Wednesday, January 27, 2010

pasrah je

22 Jan 10, 14:58
Nazer Melaka: Nak cr abg2 matang yg suka layan lubang belakang..Sms/Call 0176175539 dan 0196795120 tak kisah rupa or status jnji henjot power

As usual bab bab ni Sasha paling laju....lalalalaaa

Sapa nak try?huahauhauuaaa

Monday, January 25, 2010

updet di hari senin

carik di mana sapik!photo credit rockstar

huargggghhhh..........amat mengantok kat opis ni haaa.lepas updet blog ni aku nak semayg pastu balik!!!!!*keji bukan?*

mau taknye datang opis pagi tadi aku,kirul ngan asrol je kat dept aku.haish yg lain pi mana?so since by tgh ada yg muncul so aku decide i shud go bek home.macam tuka shift kilang la.

esok aku rasa nak EL jek.nak teman guitarist sat 400 ke jb.ada show katanya(slide show sebenanya) sebab hari Rabu ada kursus kat opis utk data processing.Best sikit org aja.Express...nak godek i'm faaking malas.Kalau bagi menatang fizikal utk aku godek aku suke.

Yesterday pi panjat.memang rasa world la.pastu gua lead climb utk route simple-simple.ok la not bad sampai jugak kat atas cuma kat atas aku dok terkelepet lama jugak sebab system yg aku wat mcm tak mantap maka kena take my time la.

meon panjat,rockstar pon panjat.rockstar bertukar menjadi rockclimber.penat jugak rupanya.kena plak ada satu route nih...mcm haremmmm jugak.

selasai manjat kami membawa diri masing-masing.aku rasa nanti rockstar jadi lebih lebih sihat dan kuat(berdasarkan updet fesbuk kesakitan dan kelenguhan di lengan akibat climbing via BB)..yg baru kenal aku sibuk dok tanya tunang ko gi mana.haish.....harap betenang kami belum bertunang lagi.harap bersabar.

aku sebenanya nak uplod gamba posing sweet sweet kami.tapi cable tepon aku tetinggal kat umah.balik la i kasi bikin.ok selamat sume!

aksi sewitt kami.amacam mcm sweetcorn tak?photo kredit aniesnye BB,tukang amik meon

Ok peah lepas ni you should come and amik gamba here on weekends apart from the "hot couple above",bersepah lagi awek hotty and this place is not hot.very shady and windy.sesuai!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Kisah panah petir 1


Ahh finally after a short hiatus due to stinky internet from home *I don't blog from the office...well maybe just sometimes...ahhh fuck it*

Susah gua nak maen castle age aku kat fesbuk.Kat BB kenot go.

Number of followers still dok diam at 10.Haish mentang-mentang aku tak glamer mcm artis.I dah tak sekolah.Therefore I kenot place or put up my elect. engr degree results every sem.I don't have beauty and brains ok?Takkan nak letak slip gaji.Buang tebiat.*muntah*

Anyways,for some mysterious reason I've been having people I don't really know wanting to add me up on facebook*ayat prasan glamer nak up padahal 3-4 butir org je*.To feed my curiousity *many thanks to stategically placed cleavage angles~some of the points pondered and taken into consideration~no worries syg,you're still on top of my list ok?* so of course I add them up. You either go woo*meleleh ayaq liuq~a serious case of pervertness*,or cheh dah berpunya but what the heck enjoys the pic,or hurm interesting.What ever nonsense it is lantakla.As long tak anta dalam inbox aku nak berkenalan sebab aku kelihatan seksi,ayu or anggun ok je.Most of just just and and don't give a shit.Layan kengkawan je most of the time.Or unless you add up a whole lot of people so that you can just tell then you are going to get married and be someones elses orang rumah when truth is you do even know half (quater...err 3/4 of them pon kan?)hey some people do ya know?It goes into their CV of bragg list.

"See my friend so many.You where got because you from some poorly tak cukup vitamin country not like me okeh?Plus you county hot like africano and very kampung...huh...ooommm ommmm"* nada mau sinis,mekap macm drag queen baru jadi*

Since I'm kinda on the topic of adding up anonymous people or not so or so so,let me take you to a journey quite some time ago.Final year,project...fucking busy.Unlike other uni,back in my bmi days we have no thesis,we have a technical project and we have to compile a thesis like report and do demos,explain shit on how this and that works and being grilled by lecturers on presentation days.Most survived,a few got the boot.

Anyways back on track my bud alang has this penchant for chatting with strangers.I happen to remember a chat with a person who wanted badly to share his/her webcast.Then....

"Woi Sidut!Korang meh tgk nih!",tetiba top student* menjerit dari dalam bilik
Aku,Bob and Odeng pon gi tgk lap top dia seraya menjerit

"Woi,ko gay ke alang,hahahahahaa?"*profanities profanities from different people at different tones and angles*

"Sidut mana aku tau aku main click je!"

"Tula lenkali jgn hantam je",terus aku click report abuse.

Long story short,we've been flashed.Double whammy cause we lived to see it.Triply whammy, clearly reminded us of Hutan Khatulistiwa.Quadriple whammy,I'm blogging about this and sure kena flamed!


Itu kisah tak best,ni kisah best.Same place slightly different scenario.Pc Bob.Partner project aku.We were supposed to finalize the VB programming with our BT robotics much for BT control robot huh?

Switch that guy to a chick.

None of us care to report abuse.

Up until today of all people,I just can't comprehend how on earth Bob did it.Of all people Bob?Nope,no forest....just some sunny sunset paradiso.Comprende?


To love is to care and to care is to share.Korang ada kisah panah petir tak?

*top student refers to alang,dia orang jawa ada taik lalat hidup.I know its a fucking useless fact.what the heck ni republik aku.muahahahhahaa

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Singa mengaum

fuhh fuhhh.....aku tgh blog republik jerung dari repubik singa Rrraawwwww.....ok intenet diorg lagi.aku salut.bukan youtube takde buffer buffer.handal handal handal.puas puas puas.

keje aku selesai satu fasa.*fuuuuhhhh*..panas woo duduk kat shipyard negara jiran nih.dahla jauh dari pekan dan town town centre.aku pon ada $10 sing dolar jek.aku tak pi tukaq sebab kalau pi tuka pon no time to jenjalan~maka misi aku utk mencari buku malaysian maverick yg di banned kat malaya so aku konsider as gagal.

so esok aku pulang.insyaAllah.maka sebab aku memandu pacuan 4 roda bapak aku,maka boleh la aku main detour detour.aku dgr vokalist kump sabtu 400 ada kat aku nak kisitu esok sblm balik the muddy banks of kolumpo.

dah takde pape yg best utk diupdet.all work no play.just sleep and eat.

Sunday, January 10, 2010


Kalau bagi hadiah buku kat aku,korang boleh dikecualikan dari cukai!hehehee

Thursday, January 07, 2010


Anda pernah lihat model berambut macam singa di back up oleh Sang Gajah?

Diterangi sinaran lampu kuning?

Matanya sepet namum hidungnya tidak belang,hanya bajunya...

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

@ ) ! )

I actually had something written a few days ago but I decided to scrap it. I have no particular new year resolution. I just hope and pray for more good things to come not just to me but everyone close and dear to me.

On a sad note Usop and Ell lost their 1st child together.I'm sure the baby boy is waiting for you guys up in heaven.I pray and hope that my sister Anis,Sasha the Mak Buyung,Kak Mimi & Kak Ayu(my cousins),Azi would safely give birth to healthy babies.Ameen.InsyaAllah.

To my friends busy trying!Keep it up!*Ready,Steady,Aim,FIRE!*.All the best and keep the good times rolling.GO!GO!GO!*ala CS*.

To my friends,who are planning to get married,all I can offer is a prayer for an everlasting love and happiness.Lets be realistic turmoil,trial and tribulations is part of the deal.Nevertheless ,cherish the moments otherwise we might just live to regret it.

To those who not hitched yet,your time will come. Rezeki comes in many forms,shapes and sizes! Chins up and live life. There is more to life.

is back from States and I've yet to see her.Come to think of it I haven't seen Bai too since "The day Peah got shy eating Ayam Golek Incident".Peah memang pemalu orangnya.

My hope for 2010 is to bring more happiness to my family and friends simply by being a better person.InsyaAllah.

Saturday, January 02, 2010

look what i think!

At times of peril (raging hormones), guys do watch Jennifer's Body!*give it a go*


yup,it doesn't make sense to you but it does to me.hahahaaaa