Saturday, November 04, 2006


hmph i guess,i'm not blogging as much these are my other blog buddies.yesterday,i went over to nadrul's open house after fixing ahmad pongko's blown fuse which i fixed after sending irina over to kak ija's place because she had to attend fazs' akad nikad and we went to the kenduri today.the great news was suria will blossom i found out sortof accidently which i'm really proudof because my technique of looking like i know but actually i don't really know or don't know at all~actually its part of my jedi mind trick technique~works like a charm!so be warned!so Gee i practically going to "blow" anytime soon and 1 is growing.which reminds me of jumy wanting to be the Godfather of my child.he said that bout 1~1.5 years anyone interesting in having me as a Godfather?rest assured when that time comes i might be wearing hakama and carry a full blown katana.i nearly bought a carbon bayonet.rm80.bargain!but i refrained because the set of katana with the stand looks more tempting!but nothing beats the real very limitedly produced pure japanese katanas!so limited only 2 are produced in a year by a single urm....sekolah pembuat pedang?i don't know the japanese basically there are 5 schools that makes it so approximately 10!these are the very rare and utterly where was i.....oh!the subject of pregnancy.pregnant women are sexy!serious.i feel so and apparently matjoe shares the same idea.i hope i don't scare people with that statement.not like sexy mouthwatering lustful sexy more like graceful beautiful sexy!so don't get me lies in the eyes of the nothing serious or mind till next time i'll dive deeper and into the darker realms of............tataaa :P