Monday, November 22, 2010

Aura +ve itu penting

In less than a month I will be getting married.Now that calls for a celebration!So sooner or later we shall start the usual FB and manual invites card handing out process.

Anyway apart from the big day my mind kind of spins in this vortex.Blimey but it ain't fun.Sometimes I feel like I do have some Doppler Effect rummaging in my mind....*Nenong* *Nenong* *Nenong*.

So if you got some shit going on don't dwell because it gonna be a lot messier aight. So I'll keep on trying and InsyaAllah something will work out. Hey I got a mouth to feed kelak.Sedih tau kengkadang nak manjakan kesayangan tapi sebab $ you just hit another brick it the wall.

Life ain't about $ but hell yeah they really do come in handy!Really handy

Balik Perelih was a much needed breather.Rumah Anies and my father's kpg was spared from the flood. It felt really refreshing balik kpg and when I got back to KL and thento the office, the energy was sucked dry.Don't get me wrong I love my career but once it turned into just another job,its time to move on.Hell yeah!

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

artis yg saya kenali

i know this person.i can't quite understand art or artist.kalau org biasa org ckp giler.kalau artist or org kaya ayat dipersedap menjadi eccentric.saya kenal sebab yg dulu adalah species artis.

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