was a runaway bride three times before finding matrimonial bliss with her very Ah Pek (in her own words) husband.

And you see it through her works: yep, the Petronas TV commercials that we so love.

If you've seen enough of those festive season ads over the years, you'd know what a marvellous storyteller Yasmin, an executive creative director at Leo Burnett Advertising, is. Every story-be it a happy one, funny or heartrending-goes straight to your heart. It's this knack for drawing us into her little world that makes us eagerly await her next piece of work.

And so when film industry folk began talking about her directional debut, Rabun , months before it was aired over TV3's Cerekarama slot last year, you knew it was going to be one of the high points of an otherwise lacklustre film climate.

Rabun is a sweet, unconventional love story revolving around an elderly couple, Pak Atan (played by M.Rajoli) and Mak Inom (Kartina Aziz). They are the antithesis of the typical Malay couple of a certain age who, in the twilight years of theirs lives, remain completely devoted to each other and are not ashamed to show it.

Why, one of the scenes even has the couple bathing together (with their sarongs on, of course......) and lovingly scrubbing each other's back, which, unsurprisingly caused the Film Censorship Board to jump!

The film, says Yasmin, came about after her father collapsed from diabetic complications in 2002. "I never had any grand ambitions to make movies. But I had been meaning to make a film about parents.

"I have these 'crazy' stories about my parents. They're very unique people. So when my father collapsed, I thought, "Goodness, I'd better make a film for them to watch before anything happens."

This little homage to her parents, which was produced by Rosnah Kassim under MHz Film Sdn Bhd and made a budget of RM80,000 from Grand Brilliance Sdn Bhd, has gone places.

It has done the international festival rounds including the 5th Cinemaya Festival of Asian Cinema (India), the 21st Torino Film Festival (Italy) and the 16th Singapore International Film Festival.

Incidentally, the film won the Gold award for Best Asean Film (above 60 minutes) at the 8th Malaysian Video Awards last year.

"After Cinemaya, somebody from the San Francisco Film Festival asked to see Rabun. He saw it and liked it and sent it to Italy.

"There I was thinking they must be vomiting all over the place over my silly little film when I got a call telling me Rabun had been officially selected for screening at Torino. Then a month later, I was told it was being considered for competition!"

Out of about 3,000 films from around the world, 150 were shortlisted for screening. And out of the 150, only 11 were selected for competition. Well, guess what? That "silly little film" was one of them.

Rabun didn't win any of the top three prizes but the fact that it made it that far was pretty incredible," says Yasmin.

"If it had won I would have been deeply embarrassed. If you saw the top three films you'd understand why".

One of the things she learnt from attending those festivals and meeting filmmakers from different parts of the world was that "they're not interested in complaining or restrictions or budget limitations. They just want to talk about ideas with you, which was wonderful.

"It was such a nice change because over here whenever I talk to fellow filmakers, they're always complaining about budgets, how the government is not helping and how strict the Censorship Board is."

"So I told my friends here 'Lets stop complaining, let's just make films. There's a whole bunch of, Yuhang, James(Lee), Amir(Muhammad), Osman Ali. We just want to make films."

But not the kind with Erra Fazira in them, says Yasmin.

She quickly points out: " There are already people making those films and some of them are quite fun to watch. But we don't want to make those kinds of films. We want to make films about our own lives.

She quotes a Spanish filmmaker who says a nation is nothing without the story it tells about itself.

"(Datuk ) Lat does it through his cartoons and I try to do it in Petronas commercials. But we don't really have films that tell stories about ourselves. Our films tell stories of middle-class fantasies."

She adds that there's nothing wrong with that. It's just that she doesn't want to go there. "I want to make films about lower to middle-class realities. I'm not interested in making films about the upper class because I think they lead such boring lives.

"James is telling stories about the Chinese community and that's just wonderful. And Amir.......well, Amir is very courageous. He's telling stories about political upheavals and stuff like that."

For now Yasmin just wants to tell stories about her parents. She believes everybody has a story to tell. Yeah, but not everybody has such fascinating stories or colourful characters in their lives.

"Sure they do," she insists and proceeds to ask me a naughty question to drive home her point." See? I bet you could make a whole movie on THAT!" she laughs, having rendered me speechless.

Following the encouraging response to Rabun, Yasmin soon got started on her second feature, Sepet. This time round Yasmin and Rosnah forked out their own money, with a little help from FINAS (National Film Development Corporation).

" Sepet is not as autobiographical as Rabun. It's a mixture of different segments of my life."

She's not done with Pak Atan and Mak Inom yet but this time the focus is on their daughter Orked. The two movies are in no way related, says Yasmin.

Sepet takes a look at an interracial relationship. But not the kind we've been fed with, she explains.

"Whenever I watch a Malay film about people of different races in a relationship, there always seems to be a problem. Because I've only been exposed to such films I thought this must be a common problem."

That's why she thinks her story - based on her personal experience, naturally -is one that's worth telling. "I had Chinese and Indian boyfriends. My parents never had problems with them and their parents never seemed to have problems with me."

Before the shot the film, some of her friends who read the script had asked, 'Where's the problem? Where's the crisis? For the dramatic effect, you know.....'

"But that's not what Sepet is about. If my family had a problem with interracial relationships, then this would not be an interesting story to tell because every movie about interracial relationships has a crisis.

Yasmin has had private screenings of Sepet and so far response has been encouraging. And why not? She's assembled a team of talented actors, from established names and fairly new faces to complete unknowns.

Harith Iskander and Ida Nerina give delicious portrayals of (the younger )Pak Atan and Mak Inom while Sharifah Amani Syed Zainal Rashid Al -Yahya, in her first lead role, gives splendid performance of Orked.

Then there is that fantastic singer Adibah Noor, who is fast making name as an actress, playing the family's lovable servant Kak Yam.

and Orked's boyfriend is played by art director Choo Seong (Yasmin's colleague), who has never acted in his life. Theatre veteran Thor Kah Hoong plays his wheelchair-bound, verbally abusive father and newcomer Tan Mei ling is his long - suffering wife.

Shoit entirely in Ipoh, Perak, Sepet is one of the few local productions that can truly be called a Malaysian film.

Next up is Gubra, says Yasmin, who's in the midst of completing the script. It tells of the emotional roller - coaster ride her family went through the morning her father collapsed.

Going by the respect and admiration she's getting from industry folk -mainstream or otherwise the Woody Allen of Malaysia may happen sooner that she thinks.

"whenever he makes a film he can get big stars to act in if for almost nothing just because they want to be in it. I know I'm being a bit ambitious but wouldn't it be wonderful to be in that position?"

Well, for Sepet, Harith and Ida practically offered themselves for free just to be in a Yasmin Ahmad film. Who knows, when she's done with making all those Metrowealth movies, Erra Fazira may just come a knocking on her door?

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a yasmin ahmad film
awards and honours *in competition 48th san francisco inter. film festival 2005*
*WINNER best ASEAN feature film 9th malaysian video awards*
*official selection barcelona asian film festival 2005*
*in competition creteil int'l festival women's film 2005 france*

starring sharifah amani,ng choo seong,ida nerina,harith iskandar,linus shung,adibah noor

sepet is a story of love between 2 young adolescent with a different background.different race and different relegion.this is a love story between a chinese VCD peddlar named Jason and a beautiful(and a darling too!ooh,her acting was simply awesome....ahhh such a darling) named Orked(like the flower Orchid).Unlike todays typical malaysian movie(malay,chinese and indian...all also canlah!) this story surely does highlight and reflect the part of malaysian culture and lifestyle.not 100% but quite close.more sense of today malaysiala.i'm not gonna type on how the movie goes on and on but i just want to pen down some of my thoughts on the movie!SEPET oh SEPET ...i just love this movie.alast,some brilliance.the malaysian movie scene is at such lost you see.gone were the days of brilliant strokes of the late Tan Sri P.Ramlee,excellent acting from the likes of Aziz Satar,Sudin,Ibrahim Pendek,Siput Sarawak etc...etc,the sultry voice of Saloma and yadda yadda bing bang!it just suck and its even more pathetic when the current industry playa cares on making quick buck by banking on some artist that get some shot of stardom when they can sing doesn't mean they can actlooohhhh.its just plain stupid right?!right?so to those malaysian yang tak tengok sepet lagi please give it a shot!i just love that movie....nasib baik adoooo si yasmin ahmad(luckily we got yasmin!).....enough on blabbering.whoever reads this piece thank you!oh...feel free to jot down some comments.cheers mate! :)
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Lets Jam!

These are some pictures of my pals and boy they love to jam!When all of them are around.I'm a loyal spectator!I just love watching any bands anyway.I love live bands.What better way

That singing dude is sapet!Excellent vocals.He went for the AF3 trials,poor chap he got A RED CARD.He works as a programmer somewhere in KL.Girls watchout,smooth talker,full of charm and extremely flirtatious.Any takers?Hahaa.If you gals wanna hangout with him go ahead.Memang seronok layan kepala dia!

Now this 2 dudes on your left is fondly known as Acad.He is a pilot.Taken and not available.The lefty guitarist on the right is An(the dude with the Gibson Les Paul?!).He is an engineer.Works in Petronas at the Petronas Twin Tower,where else?Sorry also not available,taken and very well taken care off!An excellent guitar player,very skilled.VERY!Love to see them in action.

nick nicklodean Posted by Hello

Here is Mr Nik Arief.Just call him Nik.Always smiling(when people takes his picture!).Question?Why do chicks dig drummers?They always seem to have the upperhand.He works in an architecture firm.Not single and not available.

pecks Posted by Hello

OH!This is Nadrul Shaqman.Fondly known as Peah.Others call him Nad.He is my bass Guru.Don't let his size intimidate yah!A really nice person.Quite a gentleman.Ladies please...any takers?I'm actually trying to hook him up here.At least hook him up with someone?In search for his ultimate ride a Jeep Wrangler.

gee weez the great jumy Posted by Hello

This is one of my geekiest friend!A soul filled with programming languages.I think it just runs like his stream of blood.I'm telling you this dude is a geek at its best.My former schoolmate from Jenan.His name is Arzumy.We just call him Jumy.He used to hang around at my place.Now he is always busy!He is brilliant with PC stuff.He is not in the band thought.

So people these are some of my friends.Just wanted to feature them!hahaaa.Cheers and all smiles.

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bored so here goes...


aaaahhh Disney's Pocahontas,a beautiful tale of a native american woman who saved the handsome colonialist John Smith from a pasting hands of her tribe.Roy Disney proudly boasted "Responsible,accurate and respectful" but the Powhatan Nation feels otherwise."The film distorts history beyond recognition",claimed Chief Roy Crazy Horse."Our offers to assists Disney with cultural and historical accuracy were rejected.Pocahontas(actually called Matoaka) was only 10 years old when the alleged attack took place,far from falling in love she was actually kidnapped by the Brits and married off to John Rolfe,a widower twice her age.In 1614,she was moved to England and paraded around the high society before her death of smallpox in March 1617.Smith then concocted the story of the assault, before returning to America with Rolfeto disperse the Powhatan and seize their land.The premiere also drew picketsfrom fist-shaking femeniststo Matoaka's transformation from abused young girl into a buxom wench."This is a completely distorted view of American history in which the molestation and abuse of a young girl is called "romantic",stormed the angry ladies.Nevertheless, it was the film-makers who enjoyed the last laugh with a whopping 29.5 million on its first weekend of general release.And Pocahontas is not a man,I made that up!LOL...heheeee

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Schindler's List(Steven Speilberg 93)
Starring:Liam Neeson,Ralph Fiennes,Ben Kingsley

Even before the release Spielberg confessed that certain details had been chnaged "for reasons of good taste""The SS had lots of marksmen,and just for fun they threw babies out of windows alive and shot them like skeet.I wouldn't show that in the movie.I couldn't even with dolls."

However,after the release Emilie,Schindler's widow protested that far from being a humanitarian,her former beau had been a alcoholic philanderer."He must had some redeeming virtue",carped the bitter old Kraut.Furhermore she did boast that in her memoirs that she had saved more jews compared to the man himself.Backed up with some expert claim that Schindler played little part in drawing up the "famous" list she eventually got 50,000 from Mr Speilberg.Emilie also complained that the commandant of Plaszow labour camp was a brute dude who trained his dog to rip prisoners apart(yup!rip them apart) rather than the enigmatic guy portrayed by Ralph Fiennes.

Finally,the scene that caused much offense was the finale in which tearful Schindler fled away after making profit from the war-bemoans not having saved more prisoners.chiowed penniless?Dr Sue Vice of dept of Holocaust studies of Sheffield Uni suggested that Spielberg did this to suggest that Schindler was altruistic.Actually even survivor suggested that it was money that motivated him and he was always a Nazi Party member!


(Mel Gibson 1995)

Who whoo?!Braveheart.One of the best epic stories.One of my personal favourite as well.William Wallace has long been a rallying figure for angry drunken Scots.But ruddy-faced nationalist who based their rants on Mel Gibson’s whooping 53 million epic are on shaky ground.The approach on Wallace’s anti British was far from the truth.

Actually,rather than being a poor man-of-the-people,aiming to break free the Scots from the Brits,Wallace was actually a landed commoner with a good education background,whose primary motive for fighting the Brits was to protect his own property.”There was a huge level of self interest in that character”says Andy Robertshaw,head of education at the Army Museum at Chelsea “Its utterly wrong to see him as a patriotic figure who wanted t o build a complete Scotland”.The film also shows Wallace bequeathing a son to the English princess Isabella,much to the chagrin of her Scot hating husband Edward.However,in reality both of them had never met and Isabella didn’t marry until 1308(3 years after Wallace’s execution) and her son wasn’t born until1312.Quite the humanist in the film,she was actually a bloodthirsty harridan who later had her husband murdered before launching an invasion of Scotland!

Almost every detail of the battle was incorrect in Gibson's tale,there were no historical records of Bruce siding wuth the English king.Similarly with the Scottish nobles deserting Wallace and the Irish troops turning against the English.

Finally,the blue face paint!Actually it went out of style with the Celts just about A THOUSAND YEARS earlier!