Tuesday, August 30, 2005

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some entertaining blogs.



enjoy folks!

sempat ke tidak?sempat

yes life is too short!so i'll take my chances.explore explore and explore.within and "without"!hahahaaa.i'm still up for jumy's skydiving thingy due next year.clueless on the financial aspect but nevermind.i'll figure it out!got an invitation from my cousin to go diving in the waters of Borneo.i'm up for that.i do wish i get to paraglide the skies of brasil like ian wright.visit the shores of the gulf of mexico and some secluded beaches of brasil(then popular with the flower people.flower power!).travel to our neighbouring Asean.they do have beautiful scenic places to hang out .melantak at morocco's mara...marra got it Marrakech,Casablanca and visit Libya where they use to shoot star wars!that would be darn right cool!hahaaa.yup i'll be damn!actually there is more to come but i'll reserve them for later!hahaa...eureka.maybe i can make like a tour group for nerds and geeks.tour including visiting sets of star wars,the places they used to shoot,maybe travel to the mysterious area 51!go for NASA trips....hahaaa.tour G4 tv formally known as tech tv!maybe just maybe visit the sights and sound of star trek!i can't help but find it so amusing now that i known 1 of my uncle's did cry on the episode mr. spock died.played by leonard nemoy.gee,i dunno if i spelled it right!alternatively make a tour on things mystical and magic.the list includes of visiting salem's lot,maybe so school of wizardry for the potter fan(i can include my cousins,aunts,uncles as well!mom and dad,well they don't read HP)hahaaa.that would be fun.so if any of happens to read this,you can be entrepreneur~ish.hahaaaa

guess life is too short.so people cherish it.keep your hopes and dreams alive.no idea is too crazy and no dreams are too wild!live life but ingat Tuhan juga!hahaaaa.cherios :D

afdlin shauki's blog layan gak beb!btw,here's the link.hidup selambakodok!

oh,i wanted to share this.you guys know that it is possible to transmit information via our electric wire/cables.similarlt like the phone.so imagine how much cash TNB can downpour themselves with?kewl huh!one of my mates wanted to do his FYP on this but it was darn costly.ok,tak kisahla,but wow!they sure can make a whole lotta money out of it.selamat tinggal ADSL!nah...don't think so."maybe just maybe politically incorrect".hahaaaaa.read between the jari manis and jari telunjukla beb!kuikuikui....

Sunday, August 28, 2005

busting my brains out

last night i felt a sudden rush of emptiness of fresh new ideas.not just on ideas but i lost the feel of seeing things in other perspective,other views.god i hated that feeling.

introducing on the left is rafiqa and on the right is mr jumy.when i'm need of new things just to get my brain going well i hang out with them.these are my best buddies when it comes to busting brains.it been a while since we last hung out together.

today i went to uitm shah alam.watched jumy doing his usual stuff in his usual way in this years hacking competition.he won yesterday.today well a different category.and when he goes pointing out here and there,i just told myself...ok there he goes, another flag.somehow when i drove home i just felt my usual self coming back into me.i just got so caught up with work that i just forgot to see things my way.sometimes quite dreamy.i love to dream and fantasize things.dreaming is good.if you think of good stuff and positive things.it does help a lot!don't give up your dreams.you might as well be dead.

rafiqa the mathematician.her article on che is worth a mention.here is the link!she is now back in kluang.PTD,good for her.i hope one day she turns out to be the next trade and industry minister!hahaa.number suits her well.

now that i'm back on track i should not be worrying much on my grades,what is more important in giving it your all!the grades will come.later.work smart and work hard.minimal input maximum output.the higher the gain the better.problems are mere illusion to distract you.

this fine lady is my girlfriend!also the dreamer.a dream weaver.the reason i go head over heels!the one who loves kicking my butt!it fun merapuing with her.because she loves doing that as well.actually merapu is good.merapu with a cause.finding solutions in different manner.in different ways!it helps a lot.currently she is working in shah alam,and worst she is turning into one of them,so says kak sham.it good that she accepts the fact and its good that she kept on dreaming of an escape and be positive.because i'm sure she will make it!

so mid sem is over.its good that i'm back on track despite the upcoming hectic schedule.i'm more than happy! :D

till next time around.happy MERDEKA!

shaq conncecting people

Saturday, August 27, 2005

think again




Hindu-Muslim saint who inspired the formation of a sect called
Dadu Panth.

A cotton carder by profession, Dadu became a religious wanderer and preacher, settling for periods of time at Sembhar, Amber, and finally at Naraina, near Jaipur (Rajasthan state), which remains the centre of his following. Dadu rejected the authority of the Veda

This is Dadu, the capital city built by Khublai Khan, the fifth emperor of the Mongol Empire, in the latter half of the 13th century. Its appearance and the surrounding town have been reconstructed here. Dadu prospered as an international city, and Marco Polo visited the city and met Khublai Khan.

macam-macam dadu


our journey home

by Faisal Tehrani at kakiseni.com
.he is right.the current state of malay film is really really really bad.

so here i am again in front of the pc.wondering aimlessly in the cyber world.will the be a time when our cyber world gets so crammed?so jammed packed with stuff innit?what is the growth rate?infinity?miraculous who we humans progressed.what next?remember how i once asked about the similarity of a banana,a house fly and a human.we share 95% of the same DNA structure.my lecturer told us" see how god maximised the output with such minimal tweaking.similarly like a FET..."i'm surrounded with ustaz like lecturers.its good though.selalu dapat nasihat.humans we often forget

today jumy and co got 1st place in the hacking comp held in uitm.excellent!tumpang bangga. :D

i feel kinda bad for myself.for the past few weeks,i got so caught up with work i pratically forgot how to really think and utilize my brain effectively.i focused too much on the problem.problem is just an illusion.should take jumy's advice,on sitting back and relax and not just caught up in the rat race.i have to think the way i really think again.seeing thing from a different angle.appreciate and smell the problems and task given.find a smart solution.a week of sure does wonder.frankly,i missed my wacky classmates.funny?hahaaa.

Thursday, August 25, 2005


today i worked half day.actually i'm a part timer in CIMA.at least i'm doing something and getting paid doing it.as usual i had my dose of jumy and miss suria's blog.the take it easy mr thinker and the always sunshiny lady.for some reasons my template does not come out the way that i wanted so i can't click on enol's blog.bummer.and yes i'm too lazy to type the add.rafiqa and i always say that jumy is one of a kind.frankly,i rate this guy highly.one day he will make it big!and so do i.and so will you(only if you're reading this!).everyone has potential.everyone is smart.it is the community,it is the people that makes you think you don't!hahaaa.sounded bit like a politian...semangat Merdeka!i'm sure they will be showing P.Ramlee's "Sgt Hassan" or "Lft Adnan".

my mid semester break is drawing to an end.what the hell.we can't slow the time let alone stop it.jumy's latest entry was on the topic of convocation.well,i had mind.i wasn't too happy back then,knowing that i could have done better and such.now(not exactly now!) that i think about it i just smiled and feel releived knowing that i actually made it.now,a new challenge.hhmmphh,more like a journey.sounds sweeter!heheheeee

what makes a character unique?what makes a person great?is it their idea?is it because they are bloody smart?like beauty,everyone definesuniqueness differently.personally,i think everyone of us is bloody unique and that simply makes us.well us.we also share certain elements of similarity despite of our uniqueness.maybe so,so that we don't get carried away with our uniquess,braininess and other ~ness'!hahahaaaa.i sound like i'm going in circles don't i?life is a circle!hahahaaa.now thats pure fact baybeh.

i discussed this topic with irina last night.about having dreams and such.i have nothing against having bombastic dreams.i think it great to dream.well not those fetish dreams(and yg sewaktu dgnnya!).dreaming to be a millionaire,dreaming nak jd mcm oprah,nak pandai like ibn Sina,being a great leader,menteri go ahead,driving big cars or having dreams of making it REALLY BIG!if people think you are crazy,its ok coz i won't!muahahahahhahahaaaa....

Sunday, August 21, 2005

an interesting comment

i copied and pasted this via jumy's blog(click me click me!)

hey.enjoy..reading ur blog ..la..wut ever..just wanna to share with u something that i felt that it’s good to be shared..actually terdetik kat hati after read ur post about sabahan girl..yup something like that..they are actually beutiful in nature right..it kept me wondering something about ‘cantik’..hmm..cantik..

kerana cantik…

beauty stands in the eyes of the beholder…
cantik di mata org, mungkin biasa shj di mata kita,
takrifan cantik itu sendiri, luas..subjektif kata org. Ada yg kata cantik di matanya, mulutnya..budi bahasanya…personalitinya…pendekkan kata yg panjang, ia bergantung pd penilaian manusia yg berbeza2.
Apa yg ada dlm tgn kita, syukurilah…dan lihat dunia dgn rs kesyukuran yg sama, baru terasa keindahannya..
Baru kelihatan cantiknya…

seorg kakak masa sekolah pernah mengingatkan aku, agar mengamalkan doa semasa melihat cermin..( yg aku selalu tak buat dr buat..ikss, lupa..=/), agar kita sentiasa insaf dan sedar, hinanya kita, buruknya kita..kalau hanya fizikal yg sempurna tapi rohani dan dalaman tak terpelihara. Nak ‘cantik dalam’ tu yg susah, dan tak ramai yg ada.

“..Ya Allah, perindahkanlah akhlak ku, sebagaimana Kau perindahkan kejadian ku…aminn.."- doa sms melihat cermin.


Jangan kata aku cantik,
Bimbang di hati bangga terdetik,
Depan cermin asyik menilik,
Berbunga di hati, betul ke aku ni cantik ?

Jangan suka aku disebabkan cantik,
Kerana yang lahiriah tidaklah statik,
Kenali dan dalami aku baik – baik,
Keturunan dan keserasian penting selidik.

Jika kerana cantik aku dikelek,
Dicanang ditayang hilir mudik,
Aku tidak mahu diiktiraf awek,
Oleh lelaki berfikiran cetek.

Daripada kerap memuji cantik,
Lebih baik doakan aku perempuan baik,
Jangan melihat rupa yang molek,
Intan dan kaca bisa tersilap belek.

Jika ingin memuji cantik,
Hamburkan syukur pujian buat Pemilik.
Yang mencipta keindahan lagi menarik,
Maha Sempurna Tuhan, tiada cacat setitik.

Aku tidak damba pujian cantik,
Semuanya pinjaman, akan dipulang balik.
Di hari penentuan, dalam buku tercatit,
Apa dipergunakan, anugerah Tuhan yang cuma sedetik.

Harta dan pangkat aku tidak tertarik,
Pun tidak harap kerjayanya arkitek,
Berkereta mewah koleksi antik,
Tapi menyukai aku kerana cantik !

Yang aku doakan lelaki yang baik,
Sederhana penampilan, orang yang terdidik,
Memilih aku kerana di hatinya berbisik,
Inilah orangnya, bersama mimpi dilarik.

Comment by anonymous — 16/8/2005 @ 11:30 am


dulu kala...


so i did share a thing or two on thongs right?never imagined a blog pictured and dedicated solely for the thong loving community!ahahahhahaaaa....btw,here is the link.

suggested for mature viewers.don't tell me i didn't warn ya!

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Charlie dan Syarikat Coklat

I went to the cinema yesterday.catched charlie and the chocolate factory.well,i loved it!hahahaaaa.so does my girlfriend.my 2 sis and kak yah went to catch it this morning.asma loved it.kak yah and aida had their fair share of feeling well..rather mixed.just so makes me wonder,what other stuff is running through mr tim burton's head.how does he function?hahaa


thongs are well thongs.one is a utensil and who is to "cover" the private part.well part of it goes uncovered.hahaa.i remembered an article written by jumy entitled nippies.if i'm not mistaken.he pointed out on why guys salivate and drooled upon stubling a braless women not a naked womenla.berbaju minus the brala.so incedently i decided t write on thongs.it seems natural to do so?!hahaa.ok,i'm no pervert it just that the sight of women captured wearing thongs sends most guys gugu-gaga.i think its because these dudes starts to imagining "stuff,things and what not".these thong thingy blurred the line between being naked but not naked.she is naked but she is not that kind of thing.wah?!like the quiksilver adds.so i think its quick difficult to classify these sorta thing.she is not naked but she is!

i don't know this for real or not but yep mmg sexy but i don't think its something people always wear coz it just stuck in between there.looks sexy but tak comfy sgt kot?hahaaaa.some guys refuses to wear undies ya know.more prefer boxers!some?they don't even bother!you guys,be careful zipping up!hahahaaaaaaaaa

till next time

Friday, August 19, 2005

just great

haha thank you jumy!kuang kuang kuang.....funny.ok it has been a very very very busy week!average sleeping hours(due to assignments is 3.30 am!it feels A LOT different when you are not doing assignments instead).bummer bummer bummer Dr Idros ain't teaching us electronics.naik pangkat jadi Dean!sucks suck suckling....just when i'm having more like we all are having fun.....ini pulak jadinya.ok our lecturers are cool but awesome ones don't come around that much these days.arghhh...sad and tragic.

been wondering when will the wireless network be ready?arghhhhh!quick guys quick.i had enough of OA.

so here is a quesstion?what is the similarity of a banana,house fly and us humans!?go figure!i'll tell you guys later.

one week of holiday.yay yay yay!ok till 2molo.chiow

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

another day in skool

another productive day in skool!yeah right?actually am right.here i am,stuck in the OA.wished it had been OU instead.NOT! : (

done with my dose of suria's sunshiny life.then jumy's blog.he always comes out with "stuff".i can't seem to classify it.mine?full of rojakness.basically,carca-marba!kuangkuangkuang(even the laugh is inconsistent.suria will go like muahahahahahhaa.jumy uses the regular 4 letter word or lol.yasmin doesn't curse.rafiqa~miserable in updating her blog!others?malas nak comment.irina hariati awekku,she should start blogging because she can really write!she writes but she doesn't blog.not a diary but more like....erm...um...there i go again.unclassified!but yes,she is fab~ok?now where in my tub of Baskin's?hahahaaa)

being a student again and living in a "compounded area"(sounds like dog pound!) ,God!i missed the kitchen the most.then the TV!(the worlds kewlest invention!hahahahaa)....terasa tak cukup makan!dahla kurus....erk!that's life.alaaaaa 3 years aja.maybe for my final year i'll be staying in UKay Perdana.Then,maybe then,in the UK pulak!hahahhahahaa InsyaAllah!

so for my finals only 30% will be counted.sikit?oh yeah!the assignments just keep on coming.week in week out.so far alhamdulillah....still managable.the all dudes class really work our things out!hahahahaaa...kaw~tim

mr nadrul's new bass pickup that i galdfully helped install and soldered still rhymes in my head.gotta get one.gotta get one.gotta get one.target end of this year!kena ada target?!tak gitu.

so i'll wave goodbye for now.i haven't been reading newspapers so the creative juices are lacking!hahahahahaaaa.with a heavy workload,you just feel waanting to write and let loose.nothing heavy .tapi tak rock,no comments.if there is a comment,i find it intriguing!anyway,ive killed some time.next week,mid-sem.CUTI!CUTI!CUTI!(kepada kawan-kawan yg bekerja~anda tahu diri anda sapa.aku cuti!hahahahhahahaaa)

till next time.no quotes for today!"wink" :D

p/s:today i found out our lecturer mr shah is a fan of gundam.kewl!

Sunday, August 14, 2005

happy sunday

alhamdulillah,finally its raining!phew...so today nadrul and i officially pimped out nadrul's bass.a p-bass cloned SX bass.goodness.i've replaced and soldered a new bass line pickup and my word it kicked ass!when on earth am i gonna get my very own bass?!gimme till the end of this year.i'll work things out.insyaAllah.

the new pickup gives a deeper and a more solid bass!damn its good!?best best.i think he should get one of those ampeg bass amp instead!hook up some new threads,change the volume and tone knobs sure lagi total!hahaahahaaa...

these are the things that makes me feel worthwhile learning what the prof said "the boring subject of electronics"...best.you get to jam!musica musica.can wait to wire up my new set speakers...ladidaladida


low fat ice-cream...huh?

it is like cookies minus the chocolate chips!

it like life without tv!NOOOoooooooooooo.............

Saturday, August 13, 2005

tots tots tots

Make no friendship with an elephant keeper,if you have no room to entertain an elephant-Saadi al-Shiraz

monday:mostly tutorials.CLASS STARTS AT 12!hahahahhahaa : D

tues:tutorials.CLASS STARTS AT 10.haha!(shorter)

wednesday:my new electronics lecturer way way way awesome.honoured being one of his students!after all these years.FET makes sense!FINALLY.

thursday:really really bad haze.noon classes and above cancelled.still,i attended labs with me mates.machoest group.the all boys class.no pre-lab,none of us did.kaw-team,instead of everyone doing their own experiment,we devided into 3 groups(7 ppl each instead of 2 ppl/group!) of everyone "contributed".failed miserably.we had a good time though.5pm!blah

friday morning slept at 5am.finishing CAD drawings.before that,mind bending...finishing the electronics tutorials.due friday.fortunately,office closed.haze!still,i finished my task as required.hehee....then balik

as usual,i get to blog on weekends.not that i can blog on weekdays but i'm kinda occupied.i wondered,with the influx of reality tv someone with money should make a documentary on the correlation on sciece,Quran and Islam thing.i have this class on islamic and science studies on mondays.yep,awesome class,awesome ustaz....makes u think on lots of stuff.dunia akhirat thing.the connection.someone should make a big scale docu on this.

using state of the art camera a stuff,why solat berjemaah is good?did u know that solat dischages charges from out body!when we solat berjemaah when our shoulders touches each othe it hepls neutralizez charge.so they say!why solat is good?how come when we berzikir it calms our hearts and soul?the circle of life.the beauuty of Quran is how it actually rhymes.tak percaya?GO READ!the flow...kewl la.as humans we do forget!?maybe that is why it is repeated.and we must constatly bertaubat.likewise,a repetition!when we were born,we live,grow up mati,ulat and cacing feed on us and the circle continues.over and over again!a repeated process!AGAIN!

islamic art is also a form of repeat geometric form,that start from a point.Like technical drawing(muslims scholars pioneered the art!).we all pray,positioning ourselves towards Kaabah.Mecca the Holiest City of them all.A point of origin,when we tawaf,circling it like the planets circling the sun.a point of origin!a point.numero uno.SATU!ONE!....ONE GOD!ALLAH

man,okay maybe i'm not that ustaz like type of person or a pious person but one of my lecturers said we must dream of becoming a better person.a better muslim.how?through enriching ourselves with useful knowledge dunia and akhirat.and remind each other.we are humans and we make mistakes.a lot!but learn and move forward.ponder...

Magic Words

Attitude – There is nothing whether good or bad, but our attitude makes it so
Leadership – The moment we stop learning, we stop leading
Practice Knowing is not enough, we must apply. Willing is not enough, we must do
Tenacity Giving up is the ultimate tragedy
Teamwork – Where there is unity there is always victory
Success – The key to success is to set our goals and determine own motivation
Courage – All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them
Hardworking – I think the harder we work, the more luck we have
Opportunity – A wise man /woman will make more opportunities then he /she finds
Excellence We are what we repeatedly do, excellence then is not an act, but a habit
Goal – The most important thing about having goals is having one
Dream – The best way to make our dreams come true is to wake up

(copied and pasted from RO my math lecturer)

"The person I like most is the one who points my defects"- Umar RA

"It is a miracle that curiosity survives formal education."- Einstein

Monday, August 08, 2005

hariku harimu jua

here i am in open access.he lies all the pc!it is a pc lab.goodness gracious,been through suria's blog.wow!she really writes a lot.A LOT!alotototototototototoo...dope!there i go again.

my mind stopped for a few mili well maybe a few micro seconds this morning.i failed miserably in mustering a new C++ task(jumy might be laughing his socks off!!).i'll just keep on trying as usual because i think that is what i do best.trying...hahahaaaaaa

i missed the road trip to jb with jumy and fiqa since i got tonnes of assignments and tutorials and what not!plus i'm filthy broke.erk!

a tought week ahead indeed.

may the force be with me.

congratulations amai!semoga berbahagia ke anak cucu and cicit.enjoy your nights!hahahhaaaaa

Saturday, August 06, 2005


i once met a malay person who claimed malays are lazy.

i once met a malay person who claimed malays are dishonest.

i once met with a malay person who claimed malays are to succeed with the right connections.

i once met a malay person who claimed that malays only knows how to talk.

how unfortunate,how sad,that same person is all of the above.

don't talk too much. Cium tapak tangan, berbaukah atau tidak? Go figure.

If you will think about what you ought to do for other people, your character will take care of itself. Character is a by-product, and any man who devotes himself to its cultivation in his own case will become a selfish prig.
Woodrow Wilson







the af fever grips the nation.