Sunday, September 24, 2006


so slept late.woke up late.i did some binary,hex stuff.darn!i missed my sahur.or i woke up but i did not notice i woke?so the car had a flat tyre.unfortunaly,on of the lug nut is stucked and i can't change the tyre.fortunately i managed to control my verge of wanting to say unpleasant thing.hahaa.thank Allah for Ramadhan and thank Allah we live to see and feel Ramadhan.i had my exams last was not excellent but better than ok.sort of in the middle of the two.hahaaa.hmpppp fasting with the old days.i did spent 5 years in a bording kedah to be exact.the food is cheap and excellent too.winner in my book.anyways,to all my muslim friends Selamat berpuasa and jangan ponteng puasa!

Sunday, September 03, 2006

So another one bites the dust.I simply love to use that term when somebody gets married.Selamat pengantin baru Mr and Mrs An.Suria and An.So who will be up next?I have no idea.Yatie told me she is 2 months pregnant.Ariff anf Layan,I heard plans?So who is offering me to be their Godfather.Well by the time they got their child I might be higher up in the kenjutsu ladder.So you don't wanna mess with me.Jumy booked in advance.He wants to be the Godfather of my child.hahaaaa.Anyway,my foot hurts a bit.sakit.esok ada quizes which i'm not prepared since i couldn't yet master the basics.oh well.irina has updated her blog.oklah dah malas.bye!


Happy Merdeka to all.Reasons to be happy?Thank Allah for the 49 years of independence.Back to the main reasons to be happy.1st for the food.2nd thank God for the rampant piracy!hahaaa.Selamat hari merdeka yet again!