Friday, March 27, 2009


ini blog ringkas

aku kat labuan

setup survey boat

byk giler equipment yg aku tak pernah tgk dan main.sgtla mencabar.alatan canggih2 dan mahal2 belaka.

tido tak cukup.mata rabak.

ini line internet curik

nasib baik ada jugak

aku rindu rumah subang kawasan sekitar,watak2 standed dan rumah......oppsss ke bangsar.silap

aku tak tau bila balik...sekian

aku rindukan dia.huhuuu....

usaha tangga kejayaan.usaha gigh utk usaha ......

sekian blog ringkas

Monday, March 23, 2009

Jap lagi cabut

In few hours I'm leaving for Labuan.Like I mentioned in my previous posting I'm off for a pre survey work.Collecting data and processing it.I do not know that much about Labuan the sights and sound apart from the normal "sights" and "sounds".The ciggy is cheap and if you're a drinker.Its match made in heaven.Throw in a few Pinoy chicks and wallah....Heaven on Earth.Earth ajek!Nanti sendiri jawapla ek?

I'm taking the morning flight at 0735 hrs.The duration of stay is purely based how quick is quick,how fast is fast.I don't have a clue how long I'm going to be there.A few weeks,maybe a month or more.Entah aku tak tahu.As long as got work time will surely fly...

Next time aku balik sure anak buah aku makin besar.Gigi sure bertambah.

Beloved told me next time I'm around dia akan makin anggun mantap dan six pack.Pendek kata kurus balik.Jgn sampai I tak kenal sudah!ngeh ngeh...

Oh ye...kepada penggosip liar,aku tak bertunang lagi.Sapalah agaknya?Aku tau diorg ni tak sabar nak tgk aku kawin.Bawak bertenang,harap bersabar.Kalau aku kawin aku roger.Kalau bertunang pon aku bgtau gitu2 ajek.Itu bukannya Rukun.Yang penting akad nikah tu.Tapi aku cuak jugak sebab aku byk jugak miss org kawen tp sebab keje.Dok tgh laut camne nak pi?Kalau Petronas aku punya ok ajek.Tp kalau Petronas aku punya dah lama dah aku kawen.ngeh ngeh....

Sekian saja ayat2 sebelum aku cha alip bot.

Haish kali ini gua sentimental....

Btw,lepas job bolehla korang pow aku.Tkpe i don mind.Sekian

Sunday, March 22, 2009

I'm leaving tick tock tick tock


Today is Sunday 22nd March 2009.I'm at home.I think the other half is still sleeping and its nearing 1300hrs.I was sound asleep like a pig!Probably its due also to the piggy blanket.Patutla enak ek?

Come Tuesday 0725 hrs I'm leaving for Labuan.I'm going to the office after lunch and Zuhr prayers.I'm double checking the shipping list and related stuffs headed for labuan. We're doing pre-lay survey with a bunch of pretty expensive gizmos.Ini cabang hydrographics

I've been busy for the past 2-3 weeks.This is normal prior to mob.The work goes on and on.I've no idea how long this job will take.They kept on saying that it will take approximately 1 month.Well,if that happens I won't be around for Razman's wedding.He called last week I think its on Tuesday or ...I can't remember but its somewhere last week.

I'm "employed" as the bestman.It was ages ago that I joked of being his bestman.Now,that I'm in the business of going here and there and not knowing when on earth I'll be back...see so susah to commit.The kain baju melayu I got from Aunt Bibah sudah dihantar ke kedai utk di buat baju Melayu.So I hope I'll be back on time.

So everyone do take care.I hope I'll be seing you guys once I got back from work especially you.yes you!.I'm not going offshore just yet.That part is reserved for May!And its just a 2 month job(Just 2 month?!Suatu ketika dulu aku tak kisah pon.ngeh ngeh.....inilah dugaan).I'm doing a pre survey in a swamp area on a small boat.

Gel kalau aku tak sempat pi kenduri hang aku mintak ampun siap-siap!Jgn lupa bawak bini hang pi jumpa mak aku.Dia nak berkenalan.

Ok aku cabut dulu.Esok sempat lagi nak blog seraun.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Another day


Pig skin blanket failed today.I was up early.Usually(well mostly) either my mother or father will give me a wake up call early in the morning although their room is just a few step away.Serious!They do give me a good wake up call."Macam hotel gitu"

I couldn't sleep though I was tired so I decided to go for a good morning jog.Its been a while...slowly but surely I ended at "Padang Salem".I slowed my pace and decided to power walk instead.Long story short I ended walking with Buih's Ibu!As usual Ibu Buih will throw a few Q's hence a walking Q&A session aka Gossip.As we were walking we bumped into Bonda Gel but she is with the Taichi squad.Nevertheless,Q&A session goes on.Ibu Buih is the one coming with the Q's!

I ran off as the clock is ticking.I had to go to the office like every working citizen.

Off I go after "sebungkus" nasi lemak.I tapaued another just in case(I ate around 10am).I got hungry by 12noon I got hungry.Lunch at 1pm but I did not enjoy it.Something lurking in my head.

Work is work.I was studying some new gizmos for the upcoming I don't know when the exact date project.First it was in February now its March.I went out because the Boss told me to do so.After we go

Truthfully,I'm stressed.Stressed because of an unnecessary clutter in my head.I am a laid back person.Probably too laid back for some.Probably mistaken for not being caring?Ignorance is a bliss(for some).For some its a curse.Some views/ideas/thought matter more even more than those who care and love for them.To me its best to let my action do the talk.Action speaks louder than words.Yes,most of the time I don't give a shit to really small trivial matter(to me) but maybe not to some(still I think its just a spot of bother)

Words mean nothing without the necessary action(s).Be it positive or negative.Some speak their mind with utter disregard for other people(s) feeling.There is a fine line between being honest and showing how low one can get.Humans will be humans.They conjure things.Make up things to feel good about themselves.Right or wrong,good or bad.Twist and turn up to the extend menghalalkan yg haram,mengharamkan yg halal.Nauzubillah...with justification that will leave you speechless.I won't elaborate further and get on the topic of being either a Mukhsin or Mukhsi.

Point is I feel shitty and I'm trying hard to get a grip on my emotions because I'll end up getting off topic and come out with stupid remarks/statement/ideas.I'm trying my best not to go to that level and look stupid(Unfortunately I think I did some time ago...hah.Bila emosi menguasai diri...)Furthermore,I for one don't give a "toot",if my girlfriend from a kampung or the city.How well she speaks english,malay,javanese,mandarin etc.I for once forget how beautiful it is to be in Love.Allah SWT gave me an opportunity in the form of Yuhainis.I'm happy.To me she is God sent.Perfectly flawed like you and me.We are humans.We grow,we learn,we evolve,we learn to give and take,we quarrel.That is life.

Today,on my team's white board,HSE had asked us to give our coverall and boots sizes.Tick-tock-tick-tock.


Wednesday, March 11, 2009


So petanda-petanda kerja mendatang makin hampir

Barang-barang survey byk dah sampai seperti Modem Wood&Douglas,Hemisphere Vector Pro V110,Pacific Crest EDL II
EIVA dah install dan setup
Dah berkursus EIVA
Dongle pon dah dapat
Meeting dah berkurangan
Kengkawan kena pi buat medical
Pastu kena buat Boseit pulak
Tetiba macam takde keje kurang dan suasana ala-ala sunyi menyelubungi


Sebab aku rasa 15hb tak pegi lagi

Esok baru nak wat medical kpd yg tak buat
Next week pi kursus kepada yg tak buat lagi....diorg pi ari selasa 17~19
Pastu cuti sekolah boss ckp anak bini dia nak dtg KL so....

Sebenarnya I oso donno when ke laut?Gel nak kawin nih!Aku pon mahu...huhu...gatai!
Kalau pi pon pre survey works.So tkdela lama macam time nak tarok pipeline nanti.

Curik dari notes anies kat fesbuk

Ini rumet tag. sebab aku tensen baru pas test,meh aku buat.

USING ONLY ONE WORD! It's not as easy as you might think! Copy and change the answers to suit you and pass it on. It's really hard to only use one word answers. Be sure to tag the person you received it from!

1.Where is your cell phone? - poket
2. Your significant other? - home
3. Your hair? - short
4. Your mother? - ishah
5. Your father? – kamardin
14. Where were you last night? - home
15. Something that you aren't? - dinasour
16. Muffins? - banana
17. Wish list item? - ipod
18. Where you grew up? - perlis
19. Last thing you did? - test
20. What are you wearing? - worksuite
21. Your TV? - big
22. Your pet(s)? - dead
25. Your mood? - tensen
26. Missing someone? - sapik
27. Car? - neo
34. Last time you cried? – months
35. Who will resend this? - dunno
36. One place that I go to over and over? - opis
37. One person who emails me regularly? - facebook
38. Favorite birthday present? - takde
39. Favourite place i'd like to be at right now? - bedddddd.

tempat aku curik

aku pon rasa nak buat tapi kat blogla so tektik kopi dan tempek dilakukan

USING ONLY ONE WORD! It's not as easy as you might think! Copy and change the answers to suit you and pass it on. It's really hard to only use one word answers. Be sure to tag the person you received it from!

1.Where is your cell phone? - tu!
2. Your significant other? - home
3. Your hair? - short
4. Your mother? - tamsiah
5. Your father? – surkery
6. Your favorite place? - bedroom
7. Your dream last night? - none
8. Your favorite drink? - soya
9. Your dream/goal? - happiness
10. What room you are in? - living
11. Your hobby? - climbing
12. Your fear? - Hell!
13. Where do you want to be in 6 years? - Around
14. Where were you last night? - home
15. Something that you aren't? - pondan
16. Muffins? - chocolate
17. Wish list item? - fingerboard
18. Where you grew up? - jitra
19. Last thing you did? - eat
20. What are you wearing? - clothes
21. Your TV? - wide
22. Your pet(s)? - dead
23. Friends? - around
24. Your life? - hectic
25. Your mood? - chilling
26. Missing someone? - Yuhainis
27. Car? - "Porsche"
28. Something you're not wearing? - bikini
29. Your favorite store? - allsports
30. Your favorite color? - orange
33. When is the last time you laughed? - evening
34. Last time you cried? – ntah
35. Who will resend this? - ntah!
36. One place that I go to over and over? - home
37. One person who emails me regularly? - Nahari?
38. Favorite birthday present? - tkde
39. Favourite place i'd like to be at right now? - beach!

Dengan ini saya mengtag mereka-mereka yg ada kat link saya seperti En Buih,Rafiqa,Mak Buyung,Pn Matahari,Zam dll etc etc....Darling tak termasuk sebab dia dah buat.Apa lagi kalau sangap kat opis tu...layan jek

Monday, March 09, 2009

tak jadik

sepatutnya aku enroute utk ke bekelah,maran pahang pastu tingkap keta aku buat magik tak boleh tutup.aku baya tol then kenot tutup.aku was on the way ke serdang sebb aku nak isik minyak keta i ended up isik minyk and try to repair tingkap.

aku bukak casing.pastu tak berhasil.aku saspek motor dia kong!!!alamak...

maklumka work horse aka "porsche" aku tu dah tua.mak aku sibuk suruh beli keta baru tp aku rasa aku masih tk berkemampuan.baik aku beli basikal utk ke opis.ngeh ngeh...

plan utk ke kelah is bertolak kol 12am.sebab itu plannya sure bertolak plg awal kol 1230am.note plg sampai kat maran sekitar jam 0130-0200 or mcm biasa tido kat surau lazimnya lepas subuh kami akan mulakan naik ke atas berjalan.tak lama 2-3jam ajek.hehee....tapi berbaloi wooo....

aku ingat dulu zaman sekolah aku ngan matki pi riki...pergh penat nye bukan kepalang.sbb main layan speed....naik tanpa stop.tak kasik chan!hahaaa....sentimental pi kelah nih.

mmg bukan rezki.mybe sebb si gadis berkata i miss u oredi.ngeh ngeh.

Sunday, March 08, 2009

Semalam dan arini

Yesterday Sapet bertunang and I thought bertunang was a simple affair.Maaf aku tak pergi sebab aku pi Olg boys+girls Jenan punya event nevertheless congrats.The chance of meeting up old buddies some up 10 yrs.So aku pon pegi naik Storm boss aku yg dia bagi pinjam sebab minyak keta aku dah sikit.

Khir was there.Dia ni kira long time marinerla.Dia attached dgn MISC.He is on a 3 month break and he drove all the way from Malacca.The others are basically the muke2 standed!Aku jumpa seniors aku yg kebanyakannya boroi2 belaka.Juniors pon tak kurang.Haish.Hadi is expecting his 2nd child.Heriman oso got,Kamil,Su came from Ipoh.Afif came with his baby and wife.On the 28th ada "sukaneka interhouse" plak kat padang merbok.Semangat sih.I think I won't be around for that.Just a thought.

It was fun.

Beloved ajak aku pi Vietnam.Di samping itu,dia juga akan ke Jakarta.Waduh waduh enak sekali.I think I won't be around for that.Even worst,I don't know whether I'll be around for Gel's wedding.Ini kira tarikh keramat which is planned kira 12 April 2009.Ayoyoyooo...gulp.Kain dah dapat.Baju blom buat but I think and I hope I can reason with the Boss and work out something even if it means getting a pay cut.No hal punya.The headache with upstream work in offshore construction.Bleahghh....

Time to bersiap utk kenduri lagi.Ayuh lets gone....haah aku pi sorang!

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Saja try test tgk

this is my first try blogging via ubuntu getting the hang of it.i would say that highlight of this week is that pi tgk raja lawak final tickets courtesy of tersayang la sebb dia ada kronies kat astro.lepas ni AF pulak kot?hahahaa....jadik mlm ni tak pi main futsal dan kuarkan peluh.

keje keje keje keje.ok sempat jugak celebrate b'day shahir dgn rakan2 total.peah jadi tukang amik aku gelarkan dia snapper.sebab snap gamba.gamba dia boleh dilihat bertempiaran di Fesbuk beliau.

Aku tak tau bila ke lautan.Asik tukar attarikh salasilah.Lgpon aku bukan boss.Nak kata tak kisah tu tak lojikla.At least nak tau bayangan.Bukan bayangan gurauan.

Aku dah berjaya install Ubuntu sebagai 2nd OS aku dlm leptop eksperimen aku.Menarik sebab dia kaler shades of oren.Dia punya feel mcm Mac tapi lagi user friendly.Kalau nak suruh aku guna cmd line mcm dos tu tak terer la.Tapi mybe time kelaut kalau aku sangap aku blh eksperimen pelbagai lagi.Manalah tau.Lagi satu pakai OS lain org tak kacau leptop aku sebab diorg tak bape tau.heheheheee.......

Ok aku takde ide nak mengarut hape.Esok bebudak jenan ada futsal.Aku nak pi tgk sat.Then pi ikut rombongan Sapet tunang kot.See how la.Oret."Till pen meet paper"

Zam aku tau hang dok baca blog aku.Awat tak komen?

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Leaving on a jetplane

Actually it started with a comment over at Rafiqa's blog aka Thinking Box celah mana thingking dia beb?Aku rasa patut tukar ke tema emosi naik marah sis!?ngeh ngeh

I think it is Sapet engagement?I think.Not sure either its on Sunday or Saturday.I had to cancel all plans for Saturday because my cousin got engaged.I was supposed to be elsewhere by now but fortunately I'm around on solid land.

Anyway,getting back on track,Rafiqa(subject of this entry) is leaving on a jetplane but pending B&W?Thanks to Nini big annoucement on FB.Heh riuh sekampung!!!

Gel is coming back for his reception.Though I was honoured of being his bestman,and Eza too is keeping tabs and wants be to be there on their bigday,I hope and I pray that I can make it!InsyaAllah.Gel pon dah lari dok Aussie.Takpe bro aku paham pengorbanan hang.

Raqi left for Panama.I did an entry for him.He said he is coming back for a short holidays.Don't forget my hot latino!kah kah.You wish!Kalau hot aku rasa Beloved pon setuju.ngeh ngeh.Ni statement nak kena piap.Ngeh ngeh =P

Mr Anonymous,is off to Abu Dhabi.Uhuk jugakla.I wish you well Bro.Dia tak bagi tulis nama lagi.Kepada wanita single dia single jugak.Cepat sebelum terlamabat!

But is good to know that we have friends around the globe because dengan duit yg cukup utk bayar tiket plane dan tumpang tido di rumah mereka semua.Maka inila cara berjimat.Macam kumpulan yg nak ke Jakarta itu....Malah kalau ada nikmat makan free sure lebih terbaik.Ehem ehem...Peah plak nak pi Bandoeng.Haish...jeles bangat sih!Duty calls ni leceh jugak.

Beloved pon ada Rumet kat states.Shaza(kazen aku) nak pi states jugak.Sesuai sekali utk kesana.

World Cup kat Africa.South Africa kot?Umah Uncle Rashad kat sana.Tapi kalau nak pi World Cup lagi layan berkampung kat luar stadium.ngeh ngeh.Jangan lupa main cat-cat muka.Especially kat fan Holland dgn Argentina tu!!!

Aku rasa kalau pi Denmark boleh tumpang umah Achu aku.Since aku pon pakai software EIVA yg berasal dr Denmark.Tapi aku rasa sana sejuk sgt.Aku pon tak cukup lemak.Tgkla kalau sampai...

Tapi last last aku kat sini.Ngeh ngeh...haih.Takpe nanti aku goKita berusaha dan berdoa dgn gigih.InsyaAllah

Aku still tak puas hati tak dapat ke Perlis utk rock trip.hurmmm takde rezki.Anyway,I'm waiting for my new contract to be issued.Alhamdulillah.