Saturday, July 29, 2006

aku blog lagi

i just came back(sorta) from college.i was already home yesterday.anyway,suria is already counting her days and i hope she will put in her geeky std 6 faces innit as well for the slide show presentation.(btw,geeks are cool!thanks to them for the www and everythings that comes in the realm of tech.hail to the geeks and nerds.)anyway,tonight of to ASK again.this time irina's iran friend is tagging along with us.kewl!another foreign friend.i just hope mat joe and dan will join us too.i caught up with narissa,sya as usual kejap kurus and kejap tembam.its easy to detect her stage is love life.kurus means bad and tembam means for me.kurus as usual and irian tembam and chomel as always.i had a meetig with the dean.yes!ten robots are on their way!yippe.access to expensive technology.muahahaaa.i can't afford it helps a week we will be building a small transmission line.i hope we got our hands on the transformer.serious stuff i might say.415V!wrong're fried for real!its okay we are in the hands of a competent engr cum chargeman cum lecturer.labs should be like this.i seriously think that they should revamp some engr syllabus and have more like this.on the otherhand,nah!what makes the BMI product marketable,stuff like better keep it to ourselves.muahahahaaa.....LOLZ.okay ilmu tak baik kedekut,so go knock yourselves.go pester your more to say

shite!who pinjam my notes hah?my control just gone AWOL.i can't recall lending it to someone and takkan hilang gitu saja.i hope nanti jumpa otherwise kena gi photocopy lain.shiteolikanldkfjaodijal!

okay lain hari gua blog lagi.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

its been a while

so i've not been actively blogging these days due to school here i am again.i did contemplate quitting my blog but blog on i what's up in far its awesome.i only have 18 cdt hours and next semester is my industrial training.great!mauahahhahhaaa....lolz.felt like blogginh in l33t!but c'mon its gonna be annoying.last night i took mat joe and my yummy girlfriend irina to ASK.Akademi Seni Kebangsaan for Classical performances by some awesome lecturers,student and Dr Alejandro(i might mispelled is) from Argentina.Awesome.Irina was moved to tears.Me and Mat Joe just listened intently and let the music swept us away.It was part of my b'day gift for irina since materially i can't provide and flourish her with i've actually made up a package!sort of whole month long and not to say i don't give anything i did but some bonuses threw huh?excellent show for free!lolz : )
btw,don't forget our support to our brothers and sister thrown in the war!support in the form of doa!the least we can do.those damn zionist.

so i'll just make this entry short.tonight on ASK menu is to get there?just google.chiowwww