Tuesday, July 10, 2007

breaking the silence

finally,i've decided to break the silence and yes i'm contemplating on quitting,pulling the plug on this space.after the sedim rafting adventure,i embarked on another journey.an intense and interesting placement exercise approximately for 5 months.my island escapade followed suit.i'd spent a week in pulau perhentian .3 days on the big island and 3 days on the small island.big island loads of fun the small one sucked big time.i stayed at mohsin chalet.DO NOT REPEAT THE SAME MISTAKE AS I DID.AVOID THIS CHALET.THE SERVICE SUCKS BIG TIME. HEAD FOR PERHENTIAN BESAR INSTEAD FOR MORE WHOLESOME FUN.

before i pull out many thanks to beloved irina muis for the title schafikology, the sepetlike picture that i supposed to send to her to be placed on her blogsite but i put it on mine instead.hehee.sorry.she is due to finish her masters by year end.

congrats to an and suria Allah had blessed them with a beautiful baby ian.

congrats to acad and sophie, ijabkabul on 070707.

my buddy gel nun jauh di aussie.sangap jugak ko takde

jumy...all the best in your projects.

fiqa,perabih cepat duit k'jaan pastu cabutla.your brains are due elsewhere.

my adventure continues.on and off course....with this i end my blog.nothing here...shoo