Tuesday, January 31, 2006

hari yang panas

another hot sunny day.not exactly now since its past midnight.lately my father is busy DIYing which i seriously encourage but old habits don't die.lepak guna tools tak reti kemas!geram tapi tak bersuara and tak jugak bersungut.tak boleh lawan boss.tegur jela.most of the tools are mine(mahal weh!cap Stanley beb...bukan Cina malioh).plus,who gotta show some respect to the tools.they work as hard too.hahaa....ok i have a soft spot for tools.CNY,a whole week of!seronok seronok......subang is so less busy.take that from the dude who only comes back once a week.darn,its been a while.lama tak jumpa kengkawan subang.lama tak blog,lama tak futsal with jenanians,lama tak contact jumy.gel nak belah ke UK.off to London.somewhere in the region on 15 feb.jadi student balik.irina ku juga ada plan nak buat masters.kalau ada rezeki ke seberang laut.seronok.lama tak melawat keluarga shah alam(aunty maznah~called aie but unanswered.maybe dah balik aussie?).a week off.maximize it.fer sure(really?the house a huge HUGE mess~shafik aka repairman always on standby)tomorrow more curtain rails to be hung up.coating for the bamboo blind.PVC pipes.....God!the list goes on and on....oh well.whine swhine...rumahku syurgaku.better me doing all this(since i can do it.why not)hahaa.....

so till another chapter.chiow

Friday, January 27, 2006

dah hari jumaat la

ahhh friday.........happy happy friday.next week.....cuti!hahaaaa....best nya bestnya.yahoo.yahooo.com....gogaggagagalaaa....google.com. nothing much today.most of my pals are on their way back home already.even as i type.i'm planning to go back tomorrow morning.nak chill jap and finish some work before i buzz off sucker!muahahahaha........i'm done with downloading my lecture notes,mandarin exercise.but more work to come and thats for sure.since i'm still young and vibrant apa salahnya?what the heck.might as well bust my brains and balls while i'm still capable of doing so.kang dah tua nak jadi muda susah la pulak.tua ganyut tapi tak ingat diri!muahahhahaaaaaa.gilas.tak baik la camtu.
yesterday i had a long talking session with my pal on character building and stuff related to this and that.well something like that.shiok gak.borak at kedai mamak after a long and hecktikikikikiiii week.ummphhhh.......yesterday i had a labview session with din kor.what is lab view.it is a software widely used in the engineering field.popular among the big corp.and currently and mostly engineering students around malaysia(bmi excluded) aren't aware of this excellent virtual tool especially for DAQ system(data aquisition system).cool huh?now that i've mention about this software i'm sure those yang tak tahu nak tahu kan?so head to www.ni.com/asean tolong mengembang kan ilmu.its an excellent tool.seriously.esp those yang minat robotics.i'm not sure berapa kerat yg nak baca pasal blog ni but i hope i've help pave a way for other engineering students.orait to those yang tak minat jgn lupa let us all wait for Da Vinci's Code....Tom Hanks as Robert Langdon.i hope the movie is as good as the book.till esok lusa
smile people smile

Thursday, January 26, 2006


yippie!finally some justice.i get to blog after a long silence!now that i'm back on track i shall go go go!i guess jumy has call it quits.as usual dah baca blog suria dan juga yang lain-lain.esp the funny ones.light up my day.life has been hectic for me.yes for most of us as well.challenging at times.now that the full official jpp mr president mode kicks in in full swing.all i have is a one year term.irina finally cracked!longer since her days at black and brown.earlier stage mmg kena struggle.well,for most of us.some lucky few just simply senang sikit!the main reason and the culprit yg menyebabkan aku tak blog sekerap dulu adalah kerna umah aku persepah dan phone line yg gila.the computer lab baru je ok!so here i am..........
i last blogged prior to the induction week.man being the program manager mmg sesak.filled with all this mumbo jumbo thingy!gilooossss.....alhamdulillah syukur(macam lagoo too phat la!)all went well.so tahun ni i can bring along my car.reduce sikit stress nak ke sana ke mari.penat oooo!praise Allah for all the rezeki this year has to offer.man!byk program to run ooooo.hhhmmppphhhh...since its been a while since i last write kinda lose some momentumla.the vibe the schwang factor.in time in time.i will come!so adios amigos.to many thing so little time.....
mr me signing off