Sunday, June 26, 2011

Lari jgn tak lari

Alhamdulillah today 26th June me and wifey completed our 10km Standard Chartered KL marathon. Ramai giler pelari macam langau menerjah sampah,macam kelompok piranha menyerang mangsa.

I was quite a sight!Sea of green people.

Kami keluaq rumah sebelum subuh.Kami park kat Brickfields pastu naik bas dari KL sentral sesudah bersolat Subuh kat situ.Bas drop kat Dataran so pastu kami menapak ke padang merbok.Jumpa dgn Nannor dan kakak and abg ipo dia.Aku,wifey,nannor and bikjah lari segrup.Kakak Nannor and Abg Ipo dia pelari laju so kami tak ajak lari sekali la.

InsyaAllah Mekdi run 5km aku tak masuk sebab rasanya dah bertugas kat laut biru *yayy*.Untuk maklumat aku dah decide utk berkhidmat kat laut balik sebab I love being at sea and we need the extra cash.heheh.Sebab tak laku kat Mesia so I was recruited by and Indo Company based in Singapore.So finally gaji dah tak RM.Jadi saya berharap matawang asing kukuh di pasaran donia.hahaaa.Senang sikit nak pi bejalan kat Universal Studios dgn bini.Senang nak kira.heheh.

Anyway I find its quite an irony being recruited by non Malaysia companies. And the manner of respect and professionalism shown by my current and future employee is really commendable.Alhamdulillah.

I do feel abit rusty here and there but wifey kept on giving me words and encouragement.Its no rocket science but InsyaAllah I hope I can manage.

That is basically from me.I wanted to blog pasal a lecturer yg aku rasa racist tapi sebab tak tak meluap so tak feel.Nevertheless, I can't help but feel homaigod when are these the quality of our lecturer?Though not all tapi I do feel saddened.Aku akan ingat kata-kata dia "Nasib baik awak Melayu!" sampai bila-bila just because I wanted to explain on a GPS receiver and on accuracy.Ohh sungguh fuck!

So kalau anda baca blog ni silalah panjatkan doa mintak saya selamat bekeja and pulang ke rumah!

Thursday, June 02, 2011


Alhamdulillah,I am now 30.I did plan on getting married at this age actually but God thought otherwise.He was probably right because I think God felt I am horny and "Thou shall get married at 29 instead" so now I am happily married man.

Far from achieving my dreams just yet but dream on I must~whoa sound so intellect *barf*

I must thank my lovely wife for the cupcakes surprise though it did not turn out well,well I was cooking and cleaning the kitchen so hahaa...I was much more surprised that Chics turned out at our doorsteps!

Anyway, I do hope I land that offer but if I do not get that offer maybe it is not my rezeki just yet. I will keep on trying. I am quite optimistic but anything can happen.So fingers crossed and berdoa is the answer.

Thanks for the lovely wishes and Happy Birthday to me you old terd!