Tuesday, March 22, 2005

My day at Sepang F1 Circuit

ferrari 360 challenge stradale...yo dude!stop drooling

it was a hot day at the petronas malaysian f1 grand prix.apart from the hot weather and the hot track temperature there were hot chicks(as usual) and hot cars and exotics!so there i was with my bro(sort of?),my free rm1000 ticket(thank you God!thank you ticket sponsor) and my free parking pass.

the rear end...inside?V8 pushing 400+ ponies

we arrived at the parking lot and feast our eyes!nice huh?i stared with envy.for the record actually i've been in one of those but that's a different story.oh and my "sort of " bro,his dadda ownes 1 of those hot exotics!right now he ownes a rare 575 M.only 1 in malaysia(i'm filled with jealousy!)anyway the qualifying session starts arond 11 am.i managed to capture mr michael schumi in action

good effort but not good enough

the main event actually started at 3pm.so there i was seated next to a hot armani girl!(no i don't have her picture)obviously a ferrari fan(they got 7th hahahaaaa).i'm supporting williams bmw f1 team.on the other hand my bro is all cladded in the tifosi colours(huh!still no podium for them).so after qualifying 1st on the grid was the spaniard fernando alonso from the renault team(he won the race!kudos) renault,2nd was jarno trulli(he got 2nd.he's from the toyota team) and 3rd was giancarlo "fishy"chella(DIF he hit webber from BMW...my team!)but luckily nick heidfeld from the William team won!(yay yay)...i'm happy and satisfied!i had enough of the red barons dominating for the past 2-3 seasons.i just kills the sport!oh!the honda team blown their engines....FIRE in the hole!poor thing...i did not manage to capture them.out of my camera range!

1 renault fan + 1 williams fan = 2 HAPPY FANS

a not so happy ferrari fan

so that was my day at sepang...i really enjoyed it!so anyone can help me put up my chat box?still confused.nah!i'll get around it.one way or the other...the end

that's me.shows over folks!

Saturday, March 19, 2005

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