Monday, January 10, 2011

Blog updated finally sejak kawin

Salam byk Malaysia

It has been awhile aiye?

(kredit to yon photog)

I am living the life of a house husband for the past 3 days.Excellent shit.Lets face it.I'm broke but not broken.Ameen to that yo!

I feel blessed now that I'm married with a lovely wife.

Thank you to dear Father for the space!Bapak though you don't rock you rock in my book.

I hate my job.What turned out to be an excellent career option turned sour and looks like me leaving is imminent.*Boo*

Can't help but have this feeling the Kampunger people are the more over the top diva attitude they have once masuk bando.Hey where is that good old kampung hospitalily?Kasut nak extra tinggi,skirt nak paling pendek,attitude is gua paling bagus sebab gua boss lu sape!Gua ada duit lu apa ada maaaa...Dey lu sama macam gua,pederaih sambal belacan jugak atau budu atau cencalok atau tempoyak!This need not apply to the non diva.Just the Devils

Ok aku nak lipat baju!Selamat berweekends you all.Make love not war.Peace out!