Sunday, June 25, 2006


as usual a lazy sunday.sunday is meant to be a lazy day.the lazier the better!lolz :D

i did stop on my chronicles i guess i have to pickit up and finish it off.finish the unfinish where was i?don't care lah.i think i stopped at the survival thingy.needless to saw mission accomplished.we managed to hitch hike to the kampung.i was 3km away from the jetty.we took off in a small 3 tonne lorrt and managed to score a pickup truck on our way,i was a tiring day.basically the day ends with almost everyone catching some Z's.that night it rained.lucky for us it was not a heavy rain.that night i accompanied bob,amir,cikgu roy and munir to the jetty.layan kaki-kaki pancing.

this is the day.thursday 7th to gua the name the cave mimics the human ear.big small and smaller and big hole!we took off quite early.around was a 2 hour 4km one way all and all 4 jours 8km!penat tak agak!anyway a small incident occured in the cave when the line disconnect in the dark bat infested cave with bat poo,snakes,fish and lots of pacat!hahaaaa.i was second in line to enter the no problems for me.terputus kat tengah.luckily yg lain tak settle.balik.ptg tu ada game bola dgn org kampung.i didn't play.i slept at the pavilion.hahaaa.

night ada persembahan and BBQ.we had a blast.the cook?me and en lokman.i didn't stuff myself.dah masak rasa kenyangla tgk org makan that night was my groups' turn to sentry.oh the usual.pigs galore!hahaa.after shooing them.i went to bed at 3am.tukar shift.

next morning basically sibuk berkemas day.our train pukul 12 mlm!we had to kemas because brg2 dapur kena hantar dgn van somewhere in the petang falls.and we took off to jerantut in an old skool bus.i was a bumpy ride to pekan jerantut(i was told so~i slept soundly like a baby).sampai ngam2 solat jamak takhirla.bertolak at after solat rilek jap kat masjid grab dinner kt jerantut then off to the train station.old skool train naikla again terus tidor.sedar2 dah subuh.gilah semayg pastu tak tido dahla sampai kl sampai bpk amik sebab he happens to be around bangsar!it was a fun trip.aku sgtla enjoy

esok kena blah gi camping lagi.tapi naik bas sekolah.i wanted to skip induction because i think the whole gang of jpp need a longer break.matki skipped and bagi alasan dia nak bertunang.yeah right.i have to go sebab my position.hhmmpphhh....anyway pergilah kot.unless esok insyaAllah next semester maybe ke tempat lain pulak.lecturer,friends,advisors told us that they had a blast and to me...ectasy.mission fulfilled.tired.yes.but with a warm big smile and lotso pat on the back esp to matki the PM.excellent tak blog la aku utk beberapa hari ni.erm alahai.irina pon tak blog sebab masalah connection kat umah dia.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

j4l4n k3 h4d4p4n?

hello there?welcome to my blog!how was your day?mine was filled with wonders!
we had a discussion in our somewhere in time on the 911 so called terror attack in our lecturer mr pauzi thinks the US government failed to provide solid evidence and explanations.he gave his theories.why on earth am i yapping about this 911 thingy here is why.there is a an organization that wants the case to be are some links

these are some smart people.wondering?wonders of wondering.

oh yeah.the miss adventure continues

so how was my day?i'll keep sayin' it awesome regardless how fucked up my day is!lolz :D.well if my day was fucked up i will just say its an awesome day but partly fuckedup! of my new policy.why? one might ask.why?put it this way.i got to wake up and smell the air around me.eventhough sometimes i missed my subuh prayers.Great God gives me chance day in and day Alhamdulillah!the thing is try to in and day out and try to be a better person day in and day i'm in that all jazzy shanzzy cool night.flicked my hi-fi switch,press channel 111 and voir~lah!some french jazz is currently on air.before that was a bebop stlye jazz.anyway,thank you suria for those comments.highly appreciated!petikan

you got left out??!!!!!~its a normal worries dear

you are definitely not listed under the lelaki cepat terasa hati department okay. i was referring to someone else. definitely not my kawan2 dari sekolah...~no and i of course i know i'm not.i just pity this particular pathetic LOSER. lolz :0

besides, the original performers weren't yang nyanyi2 takat sampingan tu... ada 5 jer original performers by right. itu pun sorang takde, pegi bangkok...~haah.that i know.cikgu peah wants me to keep brushing up my basic skills.just in case a bassist is much,i got a long way to go...*ponder*

so i think i should continue my avventura!btw,i have another camping trip next week.*yawn*.i'm actually part of the orientation week committee so i have to attend bootcamp *geleng kepala again and again*.i comes with the job description.

suria~nice picture with an on guys aren't even married yet and an already has that "i'm her husband look"(signs!signs!)lovely(you gotta say it ian wright style)

i'm actually waiting for the argentina~holland match on my miss adventure.hhmmpphhh...where did i tangkap ikan tradisionally,urm dah...makan gulai...oh ya the night bob cooked(no his subordinates~that night he was acting exec. chef).so after our night activity,we played "bomb".groups got together and bombard each do i put it.okay we had 4 group.each group chooses a particular name.we decided to go with the world cup finalist team.the groups were togo,england,holland and japan.i was in togo.

*shafik walks to the telly and switches to channel 83*

1.The starting group i.e Togo will say "Togo bomb!Togo bomb!Togo bomb! to i.e England BOMB!"(the other group name)

2.The respective group will sahut w/o hesitation~faillure to do so will result in disqualification/denda/kalah/LOSER!*

3.cth sahutan "England Bomb!3x to ................"
with ie tagline iklan "Minum milo anda jd sihat dan kuat...England Bomb!3x to ........ BOMB!"


*can also add:when a particular group is bombarded they have to say some lines frm iklan

Later that night i went to the jetty with bob and munir.we went in the park is an offence.if you want to do so simply apply the fishing permit frm off to the jetty(legal to fish).and yes there were pigs running around the we caught 2 fish.sebarau and anak kelah.since we're not gonna eat it we gave it to a hungry waiting cute cat.rezeki kau kucing!i'm not into fishing it was the relaxing sound of the main river,the sound of the night and at times the shop accross the river blasted some old tunes.that was my reason to follow bob fishing.besides something quite new to me.bob is really knowledgable when it comes to the fishy then off to bed but not w/o saying goodnight to the sentry team!group 1 was up because they lost bigtime in the bomb game.and yes my group won!hurrah

so morning comes.i can't recall the breakfast menu.todays task is spearheaded by along(one of the imported trainers).todays task was called "Survivor".Each group was given rm10 and a particular group had to go to the nearest village and interview any family with the most succesful anak-anak!so no lunch,no additional pocket money,no id and off you go! InsyaAllah i'll continue my miss adventure!

Wednesday, June 21, 2006


so today i'm not going to babble bout my adventure.i felt malas to do maybe tomorrow.german won!excellent.nope i don't speak german.darn those kids dok melantak BBQ.well,i was left out since i'm not directly involved with armi's wedding.only performers and yes they have to tell others about that in front of the non invited.ish ish lucky them its me.who is so used to be left out since let me see...urm *grins* urmm *grins* some more.well,lets just say early twentys because i wasn't so why i'm talking about this topic its because i've learned that you have to be your own bestfriend and if you're a dude then be a man.ok i do have bestfriend but i firmly believe that they can only be there ke satu tahap aje .other than that!na~na*geleng kepala kiri dan kanan*furthermore,i did read suria's entry on lelahki sensitip sedemikian which ironically hmmppp...but i can blame it on puberty!lolz :D...but knowing me.... the more i grow the younger i get!NOT!lolz :D nah!i'm getting older but whats important is WISER!KNOWLEDGABLE!that counts a lot in life.thus my observe more and speak less policy.the more you speak the more you show your vulnerability.speak necessarily.that's why i hate busy bodies but when it comes to sharing ilmu i don't mind being pestered.that's why talking too much falls into sifat mazmumah!so typing doesn't count?lolz :D.anyway,since i'm on this topic i hope those who read can be sensitive enough to give a look around just in before i stray further i wish all happy days ahead!and to suria. selamat nak kahwin!

Monday, June 19, 2006


so here goes....after my quick affair with the clear and rocky river we took off to camp.passing through some familiar faces.we were suppose to rendezvous at the camp by 4 pm for some quick and brief briefing by the advisor.truth to the saying "janji melayu"(reminds me of janji joni) the briefing starts at we weren't divide into groups just yet but the girls were asked politely to prepare dinner and we were also brief on security since the campsite is relatively glamour among the piggy as the girls fot busy in the kitchen...talking about kitchen.yes the campsite comes with a toilet and a kitchen.but minus the gas and stove.we brougt the colleges' set of stoves and stuff(remember the van that came.diorangla tukang hantar brg.right from BMI.tq)anyway,needless to say night falls and guess what we have a few surprise guest namely pigs!hahahaaa….actually they have certain trails and they pop out at specific its easy to spot one end is a favourite spot for a bird.its black and looks like burung merak mimus the big feathers.then they have a white line along the guess it’s the spine line.lolz. btw, at one particular spot is were deer or mouse deer pops out.rusa or kancil.the real thing not the car!hahahaaaa.hhhmmpphh,what else.actually the birds popped out around 7pm.but I skipped that part didn’t i.terlompat until mkn malam.ok we had sardines and telor dadar washed down with coffee and tea.after dinner we had a an ice-breaking session!conducted by abg zul.brought along by our advisor.

The story goes like this,when we first initiated the idea of this camping trip we don’t want to be formal and we wanted it to be an avenue some small ada pengisian la(kata2 advisor la ni).nit just enjoyment semata2.

Back to the it was a fun and filled with laughter night sampai kena sound dgn brader perhilitan.kgn bising sangat. After that session we were divided into group of 10/ 1st group kena sentry,2nd group breakfast,3rd (my group) lunch and finally dinner.orait now that is first night,off to bed after a long journey crickets singing as I doze off soundly.

new day! what's up?today is the day we're heading for jungle tracking and canopy walkway.walking amist the treeeesssss and green and more greenery!seronok.i'll keep it was tiring walk.but fun.lalu jungle track.then off the canopy walkway.up above the treessss so high!i don't have much trouble cause Alhamdulillah i'm not gayat.the walk was filled with creaming of PACAT!PACAT!lolz...hahaaa.i don't have a clue on how long the track was.needless to say most of us were left panting for air.the track goes in a big circle.and i was told the path were endured was consired quite short!oh!ada jugak yg tangkap takut sebab gayat.siap ada budak pompuan yg nangis but eventually she redah jugak!now thats the spirit! penat berjalan kitorang stop untuk mandi kat lubok simpon!yay dah ingat nama!okeh later onwards std the group yg kena prepare makn was my lauk hari ini adalah telor bistik,ikan masin,sambal tumis ikan bilis.yum.needless to say.licin.pth pulak we had a small tourney.tangkap ikan tanpa net,umpan,pancing..go figure?mmg susah.but it was group dpt 13 ekor.lepas kira.kitorang lepas balik kat sungai!heheee.asik berendam je.macam badak air.takpe seronok lagi menyejukkan.muahahahhahhaaa.....

so balik ke camp.night falls.mlm ni group bob kena masak.dia masak gulai sardin and telur goreng kicap!bsically sardine tu dicampur dgn santan.sedap?mmg the hand of good chef.rupanya bob terer masak!now we know.erk dah panjang nanti2 i sambung lagi.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

KALINA!?!....i wrote down my 2nd part of my tmn negara chronicles but unfortunately i can't publish it last night since the connection went argentina fans 6-0.awesome!so where did i stopped?hmmpphhh....aha!first day setting foot on the campsite.okay the campsite is strategically located in taman negara itself!muahahaaa.ok.we set foot on camp me and my tent buddy bob booked our location under a tree and set up tent.after setting up tent bob decided to jerang air and he prepared nestum(more filling since we hadn't have our lunch yet!) and after that we were told that the BMI van had arrived with our cooking stuff and bahan-bahan off we go amik those stuff accross the river(naik bot lagi.water taxi!).it was about 3pm when everything got me and bob decided to wash ourselves at lubok ermmm........ sorry tak ingat nama la.i was approximately 600-700m away from our we have to walk through the designated path along the forest reserve!lovely lovely canopy,birds chirping,riang2 busy buzzing and signs of HOG.babi/kninzir.bob explained to me signs of a pig(i was here sign/babi was here) can be seen in certain parts of the trails because they will dig the earth using their snouts to search for worms which is part of their staple.i went like ooohhhhh.....ahhhh.macam tu jalan jalan jalan walk walk walk and walk.taraaaa sampai pon lubok X!so we went for a dig.damn cold!so soothing esp when you just sit in the river close your eyes and just listen to the sound of the river(sometimes boat!and people too but...)mmg best!sejuk.the drivers ang zai and um..and ustat(out lab tech was there too!)...darn i have to sambung later la.nak semayang maghrib.i hope the line tak buat hal lagi!

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

taman negara pt 1

gosh i forgot to tell ya the story of my adventure to the realms of taman negara.this is a very first serious camping trip for me.after months of planning with my team on Sat 3rd June(a day after my birth day!no flour and eggs for me...just barely) we departed from kl central at 6:15 pm.approximately all 40(lecturer,advisor included) of us with our backpacks,tents and etc. off we go!most of us didn't sleep throughout the train ride.i can't sleep for reasons i don't know.probably its the excitement that kept me wide awake!we reached pekan jerantut,pahang aroung 1:30am.needless to say we spent our first night at pekan jerantut's mosque.yes i still couldn't sleep.i was left to experience the night with Amir and then joined by Irwan(our advisor).3 trains passed throughout the cold night.mosquitoes were kept at bay with Amir's ciggy.puffing and creating a chaos for the mosquitoes.5:40 am azan subuh berkumandang.5:30 am some dakwah/tabligh peeps(who happened to be spending the night at the mosque) recited Al-Quran.after solat subuh and a quick wash/bath (for a few) we head towards pekan jerantut to catch our bus to kuala tembeling.we head off to pekan jerantut around 8:00 am.the first bus to kuala tembeling was at 9:30am.since i was wide awake the whole last night so for sure i'm bloody hungry!i had a not so delicious nasik lemak but licin jugak and cuppa of teh o panas and telur setengah masak.half boiled egg kata omputih!9:30am we basically chartered a bus and off to kuala tembeling.i slept throughout the so called bumpy bus ride.mind you is wasn't an air cond bus.old skool back to basic bus with the loceng and lantai papan bus.yes,we survived and reached our destination appoximately dah sampai?NOT!3 hours on a long boat ride then and only then shall we reach our desired destination.after being handed our permints,off we go.i took the 4th and final boat after seeing off others go.being the last and with the least people we managed to overtook our friends in the 3rd was overweight and we took some people and stuff and load it into our boat yes in the middle of sungai pahang.hahaaa.needless to say i did enjoy the view along the river and goodness the cold wind smacking our faces sure send chill to our spine and yes we were struggling not to pee!but we stopped in a vey natural R&R to discard,empty our bowels.not in the river la!but close.senang jugak jd laki!hahaaaa.unzip and go!muahahahaha.3 hrs later we finally arrived.ohhs and ahhss taman negara.wah!ramai jugak matsaleh and minahsalleh.alamak dah pukul 8.maghrib maghrib.i'll continue...

Monday, June 12, 2006

alhamdulillah selamat selamat


last night was armi's reception.GRAND!finally another one bites the dust!hahahaa.sorang lagi dah kahwin.within the total clan this is a up suria an an suria somewhere in august.sigh terasa lamanya aku tak jumpa kengkawan.rumah pon nampak 1-2 kali seminggu inikan pula for awek adala 3-5 hrs a week prior to the that i'm at home for my school break so the stats are bound to change.gel is coming back somewhere in this month but he heads directly to borneo and then baru nak touch down kat semenanjung.if i would to do that balik singgah umah awek dulu baru balik umah!jawabnya tak masuk rumah la aku!gulp.anyway i felt really bad not dragging irina along to the reception sebab ramai yang dok bertanya pasal dia.i did try my best to drag her along but due to the geographical nature of her place dia tak mau dtg sebab khuatir menyukarkan pihak ini! me me.back to the wedding story it was how should i say very heart warming lanampak macam main kawin-kawin je but definitely for real la.well when you see your friends grow up you see certain things are simply the same i guess.well,when i'm around my school mates we just forget our age!hahaa

back to the wedding story i was actually looking forward for the pancaragam performance.peah wasn't around to strut his bass magic but sapet filled in.basically the whole gim bang created a controlled havoc pongko aka amad(also on cow bell),shahir and kept on vocals,pipit backup vocals,an and acad on guitars,sapet botak(anak toyol just like me!) on bass.well,nick on drum.amad was up first with cintaku flop poppy(kot?),then shahir and kept took centre stage with lagu jiwa sifu and mawi and then lagu i miss you (kot?).sapet menutup band dgn lagu U2.sorry wa tak hingat tajuk.needless to say fun!fun!fun!hahaa...nasib baik tak runtuh dewan

its gonna rain i have to go now.i don't want to blow another modem.mama sure pissed off kang!you can read more kat sini

Saturday, June 03, 2006