Monday, August 07, 2006

fakta diri 101

shafik suka basuh baju shafik suka basuh baju.for some reason i find handwashing my clothes soothes me?why?i don't know.why i'm telling this sebab aku dah tau suria tak suka basuh baju pakai tangan!hahahaaa...try basuh baju pakai kaki! about basuh baju.memories of the past.i used to make my juniors wash my clothes!hahahaaa.not mine more like ours.since i'm quite accustomed to the trick of just rendaming baju abang and gosok kat koler aja and bilas guna air jamban.hahaaa we make sure a senior is around to be the mandur!hahaaaa....tu kira tak jahat and kejam because we don't give them loads of clothes(except those staying in block B~bebudak Satria)just a few pieces je! finally shafik is going off to bed!c ya!

Sunday, August 06, 2006

track into wilderness

another week passes work starts rolling in luckily not in hordes!just a few but if not taken seriousy it can cause damage to my system!muahahaaa.i just came back from a short seminar cum meeting of the unikl student council this evening nothing to shout about.just some people nearly shouting to each other!ignorance is a let me share with you my track into peeps off to sungai pisang.

friday 4th august it was a not so hot from bmi gombak approximately at 240pm.stopped at mancongkam (serves excellent nasi ayam.the institution of nasi ayam here in gombak!).2 1:mua,matki and 2:ucop,amir and azan.later odeng and atan joined us.after filling our bellies off to batu 12.where sungai pisang is.jeng jeng...


the gang!from left amir,ucop,ridza,azan and me

en route

en route too!

entering the big drain that cuts through!

after the big drain

teruskan lagi

dan lagi

sampai juga akhirnya

ridza seemed small?or was it ucop?

from another angle

actually i have more pictures to put up but its kinda time consuming so i'm gonna doit later later.i hope you guys out there enjoyed my pics!it took us roughly 30 minutes to track up.this is considered mild trackking.suitable for beginners too!kewl huh?i have a picture of us climbing further up to the sorta a pool!tempat utk terjun tiruk!muahahaaaa.insyaAllah i'll put it up here and our way enroute home! life ya all!

btw,suria i got the wedding invitations.will make sure irina dragged along for your side but an's?not sure since i only got my name onnit.thank you again.

i hope next time around i can ajak my subang friends gi trekking.insyaAllah this month i'll shoot of to Kelah pahang.yup......more track into wilderness!

finally,irina long overdue.