Sunday, October 15, 2006

selamat hari raya

when was the last time i blogged.some time ago.i'm at home as usual for the weekends.sent alia to umkl and i nearly got myself into an accident so some creep suddenly decides to stop and watch an accident on the fast lane!lucky escape.i might be off to perlis for the raya festivities.hahaa.hoohoo.i have to drive i guess.ah!malas sunday i had my 2nd part of autocad class.kinda cool.managed to finished a house plan minus the small details but it was worth it.rm60 for a 2 day!hahaa.i thought i had stuff to write but suddenly i just went urm urm.....nothing for now i everyone selamat hari raya.God bless and majulah sukan untuk negara!haahaaaaaa.okay i'm f!@#$%!bye

Sunday, October 01, 2006

ramadhan al mubarak

so there i was.armi's and nuril's,mr and mrs armi's new lovely home.i was there for a housewarming kenduri and breakfasting event with their closest relatives and closest friends.great company and excellent food.hmmph,i missed another tarawikh session.twice already.darnit!there goes my ambition of not missing.actually,i can do it on my own and not missit but too lazy to do blame it on ramadhan is so fun and festive.i breakfast with friends on weekdays and with family on weekends.what a combination. and hmmpphhsss again.its been a while since i last a week recap.missed a few classes due to a series of unfortunate events.the high voltage/high tension lab was exceptionally fun.smokes aplenty!smoke ahoy!1 workbench got smoked and the smell was seriously seriously awful!hahaaa.still i was fun screwing the machine esp when the students aren't at fault.we just followed instructions!hahaaa.apparently the current rating for the workbench is way off the scale althought the voltage is deemed suitable for the experiment.highlights?urm no.irina is having her big big really big presentation on tuesday.she is all hyped about it and i'm happy for her.speaking about happy.

here is a thing,in a class would you chose to be the quiet don't ask don't respond type or chose to be the responsive type.well,irina told me a case where when she tried to help peeps who need help because they couldn't get the exact word in a presentation.some peeps "shhhshh!" her and say out loud how annoying she is for doing that(she is helping out actually).when a lecturer asked her to interpret what he/she said~rephrase what he/she said because majority can't understand she got the "look" from other peeps( the minority).sad isn't it?the truth is i'm not the quiet type in the lecture hall i kinda feel for her.i don't really get the "look".that is a plus point.i think this type of people is not good(sadly they do exist).its not like she goes out asking stupid silly q's?!kesian.she finds it quite disturbing because all she did was responding to the situation.hmmphhh.i said yelah kalau tak tanya mcm mana nak tau?because usually ramai yg tak tahu tapi malas nak tanya so species-species yg bertanya pon tanya but lain pulak irina ckp patutla hermione jadi mangsa keadaan.just because she wanted to know and she knows a lot~surprisingly happens to annoy some peeps.sedih2.i think this is a disease(sad oh so sad esp among sebilangan org melayu).when people do good stuff we should support them.kalau kita tau tapi org lain tak tau we owe them an explaination not shun them.tapi kalau tanya soalan bodoh memanglah nak kena.tapi what may sound stupid to you might be not stupid to others.oh well...

so disamping itu kita rakyat malaysia yg dok aman,bukapose dgn cukup makan,boleh gi semayang dgn senang lenang ingat-ingatlah kat,remember our brothers and sisters at palestine and lebanon.don't waste food,pray hard and bersyukurlah dgn nikmat yg Allah bagi day in and day insyaAllah selamat menunaikan ibadah Ramadhan.may Allah bless us all.Amin.nanti-nanti ana blog lagi dgn bahasa rojak!hahaaaa....