Tuesday, October 25, 2005

ok my pissed phase have gone off!apparently fellowship of my links haven't update their blog except for suria!we are either too busy these days or simply malas tak ingat!tomorrow i got a test.an electronic test.i was actually eletronicphobic back then.i just never failed to fail miserably.hahahaa.quite an amazement to some.well,shit happens.i have to buzz off since this freking anip is buggering and pestering me to do so and takut lauk habis!adiue
oh man i'm pissed!my pencil case is missing and i think its in the lab and the lab is now freakin locked!arghhh!arghhh!arghhh!lpus i'm pissed because they borrowed my stapler and somehow "forget" to put my case back in the bag,plus i totally forgot to check my stuff!i'm mad mad mad.its going to distrupt my work.i have tonnes of stuff in my pencil case.oh God why oh why?if i only knew why i wouldn't be asking why!

its the last week prior to raya and i'm actually looking forward for the holidays and leave my work behind.tonnes of em and more keep coming.the end is near!finals 2 weeks after raya!and i'm still mad for not having my pencil case around.the things that can irks me plus i'm darn hungry(of course we all are!unless if you're not fasting)

still mad like s~!i went to the freking rehearsal of some achievement thingy.lame.never had i imagined me being there.there goes my holidays.maybe in my peak and prime i just call it quits.that would be cool.

oh well,this small thing still bugs me...its hot in here.that might also be a factor!ok guess tomorrow have to run to the lab.arghhhhh......................................................

Saturday, October 22, 2005


happy belated b'day to Suria's boyfriend,AN!

i swore i thought suria loves kebab.okay she loves good food.not surprised.we all love good scrumtuous food.or at least got our moneys worth! something in common.eating is a common malaysian favourite pasttime.hey i love food!yummy yummy food.if it ain't good.well,i just won't finish it.and trust me when i pay i give the cashier a piece of my mind.well,i did that ermm a few times.so today i broke fast at oh god!i'm stuffed and i forgot the restaurant's name.next to bentley.kenyang sampai terbodo.hahahaaa.don't ever be fooled by my size!hahahaaa.prior to berbuka i went window shopping and went to bentley of course.ermm...alangkah baiknya kalau ada byk cash waktu itu!oh well insyaAllah end of this year i can grab hold of a bass.then the next step would be an amp.then i'll start shopping for the pickup.and more to come!hahaaa.then by next week a new pair of sneakers...a cross trainer.cross over of a sneakers and boots.kinda looks like my stolen boots!hehee.and the "finance minister" decided to release a small grant!hahaa.thank you God and thank you mama.

so next week i have two meetings.upcoming monday~with my exco(now typing that just felt weird) and on thursday with the former JPP.i'm actually looking forward to meet them.my seniors are a helpful bunch.we're welcomed to crash their rooms and they do offer lots of excellent advices and resources for research and stuff.talk about work.i'm doing a MIDI drum box for CAD.the circuit design using EAGLE.not so hard and not so easy.just nice.approved by the lecturer on first sight!hahaa.oh!now that i'm on the topic of CAD and yes i'm also doing research on MAC too.i connected myself to another pc via the server and stumbled upon a malay porn online catalog in the other pc!kantoi busuk....actually MAC's are cool.unlike pc,MAC's are designed and have been utilising the UNIX stuff,OpenBSD stuff and other open sources for its internal platform(still researching and still getting use to all these terms...feel free to add info and correct me)~best of both worlds!more user oriented.they have strict guidelines.they make computers for the user.they are free to tinker with it!unlike the windows based pc.okay stop shafik!stop.i shouldn't blabber about this!hahaa

i still can't remember the name of the place i ate~bugger!janji sedap...i had lamb beriani and a potful of mint tea!the beriani was a bit too spicy for my liking but licin jugak.irina's kebab was sinfully delicious.pie's meal was also delicious.kak ija ordered beriani as well.then,kak ija brought out some secret recipe's.wah!seronoknya and we got discounts too.20% off!pie's brother is one of the chefs.rezeki!hehee...

oh!i keep on wondering why does my electronics lecturer keeps popping up my name during lectures.honoured i am but...if she caught glimpse of my former results.she might think reconsid asking me!hahaa.maybe its my gung ho attitude when it comes to answering.i don't blatantly shout out answers but i do shout out because i want to find out is my understanding of the subject right or wrong.like if you keep mum you won't satisfy your curiosity.read i do,think i did(weyy...sounds yoda~ish) but these are brilliant people.i'm learning am i?i wished that one day with the position that i'm in right now and my attitude can cultivate a really two way thing in a lecture hall.students being inquisitive Q&A all around.the learning and teaching experience will be less formal and definitely less boring.furthermore,we have to content with a spine chilling lecture hall!bluuurrrrr......sejuk sungguh lecture hall itu!so when people talk more more carbon dioxide will be released and we can increse the temperature and it will be less cold!excellent idea aye?i guess i goes with the whole system.in the US they cultivate ideas.the teacher walks in,shouts out(more like writing it) a question and let the students speakout.speak their minds.and maybe its because of this that they sometimes are so overly positive minded resulting in some horrendous pre-talent in the American Idol(houston we have a problem!).hahahaa.okay that's the bad side.but hey?they did try.some creditla...back here classes are more quiet.strict teachers with aura to kill!hahahaa...usually the english teacher's are the coolest bunch.

so enough typing off i go to Z~Z land.so enjoy the Ramadhan.Tataa

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

so here i am again stuck in OA.its raining outside.class was awfully spine chilling!its ironic,an institute that produces engineers they can do something with the central air conditioning.ignorant.can't be bothered.most of us uses the lecture theatre once or twice a week.happier times are in the labs of course.last week my one of my mates caused quite a stir.a capacitor exploded!small in size,big in explosion.lecturer walked in and said "your circuit is not properly grounded,"she then walked away.he sure took the deans' word seriously,"lab is the time when you test things.cause and explosion if you must".all in the spirit of garnering knowledge.i read jumy's bloggy with much joy and curiosity.haven't read suria's aka kebab lady(hahaa...the things she will do for a kebab!hey we have to get our money's worth aight?)only malaysians can accomplish great leaps and bounds when it comes to food.speaking of food,hhhmmphhh....what should i get for berbuka?

i chaired my second meeting on monday.not surprised only 5 showed up including myself.so we had a short meeting because we don't have a clue how to run this business.we just chatted and i gave my 2 cents worth.after the meeting,my collegues in arms and i decided to go find the former members.we found them and we chatted.i was a fruitful outing.we chatted,shared views and ideas.thanked God,we found some very helpful seniors.not the kedekut type.phew...

i think this is something very new to me.well,i did have a thing or two back in the past esp in the secondary life but this is like....i can't seem to find the exact words for it.i think of if sometimes like a nuisance but humbled i am with the honour given.i can put my readings into practice!hahahaaaa.hihihiiii.huhuhuhhuuu.quite an abrupt end.well it just did.cherio

Friday, October 14, 2005

a note to a kebab lover(identity dirahsiakan....hahhaaaa)

UIA ada kebab yg sedap-sedap and enak-enak belaka!the real McCoy(those students selling these are from there anyway).not those crappy ones sold at subang(that i can assure).fresh from the hot burning skewers then wrapped around a capati~ish fold(i don't know how to describe the fold)excellent portion for 3 bucks!(somewhere in that region)

To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream; not only plan, but also believe.~Anatole France~

great God its friday and yes i'm@home!CAD lecture cancelled so i got an early start.plus......what a relief,SG was kind enough to offer me a ride back home in his trusty olde corolla.need not catch the LRT!i'm not exactly in the pink of health.coughing.i had a mild fever 2 days ago.its gone but the cough is still here to stay.so what's up with me lately?well the usual student stuff.work,assignments more work and more assignments.when you thought life was less interesting,a little twist WAHLAH KABAAM!i had to chair my first meeting.yup,i'm now officially the president of my uni student body!erkk?!bezerk?!"Somebody save me!"~Smallville.i was nominated and i got elected the "Survival" way.we had to write one name out of the twelve members.i was chosen?me?mua?the tribe has spoken!i told my mom about me being nominated and ok i got a place.my mom told me don't hold those big big position of course i agree.dude i got tonnes of other stuff to do!suddenly...i lacked the experiences.definitely.but i guess i have to learn and muster my new found erm....erm....

oh!today i get to meet the "Management" Team(the enemy!hehee).ironic,i just said some not so wonderful things on how the loan handling suddenly....."them"!oh well.just wait and see.i can't really say what have i said in the meetings.goes again the etiquet(did i get the spelling right??or is it etiquette...someone correct me.hmmpphhh....i guess that's all folks for now....tataa

have a pleasant Ramadhan!

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Studies show that more than five million young Malaysians could become victims of diabetes, hypertension, heart ailments and stroke next year.

And if the young do not change their lifestyles, eating habits and quit smoking(done that!), by 2020 the figure will rise to 10 million.

The study indicates that some 2.3 million smokers, 420,200 obese people(i'm way to skinny to be an obese!), 1.5 million overweight people(my BMI is still ok!), 8.4 million who are physically inactive(I'm active), 410,650 who have impaired glucose tolerance(this i dunno.does this statements means diabetic?if so fortunately Alhamdulillah takde) and 2.1 million who consume alcohol(Allah dah kata dah!Sebab tu la HARAM) are at risk of chronic diseases.

One study conducted between the year 2000 and 2003 by the Health Ministry, for instance, showed young men below 29 being hospitalised with ischemic heart disease (IHD) and stroke(ok my cholesterol is bit off pace despite my skinniness!).

The situation is bad enough without this trend: Every day, about 110 Malaysians suffer a stroke, the country’s third killer after cancer and heart attack. More than 40,000 new cases are reported annually.(jom amalkan kehidupan yang sihat.married peeps have more fun exercising!hahaa)

The need to come to grips with this trend is the reason why the Health Ministry is targeting those above 18 years in its planned National Health and Morbidity Study 2006.

Public Health Specialist Association president Dr Zainal Ariffin Omar, said: "We need to know what diseases are afflicting youngsters." Dr Zainal said many young men were also becoming victims to chronic diseases in their most productive years due to smoking, intake of food containing high levels of cholesterol, saturated fat and salt(Byk sangat fastfood la!we've been Americanised), and leading a sedentary lifestyle."Smokers have a higher risk of developing a number of chronic disorders,"(AMARAN K'JAAN M'SIA : MEROKOK...) he said.It is learnt that women who smoke and use oral contraceptives greatly increase their risk of coronary heart disease and stroke, compared with non-smoking women who use oral contraceptives.Dr Zainal said Malaysians were blessed with a lot of rich food(OH YEAH!) which was, unfortunately, high in cholesterol, fat and salt. "Malaysians must learn to reduce the intake of food high in cholesterol, including nasi lemak and fast food," added Dr Zainal."Many of those suffering from heart disease and stroke are between the age of 30 and 49, the productive age, which is affecting individuals, families and the nation," said Dr Zainal, adding 25,756 people were hospitalised with IHD and 7,747 with stroke between 2000 and 2003 in government hospitals.

petikan dr NST

wah!really ah?so when my mates ask me why i'm thin.not because i don't eat.i do eat i just won't grow sideways or frontways.c'mon its a blessing.i don't contribute to the stats!heheee.since,it the holy month of Ramadhan,i hope that all of us will blessed with a healthier body!have to go already ......selamat berpuasa!

Sunday, October 09, 2005

aye i'm done with the malaysian journey book.excellent read!excellent perspective!as usual my sunday must reads the CBT segment of NST,middle section of berita minggu.excellent writeups today.actually my only dose of malay literature these days!i love the "Melayu,Cina dan India:Cerita seorang Gabenor",Cetusan Minda by Noor Azam.everyone should read this short article.in the showers it somehow occured to me that i'm sorta turning into a bit political.nah...mote like philosophical about my beloved so called mixed but not so actually thing!hahaa.like my story on the milo.stirred and unstirred versions.yup!

i just finished "bashing up"the cincau aka lengkong.i did to versions of the drink.one is the normal concoction with syrup(thah famous kenduri drink!) and the other one mixed with soy sauce nope soy drink V-Soy to be exact.so i'll gonna have 4 types of drink today for by breakfasting event.my hot cup of tea,warm water,two types of lengkong(am more used to that term,i spent 5 years up north!)

i don't really have a reason just wanted to kill some time prior to break fast!apart for CS,blogging does it for me.i'm going back to college tomorrow morning.catching the LRT instead.too lazy to go back today!hhmmmmppp.....so i can bersahur right here!my poor daddy seemed rather way more tired than he is supposed to.he gets tired much easily these days.poor olde chap.i can't help him with tomorrow since i got a quiz to catch!sorry daddy oo

last night after the tarawikh,i went to subang jaya!yippiee?not exactly.the roads are simply too "good to be true".i felt entangled in a web of roads!its getting busier there.probably my generations will have to sought refuge elsewhere.i don't know.i really feel a close attachment with subang jaya.hey?i grew up there.ok,i missed my teenage years there still...i just love that place!hahaaa

no crazy ideas today.i slept till noon!past noon?i woke and was like?huh?i slept after sahur.around 7.couldn't sleep.after subuh prayers i switched on the tv and had a good laught till 7am.whose line is it was on!oppsss dah time nak buka!ok chiow

Friday, October 07, 2005

"i suggest three reasons for this,one,the sultanates could be said to have been historically responsible for the subjucation of Malaya to foreign imperial forces.theirs have been the original treaties with the british,of course but...bla bla bla.the Malayan Union proposal was accepted by the sultanates after after japs occupation.duh!it was the rakyat who had risen and defended these buffoons.so protector of the people hung loose.

second,sultans are above the law.long story short easy to take advantage.sultans are bloody rich.seeking royal patronage seemed norm among businessmen which had meant the mat sallehs and yes the sepets before independence.

thirdly,sultanates provided the malay with a crap called daulat....bla bla bla.that must have made Mahathir's blood boil"

from the book " A Malaysian Journey" words of Rehman Rashid had been modified by me.the isis are all there

i decided to wrote this down because i did remembered once(this is a long time ago) a politician( not from BN,i think it was mat sabu) played an issue on Mahathir's move to revoke the sultans power.well,he doesn't actually succeeded but the sultans ain't kebal no more.ok some justice.so they can't go on a killing spree no more.or kill one or two,or hurt them or whateverla

anyway,here i am back at home!yup,nothing beats having to break fast at home.especially after a long hard day be it work or study!yummy.plus,i'm no big fan of pasar ramadhan.i just love to keep it simple for berbuka.i go but i don't bring back tonnes of goodies.usually my granma made her delicious karipap("currypuffs sounds to puffy) and my cuppa of hot tea to break things up~bliss!i'm no fan of iced water for berbuka.nope...i felt rather disturbed if i don't have a hot tea or just plain water!most of my collegue went home today.some to the extend of skipping todays morning classes for the masses(sounds pretty nice...rhymes!).as far a kedah tu.balik sebab nak berbuka kat rumah!lovely

so i have been keeping quiet lately in my own world.sometimes i just got to focused on doing things.lupakan yang lain~suddenly the crappy words of Daia slingshots into my head.quite an issue with some people.hey,i'm sorry(obviously taking advantage of the holy month).i'm just well...me!hehee.jauh di mata dekat di hati.usah risau kalian saya ingati.even though like it looks like i don't care the fact is i do!i do cherish you~98 degress.erk!what?hello?98 degress?

haha...it funny how guys usually say crap stuff and s*** about boy bands.the secret is they do listen to these when ladies aren't around.konon layan lagu ganas-ganas aja.MACHOla tu konon.blimey!there is always the softer side.hahaa~remembered the part ac mizal the head honcho of a gang,weeps and sang the ramlah ram tune"sukarnya...bagiku"~i remembered this song as well.juara lagu 80's!~hahah...from the film BULI.urmm,i watched "Janji Joni" during the no water period.recently,the longest yard.hillarious remake!one of the originals is in there!hahaa
.i hope the malaysian movie scenes will flourish.we do have an emerging pool of talents.thank Allah for that!and yes gone with the old ones.i just had enough of them!

so that would be all for today folks.i swore i had an moment of writing inspiration before my fridays prayers showers.nvermind,maybe next time!ok till nxt time adios amigos!

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

not so great news.my maths result was wayyy...aaayyyeee of the beaten track!i faired urmmmm rather slighty lower than the average.i didn't failed by the school standard but failed by my standards.well,you win some and you lose some.i'll try to get even by the finals and hopefully score and score as can be!hehee.anyway,it felt good that my lecturer kindly asked me on which part i'd crumbled(in my own words here).ooooohhhh he notices me one ah?i'm always up to date with the tutorials.i love numbers.ironically my result doesn't say so.these things.....happens for a reason.i'm more than surprised with my C++ with the bulk of students failing miserably i got a humble B!hehee.alhamdulillah.i'll try to do better next time around.so far i only got 2.i wonder how are the other gonna look like?

so election is over and yep i'm in the varsity student body.hillarious!me?kahkahkah.i guy who swore he wants nothing to do with campus politics now sittimg in the front line!hahaaaa(hope i don't get a head shot!i've been killing bots lately).maybe i can practise stuff from the book of power.i wish i'd be timothy hunter instead.then i can practise stuff from the books of magic.the original thing before the HP.well,neil gaiman is neil gaiman and JK Rowling is well her.both very distinguished writers.different style and way way different flair.they spoke the same word.magical words!nuff said.

yet again i'm writing and posting this from a MAC so.i can't change the font size or put colours because the buttons are missing!apparently,blogspot here ain't a multiplatform.sad la dey!(say it indianly)am still wondering bout rafiqa and how furious she is with me?ermmm....frankly right now still unsure of chatting with her.God!her writing sure showed animosity towards me!kecut perut saya....well,still gotta face reality.seriously,iwalking on a tight rope of friendship is hard.well gotta chiow.mates calling off for lunch!

domo arigato.thanks for reading

Sunday, October 02, 2005

"This is the answer.Don't say you're number one.Say you're last.You will be happy"

"I agree,"I said."All my troubles began when I said I was number one."

"That was when you were foolish,"he said
-Rehman Rashid "A Malaysian Journey"

so one of my pals has serious issue(s) with me.i can't help but feel guilty as charged but it will just be gone.i'm not saying that because i can't be bothered.i admitted my mistake(s)(okay i dindn't call her yet and asked for apology,dude its early in the morning.you don't call someone who is pissed at these hours don't ya?i did SMSed and put up a public apology~er...not so guyish afterall.ya i'm 60% female.i did this online test thingy...kahkahakhaakaak.) i think that part comes because i'm just a guy.one of the things that sets a man and a women is this aspect.well,i just think so!and suria is pissed with her work i guess.and thank you for the blog dedication.irina was pissed with me yesterday and i had a fair share of her "dum dee dum krash boom bang!bang!bang!fire in the hole".....wrath.ah!the part and parcel of life inc.(i just add it up!sounds cool huh?)fuhhh...now,i think this all makes sense!hahaa.musim agaknya.6 degrees of differences!hahahhaaaaaa.

so yup i'm in the running for a JPP position.election?this monday!thanked God no speeches.i had that oppurtunity once only to be booted after winning due to the "incident".hahahahaaaa....we'll just look and see the outcome.initially,i was not even on the list.magically,my name was on it!hhhmmmppppphhhh....makes me wonder?wonder wonder wonder?shaq the wonderer!wondering wondering wondering....

today,i attended a gig in state pj in this one indian joint.i was a malay gig held in an indian joint.talk about irony!hahahhaaa.....for starter the few startings lineups bored me to death.i basically went to visit oooo z~zland!the first band up was too...urm urm sounds to spacy.spacy as in space!
nama band pon angkasa maya or was it angkasa raya!to experimental.and the gadgets the use.boleh bukak kedai!then there are some hardcore bands up.i can't unserstand the words(which is normal)but the sound is horrendous.i can figure out the sound.not well complimented.the music is loud thats for sure but still a great music or song the instuments has to compliment each other.luckily,my friend joe and his mates does not dissapoint my eardrums!(and they had fans and groupies!macam rockstar)yup,its hardcore but i can capture the sounds.drum lines,bass lines and etc.excellent!the band before them had a superb drummer and an excellent drumline.names?can remember any!now i'm having a gig hangover!its been years since i last attended these things!hahaaa.....i felt old!DOPE!

now i'm very mengantuk and i've assembled my hi-fi yet again in the room with some changes.so i guess i'll be lullabied by norah jones tonight!so peeps have fun enjoy life!feel free to curse in your blogs and reduce your stress levels.rafiqasan i know you're mad and pissed with me but i like that picture you posted up!cool.like Jumy said "Jangan la amik ati sgt."will yah?err Jumy need help here...hahahaaakakaka

Be not angry that you cannot make others as you wish them to be, since you cannot make yourself as you wish to be. *Thomas A Kempis*