Thursday, June 26, 2008

Sistem yg kacau

Sometimes we're so quick in judging people and at times dictating them on what we think right. Our standards of doing things without respecting their feelings with utter disregard of their explaination(s). Oh humans!how we always forget, oh how we always think we're bagusla sangat. I just have this revelation of jotting down because I felt that way just a while ago. Its just me I guess. Though I'm usually optimistic and positive sometimes the system just go bezerks!heh...I just felt bad kot!rasa bersalah...

Sistem aku agak kacau!

Hooray game Turks vs Germany.Steady Germans!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Feeling optimistic

Today I got a letter from Boustead Holdings citing there is not suitable placement for me and Hughes and Baker(I was among the 51 applicant being reviewed...okla tu) they did consider my application!Reason to feel happy and optimistic in my job hut.So doakan kejayaan aku yah esp for my Dubai application kay yg sedang di review ok...ok?!

Bittersweet feeling

It 2:04am. I'm at home in my living room.The TV's ON and Kwek Mambo Anita is on Astro Prima. Aman Shahs' rendition of Mama Pakai Celana and I've switched to Discovery Channel.Geee....guess what KLCC's on show! One of Che Det's megalomaniac kaboombox. So the architect is an Argentinian Mr. Pelli.Deadline 3 years!Wow!I'm equally impressed...Back to my title. Today I sort have a bittersweet feeling though it good to hear that someone is safely back from the island
(shafik101~argh!jelesnya daku.hujung minggu ni plak si elina nak gi pulau gak!!!jeless.....) though you don't actually get a call citing a safe return.
(shafik1~yang ko nak emo apsal?)
(shafik~I dunno la geng?Ada kena mengena dgn bintang kot!)
(shafik2~I thought hang tak percaya?)
(shafik~Mana percaya...bagi alasan ajek!hehe)

About 2:30pm I went out to shah alam to meet up the fellas.Wak and Alang. Both equally have impressive uni track record and like me still in search of a career.Nope we don't want a job we want to build a career! Alang cited that patience is a virtue. Like during our intra we were the last batch to gain placement despite a good string of results and extra curricular activities. Its good to hear such words of encouragement. Felt a lot better.
(shafik1~jadi awat yg hang ada bittersweet feeling?)
(shafik~I wanted to share my something with someone but erm...entahla bila bgtau mcm no semangat je)
(shafik2~awat hang habaq?kah kah.buduh!)
(shafik~nak dpt word of encouragement and mintak tolong doakan jugakla!haha)

Tapi setelah dipikiorkan sebenarnya tak wajarla nak rasa bitter sebab such negative feelings akan kelak memakan diri. Bitterness is a bad feeling. So at least when I pen my thoughts it just feels a lot better. I do hope if you feel down just sweat it out ka.aku pi main futsal tadi...lega jugak rasa.pastu peah nak join aku jogging petang2.tidak aku sorang je lari.ptg td tak minum...mlm dpt blow of some steam bestla gak.alamak dah 2:30am,jap gi nak pi i'm off and nak solat dulu.

So if any of you happen to read this I NEED A CAREER and I don't feel bitter like bitter gourde.Now I'm happily smiling =)

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Shortly after I published my open reply to Dr Mahathir on the Salleh Abas saga, Justice Ian Chin made his shocking revelation about how Dr Mahathir had allegedly threatened Judges at a conference. Justice Ian Chin further alleged that he was sent to a "boot camp". According to His Lordship, the boot camp was without doubt "an attempt to indoctrinate those attending the boot camp to hold the view that the government interest as being more important than all else when we are considering our judgement”.

Dr Mahathir of course denied the accusation. A startling revelation however came out from his denial. He somewhat candidly revealed that Judges were actually made to attend "courses on Tatanegara or National Creed at work camps". For ease of reference, the followings are what he actually said:

"As for the boot camp, our military forces may have it. But what we did have were courses on "Tata Negara" or "National Creed" at work camps. At such courses the speakers try to explain Malaysia's political system with particular reference to the BN concept, ethics and moral values and democracy in Malaysia. Participants included civil servants, corporate leaders, politicians and university staff. I suppose judges also attended. For three to five days the participants stayed at the camps and followed certain programs. This included getting up very early in the morning (for prayers for Muslims), physical exercises and many hours of lectures. One of the chores was to wash your own dirty plates after a simple meal. When I gave talks at these work camps I too wash my dirty dishes. It was part of leadership by example. Thousands of people from all walks of life attended these work camps. There were hardly any complaints. I was told by a judge who was in the same batch as Chin J that he absconded before the course was over. Perhaps he did not like getting up early and washing his own dirty plates".

How very interesting. I have hinted in my open reply to Dr Mahathir that he had at least misunderstood the doctrine of separation of powers. To ask Judges to attend a work camp together with civil servants, corporate leaders, politicians and university staffs where they are made to hear lectures on "Malaysia's political system with particular reference to the BN concept, ethics and moral values and democracy in Malaysia" is ...

Read more here fellas!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Reality check

Recently, Government announced that the pay out subsidy for private cars below 2000cc, SUVs below 2500cc and motorcycles below 250cc be made on cash, via all the post offices in the country.

RM billions have been put aside for this exercise, meant to alleviate the burden of the much thought to be a ‘Flip-Flop’ decision of the exorbitant increase in retail price of petrol and diesel two weeks ago. The exercise was said to be decided by the ‘Cabinet technocrats’ Second Finance Minister Tan Sri Nor Mohamed Yackop, Minister in the PM’s Department (in charge of EPU) Dato’ Amirsham Aziz and Agriculture and Agrobase Industry Minister Dato’ Mustapha Mohamad (from his NEAC experience), in a discussion meant to address the issue of IPPs and the affect on electricity tariffs. Eventually, someone proposed to unlift all subsidies on retail petrol and diesel eventually and pushed for PM ‘Flip-Flop’ Dato’ Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi to announce hastily.

Maybe the public is not aware who are the shareholders of Pos Malaysia Services Holdings Bhd., the wholly own parent company of Pos Malaysia which has been given the authority and funds to channel these monies.

As of two years ago, pre-merger with ECM Libra, Avenue Capital Resources Bhd. owns 15.6% of Pos Malaysia Services Holdings Bhd. When the merger was successfully announced August 2006, which received approval of all the authorities (despite the attention drawn to the highly dodgy deal of ECM Libra merging with a much bigger firm and eventually took control), it was still believed that presently, ECM Libra still has the strategic 15.6% holdings of Pos Malaysia Services Holdings Bhd.

So who actually benefitted from this subsidy payout scheme?

If the amount is in the neighbourhood of RM 1 billion, then long term deposit with a commercial bank, Pos Malaysia or indirectly, ECM Libra would have made RM 39 million per annum or RM 106, 849.32 daily.


Tuesday, June 17, 2008

points to ponder

buka minda...let us think shall we?feel free to click and and enlarge!feel free to distribute it!

LU PIKIRLA SENDIRI!quote bang bil


source unknown
(actually tuan badan sudah lupa maah.tadi backup laptop sudah jumpa punye!)


Keeping cool.Thumbs up

Being a leader you're bound to be scrutinize under a microscope. It is good to have a concern citizen among the BMI fraternity. That concern citizen student is a fellow blogger called mr. bearzz
(shafik101~I think he is a bear aficionado!)
(shafik1~bila zaman hang cakap omputeh?)
(shafik2~kang dia wat ckp jepun lagi leceh!)
(shafik101~my japanese is very rusty.i think i should borrow shaza's linguaphone!)
(shafik1234~dia buat dah....)

I think what he is doing is excellent especially on the leadership. I was a student representative and I have to admit things weren't always that smooth sailing but we sailed through. I have to admit partly that I had a really good and strong team more than able to work independently. Those were the days. Ooh!

At times comments and criticism hits hard on you, it is easy to put blame on others or does it? Being on top commands respect. How you speak up your minds shows your level of intellect and maturity. Its been a while since I last wrote is a serious manner for I am one hell of a laid back, relax not so old chap but I have 0 tolerance for incompetency! After reading the unikl community blog it is definitely a good step in better "student governance" so to speak!

I had numerous ideas and thoughts but unfortunately putting studies first
(shafik~I am a self sponsored student. I was quite close with the finance dept officer esp the bigboss pn yusmaidar...and with other staff as well. That is how I know some bits and pieces on the $ stories)

Anyway,back to reality I do hope the JPM (formerly known as JPP) will contribute their side of the story, give feedbacks~the bad,the good,the ugly and treat the discussion in a open and engaging manner. Sometimes, people will crack their whip but to overcome this its best that one equip himself/herself with knowledge. Respect others and people will respect back!

I for one am far from perfection.Who cares we are only human. Pleasing everyone is impossible. Staying true to oneself is one thing and that is important. So I do hope the komunitas will go on scrutinizing but hear them say. Listen to their side as well. Only then draw a conclusion.
(shafik1234~jgn hentam aje.bagi peluang mereka mencelah)
(shafik~being hentam is part and parcel of being a leader!)
(shafikoso~that is why we need a capable leader otherwise all Barang Naik maa!)
(shafik~hahahaaa....true true)

But if they just keep on quiet?
(shafiksays~no stand!what else?engage in an intellectual debate.matured and cultured.baru betul!)

So my hope is that things will get better soon.InsyaAllah
(shafik101~change government is it?)
(shafik~PANG!ini bukan politikal blog la...gua tak register pon kat SOPO central!)

Friday, June 13, 2008

antara kartun kegemaran

this was my favourite lets refresh shall we...

and this one

yg ni plak?


dah melalut tu tak masuk GI Joe,TMNT(teenage mutant ninja turtles) nak tau lagi youtube jek!

80's cartoon

azan and mr bearzz left a comment on my tribute to the 80's bearzz did asked me on some info about a group of heroes riding a cybernetic horse.he was not sure of the cartoon so haha kacang je saber riders and the star here is a fresh reminder to the 80's people

ni aku wat spesel utk mr bearszz...

so i hope if you're and 80's baby pastu tensen and if you happen to cross my blog i sincerely do hope i managed to put a smile on your faces!hehee....
(shafik1~ya Allah tuan kite ni kaki kartun rupenye!suka sgt tgk TV)
(shafik2~itulah rahsia muda remaja dia barangkali!)
(shafik~aku dah maki tua la....tapi yg penting jiwa muda hahaha....)
(shafik123~ingat jugak MATI!jgn lupooo)

you know what 80's cartoon has all this cool openings.remember voltron?
(shafik~defenders of the universe!)
centurions?power x-treme...........hahaha

so this goes to azan.i hope he is happy!haha

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

yesterday was history...

Yesterday i had spent almost the whole day with her.she woke me i just go hit the showers!
(shafik wouldn't want to see her all busuk,tak mandi,taik mata melekat wouldn't he?)

so she is leaving for singgah porah with a bunch of girls(women?) and man(most of them tak sunat~usually aku refer sebagai kulup!hahahaa)
(shafik1~nampak gayanya tuan besar sedang senyum sinis!kulop kulop)

apa-apajalan(anyway), we had a bom meletup kebaboo outing(blast la!).here is the situation being together but not together
(shafik2 kepada shafik1~beb!camne tu beb?)
(shafik1~itu maksudnya..........urm.....entahla.macam ada pape tapi tade pape!tak kompleks ke?)
(shafik~kompleks la....tapi aku hanya berserah pada takdir.hati kata sayang.perasaan pon sayang.mestila sayang....tapi keadaannya kami tidak bersama!)
(shafik101~boss aku ni mmg pelik sikit orgnya kengkadang....)

we went to cenieleisure,cineleisure aku tak surela yg mana satu yg ke-2 tu lagi betul bunyinya....tgk cite kungfu panda.walaupon hanya kartun ia byk mengajar kite supaya percaya kat kebolehan diri.kengkadang kite ada kebolehan atau keupayaan yg kite sendiri tak lain sedar tapi yg plg utama diri sendiri yg mesti sedar.kalau tak serupa jek tak payah ada kesedaran.

aku pon tak sure la ada ke org yg baca blog aku ni....sebab mcm aku ckp erk tulis dlm karangan seblm ini statistik 2-3 je org baca secara amnya.
(shafik101~silalah kecualikan blog2 power mcm MT ke,rantings ke,si yasmin the storyteller ke!itu liga premier.)

si dia yg masih menyayangi aku
(shafik berasa gumbira disayangi walaupon kengkadang berasa jeles dgn kawanan kulop)
(shafik2~saya mencadangkan mereka bersunat kalau tak ko asik panggil kulop jek!)
(shafik3~teringat guru bahasa melayu/malaysia cikgu rahim "rambo" yg selalu pernah mereka cerita kulop besar dan kulop kechil waktu F1....kami hanya gelak taktau apakah itu kulop...)
(shafik1234~korang takde kulop sebb tu la!hahahahahahahahah)

akan berangkat ke singgah porah
raqi rosla pula sudah pulang ke daratan dr lautan
si gel pula tak turun dr langit
shafik masih mencari kerja
tetiba pula teringat ramai rakan taulan

shafik rasa entry ini ibarat sampah
ayam tak patuk
itik tak sudu

okla....aku merepek.babai

Thursday, June 05, 2008

lagu untukmu

aku masih dalam mood jiwang aku ni.lagu ni aku utuskan khas buat irina(note~dia bukan awek saya tapi saya tetap menyayangi beliau ok?kami masih berkawan baik dan keluar sekali-sekala)

Kau begitu sempurna
Dimataku kau begitu indah
Kau membuat diriku akan slalu memujimu

Disetiap langkahku
Kukan slalu memikirkan dirimu
Tak bisa kubayangkan hidupku tanpa cintamu

Janganlah kau tinggalkan diriku
Takkan mampu menghadapi semua
Hanya bersamamu ku akan bisa

Kau adalah darahku
Kau adalah jantungku
Kau adalah hidupku
Lengkapi diriku
Oh sayangku, kau begitu
Sempurna... Sempurna...

Kau genggam tanganku
Saat diriku lemah dan terjatuh
Kau bisikkan kata dan hapus semua sesalku

Janganlah kau tinggalkan diriku
Takkan mampu menghadapi semua
Hanya bersamamu ku akan bisa

Kau adalah darahku
Kau adalah jantungku
Kau adalah hidupku
Lengkapi diriku
Oh sayangku, kau begitu
Sempurna... Sempurna...

Kau genggam tanganku
Saat diriku lemah dan terjatuh
Kau bisikkan kata dan hapus semua sesalku

shafik feels that this is very very very touching and meaningful song for that special someone!

memandangkan phone 1G dah penuh dgn msg yg lalu yg aku simpan aku rasa baik aku simpan kat alam siber maya aku bleh padam kat phone aku!

berbaring mengira bintang harapan,
di langit terang,miss u sayang!

~she was a "Pantuner"

this is in french(dia belaja jugak!adik dia sekolah kat sana oo!)
Je t'aime toujour.Enjoy classes sayang.Bisous

aku takdela paham tapi aku tau i love you ni!pastu yadda yada tatau

pantun lagi:
Kura-kura dalam kotak,awak hensem jugakla botak!

Budak2 main ceper,study biar dpt 4 leper(4 FLAT!gotit?)

ada lagi tau!

Pendek bulat budak comel,
Suka pada si keding tinggi,
Eventho saya kuat mengomel,
Awak layan jugak macho sekali!

Telinga capang si rambut berus,
Yang penting hatinya tulus,
Akhlaknya bagus,
Baru bahagia trus menerus