Saturday, December 31, 2005


alhamdulillah i'm back again.i didn't blog these past few days bacause i was away.i attended another course in Jugra.KGB to be exact.KGB stands for Kem Gelanggang Buaya.a few workshop session and outdoor stuff.absailing and flying foxing.flying fox.about a 4-5 stories drop.FUN!FUN!FUN!hahaaaa.alhamdulillah.what sucked today is that i can't access the uni's server.i want to check my result and get over with it!hhhmmmpppp.....geram.probably its just overwhelming with traffic.orait then.laters.will blog in a weeks time.oh!i was inducted as the project manager for the upcoming orientation.nuts?!aight.laters

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

An Acehnese

today i went to dad's office.after finishing my part of to-do-list i sit outside on one of my dads workers bike and read the i was not so busy reading the paper an acehnese dude(sort of works there~the tsunami article caught his eyes kot?) hung i asked him his background and what's the deal with GAM.he was a university student in aceh.he studied islamic banking and was quite actively involved in student union.what brought him here is because he wanted to escape the bloody war between GAM and the republics army and to save his most of the acehnese they sought independence due to the natural riches being siphoned(oil) and local(Acehnese) were denied their rights(and riches)."Semuanya masuk poket org Jawa.Ikut perjanjian 70% patut diorang bagi kat org tempatan.Ini tak yg rumah besar,kereta mewah org luar.Yang miskin org tempatan."Anyone who is suspected GAM or opposed the gov will be killed.People outside(news and press) are denied access to the turmoil regarding Acheh.Massive coverup.He told me that a local lecturer(his neighbour) suspected of GAM was surrounded tied up and killed.His daughter was raped in front on her very own mother.2-3 generations were killed to stop the independence movement.I was dumbfounded.Seeing him work meeting ends meet and wanting to go back to continue his studies(he is under a loan scheme) and he was called up again by his friends and lecturer.he plans to go back after the next bulan posa.he wants to save a little more and go home and continue his!how i felf blessed to be in this country.and guess what?he invited me over to Acheh.i said why not!that would be cool.boleh buat uni punya program or i can just go let us all count our blessings regardless of our religion,race or colour.Al-Fatihah to the tsunami victims and may Allah bless their souls

Monday, December 26, 2005

i'm back

my crew

alhamdulillah,i'm back from the camp.ermm yesterday actually.i had fun.we had fun!our head honcho(pengarah program) was a really awe inspiring dude with a big warm heart and also an old dude who listens to us kids!(i'm not much of a kid?NOT!hahahaaa).met a lovely crowd of other jpp's and more work to come as i'm now officially in the MPP league.Majlis Perwakilan Pelajar!the big league~we shall meet and stare and state our cases to the Uni President and the big big guys at the Chansellory(did i get the spelling right?).i was nominated for the president post but fortunately i didn't get the not so coveted position(at least by me~HUGE....MASSIVE responsibility).apparently,i was told about my college issues by some folks from the chansellory.i was nominated inducted for the Exco Kebajikan dan Kerohanian~i won uncontested.some dude or chick nominated me.someone else was kind enough to close the nomination door!hahahaa.i find it quite exhilarating and mindblowing.i wanted to post picture during the course via flicker but i filled this months account uploading limit.i'll send emails to my friends in the institutions.hahaaaa.i was hoping to increase traffic via my blog.i shall do that month insyaAllah.more thing to come.this wednesday i'm off again to some my gears ready.a 70 litre backpack(tq abg boy~my cousin).yeah!the only thing i'm missing right now are my lost in peace my i'm not gonna take my new nike's ACG for that matter as well.hahaaa.

playing with snake ain't part of the course.snake belongs to my advisor

i met this cool dude(actually ramai lagi) from MICET(part of the UniKL branch campuses).located in Malacca.Area of speciality is chemical stuff.and that's about it.i stinks in chem.hahahaaa.oh suddenly teringat at cik cikgu kimia(i can recall the face but not the name~friends help!)this dude was involved in MERCY.kewl!abis SPM spent 2 years on these sort of stuff than tuh!it was a fun filled event.gee weez i got more work cut out this upcoming semester.not that i'm complaining,i'm actually looking forward ^_^(a tall chick taught me this stuff~tinggi macam zaida)...i'm more of the =D type or : ) person ...typing style wise.

me and mawas(successor to mawi)
a psychotic psychadelic dude by the name of Husin(as seen) created a pool of madness!pecah perut pecah perut....hhmmppphh i should invite him over to our campus(he was afraid the president of BMI falls into the skema type~apparently NOT!hahhaaa)it was load of fun.susah nak describe in words.ok not to the degree of my Segamat adventure(sorry Suria.i just have to mention that huh?).

here are 3 pictures.just 3.lain?wait la.i'll post em via the email and put it up dlm flickr aku.a'aight?

Wednesday, December 21, 2005


Alhamdulillah feeling much better already.tomorrow i'm off to a "thinghy".kursus kepimpinan so they say.can make new friends shit and what not.don't really feel like blogging.just dropping a line or two.

oh how i wish i can move under this fascia.belum cukup ilmu.internet ni best.both up and down.for most of us we use the highway.for some they know how to use the highway,federal roads,shortcuts and all the alleyways and all the other ways and means to getting from one point to another.that is so cool.i would love to explore these ways too.

enough of ways,my ubat effect is kicking in so adios amigos.will blog in 4 days time!tataa

Monday, December 19, 2005


well today i'm sick.landed meself a flu.couldn't sleep last night.headache bangat!can't really blog normally.i played CS.playing CS under the influence of cough syrup is a no~no.tehoyong-hayang and reflex not much fragging...ok laters.maybe tomorrow.shaza is back from osaka(she brought back goodies) and anis is back from dublin(no goodies.arriving only on Jan).ok esok je la.

Saturday, December 17, 2005

king kong kong

hahahaa.train rides shamain sorry suria.nanti honeymoon have a cross Asia train ride.I'm not sure E&O still exist.Well they used to stop over in Butterworth before heading to Bangkok.Green coaches~ok I better call it quits!As usual today I spent most of my seconds and minutes and hours of the day at my messy and dusty home in Subang Jaya with my sisters.I'm going to a have a complete set of sisters this month!Adik Anas is coming back tomorrow and Shaza should be home today~not my sister but since I'm in the topic of coming home.

Around half past 3 in already back in KJ with the whole gimbang.I continued reading "the curious incident of the dog in the night-time" a novel by Mark Haddon.The story is about an autistic boy named Christopher John Francis Boone who is trying to investigate the killing of the neighbours dog.simply as it is but let it not deceive you.the story is told and written in an autistic perspective which makes it unique although it is comes with drawings,picture and etc.klue recommends it and so does all these people on the cover.

Like my entreprenuerial spirit back in my primary school,i enjoyed reading as mom would buy 1 book per month.most of them are game books from the Lone Wolf series.whats fun about these books are you set your own trail.kena choose wisely.when i had the money back then i got distracted~too distracted!having the right special person is important oh!seriously.if you can't find that special someone and better off being yourself just be can steer your life your rules!If you found that special someone~JAGAla elok-elok!

Why read?That was the first word uttered to Prophet Muhammad SAW.It was Iqra=Bacalah=Read."Bacalah dengan nama Tuhanmu yg telah menciptakanmu"."Read!In the name of your Lord,Who created..." Al-Alaq.I couldn't exactly remember the meaning of Al-Alaq.Was is seketul daging or segumpal darah.My tafsir is in Dad's room.I remembered reading this particular surah's tafsir prior to the hols.Basically it explains us forming for segumpal daging.The thing is that Allah explains of our dirty origins and how the Almighty memuliakan us humans by providing us minds to think,how to use the pen,taught man what we knew not.Knowledge enhances us human.Makes us be civilised.Tales us away from the dark and dumbness.How by reading!Reading good stuff of course.Not some shitty stuff...

Anyway,I came back from watching King Kong.3 hours!crazy jackson...the original one i whole lot shorter(i think so.i remember it quite vaguely.there were a few remakes.the 1st one was in black and white,then coloured minus CGI and now with full blown CGI)i like the middle one.Kong looks way bigger and more notorious)this one ok not bad.still i feel kinda sad.Kong is mis understood.Like it was their fault for taking him away from his home.Then they decided to shoot him sebab he went mad in NY?Fools....sedih sedih.Frank Cho is a crazy kong fan!

hhhmmmppp....tomorrow(today actually)anis is coming home!hahaa.all my sisters kat umah.lovely.back to shaza's house.ok from rumah an i think its the 3rd house.rumah an being number 1.sebelah rumah kaler orange~merah~i don't know the exact colour scheme.depan shaza ada rumah.then ada empty plot.then ada umah orang lain and hujung jln umah syed.provided takde org buat umah secara mendadak.ok till esok lusa,taaaaaa

Thursday, December 15, 2005


"sigh... nih yang rasa nak ambik train jugak nih... thanks shafik and irina for making me go all hmmph and haihsssss today... =(" ~ suria

alahai erm sorry la suria.tidak disengajakan.yup,thah trip was a blast!the train arrived at segamat at half past was supposed to arrive around quarter past 5 actually(as seen on the ticket!).I personally rated it as one of my best(and cheap mind you!thanks again to Rafiqa and family for the food and accomodation~BBQ dia sedap nak mampos!).Trains are late affair but back then when I was in Jitra,Kedah we just love our train rides.We know that we're bound to reach later compared to a bus but its all about the journey.Dahla tak naik express~we took the mail train aka the sandwich!A mail train has free seatings and sumbat selagi boleh.It stops at most stations big or small.Our journeys usually starts at 10:30 pm.We reach KL around 6:30~7.00am.Sometimes even later.We took our trains from Butterworth Penang.We took chartered busses from our school compound.Seniors usually gets the early buses because they'll have more time to run around komtar penang(the 20cents arcade!)Tickets are printed on a yellow coloured paper as opposed to nows blue coloured paper.I told Udin I'm taking train to Segamat and I told him tickets aren't yellow no more.First reaction LAUGH OUT LOUD!Well,its been that long sucker...since the days of yellow ticket.

Train rides brings back lots and loads of fond memories.Yup,its all about the journey.

The place we went is not actually a kampung.Its an estate.Palm estate.Palm plantation.In the midst of pokok sawit and the rallying ride on the X-trail emerged a small community~Planters,Udin kept on repeating that.I guess thats that.Memang cantik.A huge lake,well kept trees,pigeon holes,owlery pon ada!Managers usually have bungalows.Rafiqa's dad got a single storey bungalow.Some older estates have huge British mansions.One of my uncle lived in one of those.Keliling rumah bpk rafiqa banyak pokok bunga.Ada aquarium with Ruby fish in it!I think I got the picture dlm flickrku.Give it a go.Ada poko kaktus,sayur bayam,there's also a pair of turkeys Big Kahuna's in the estate are referred as "Tuan".There are guards and all.Spotlights!Apparently banyak kisah ganas dok estate ni!Not this one in particular.But the risk is there.Its ok to be paranoid these days.I don't have to cerita all the happenings that took place.All said and done.

As for Suria's kampung ordeal think of it lama jugak aku tak balik kampung.Lompat dlm bendang!Hahahaaa.I used to go catch haruan and puyu(tajam!).You'll go all muddy and stuff.I'm not much of a tree climber.We often use lastik.I remember we lastik a snake sampai mati.I actually killed one by stepping on its head in the bilik guru.Mehat would surely think twice bout students wearing boots!Kat utara lastik is referred to as teredih(hard to spell.easier pronounced.byk idgham la loghat utara.mcm french!hahaa)
These days susah nak cari rumah kampung yg byk ukiran and what not.People rather build rumah batu.Easier and much faster.Kak Iza once told me that she cried when they roboh kan parts of umah tok anu sebab she loved the ukiran.biasalah bila dah nak pupus baru sibuk nak buat macam-macam.much like vinyls and analog hi-fi.oh well.irina once asked me to get some padi for souvenirs.since its at the back of my grandma's house.kacang je dad once told me how peghak my mom was when she went back to perlis(maklumlah my mom org JB.raised and schooled there~lahir kat penang)

ok inaz nak guna pc main game and i have to solat till esok pulak.cherios!

Wednesday, December 14, 2005


kisah estet oleh irina

tukar lagi

hadiah dari jumy and rafiqa

hello peeps.managed to create a new link to my collection of picture.feel free to click on em.suria changed her URL yet again.its now i got it wrong just click it on the links on the sidebar.i know i got it right there!i changed it yesterday.and i erased the msg she gave to me already so click on the sidebarlah instead.holidays been cut short.i have to attend a course next week.kursus kepimpinan and what not.oh well.something new in my life.can meet people and see new places.i'll be uploading pictures this coming days .so feel free to browse em all!

today me and my sistas
kemased our house!well just a bit.oh!yesterday went to have a look on some basses.well some old stuff.i'll just wait for the arrivals.due in 2 weeks time(if i managed to!gonna be busy)

i was driving this evening and suddenly it occured to me that i just have to make some cash.some of my friends are on a roll and i would love to join for them i wish them more prosperous in the years to come.may they be richer and happier.when i was in std 4 i used to sell vitamins.serious.i make some cash back std 5 i did some comics trading and cards to.i can't match khairul because he is so damn good at the trading business.hhmmmpphhh,that part of me needs a rebirth and reform.rezeki is everywhere,just have to go getit!heheheeeee....

i've been penning down thoughts of things related to college.i'm gonna publish it.since i'm in the position of power.why not stir things up a bit!just a bit.depending on the outcome.....i might stir things more!muahahahahahhh.ok till later days.erm tomorrow....chiow peeps

oh miss matahari.can't actually remember shaza's house number but it sits next to an empty plot.up hujung is Mr Syed's house(yes the restaurant owner),then there is i don't know whose house is it.,then there is an empty plot of to it is shaza's house.the one with oriental chinese looking woodly windows.yup thats the one.there are some sharp plants by the fences.yup.that's the one.

Monday, December 12, 2005

ini gambar ala-ala SEPET

Friday, December 09, 2005

golly!i has been a while since i last embroiled myself with cars! not me.well.i stumbled upon a site on a pro circuit drift~awesome!madness!argghhhhhh why can't we have a better home made car?proton aiyahhh c'mon~we want our local versions on subaru impreza's,evo's,gti's,V8,V10 or at least a decent and potent boxer engine that mimics alfa's?why oh why!even Tun M drives a cayenne.anak dia porsche carrera GT!arghhhhhhh......jeles tahap cipan!here in the link


suria tukar nama
~suriaperkasahitam's new url

(she is actually a very white~fair) ~hillarious.i got a morning sms from her mentioning about the change of url.hahaa.i'm terribly sorry for not replying your msg miss matahari as usual~out of credit!so Google please help me!here i am again.tomorrow i shall travel to segamat with irina on a train ride.we're attending rafiqa's bbq invitation.i have no idea who else is going to be there.familiar faces and thats for sure.can't wait for tomorrows been a while since my last train ride.the ticket is now blue in colour as apposed to yellow.the last time i remember it was still yellow!gosh i has been a while.darn just when you have the cash!i can't go watch actorlympics cause i have freshies to deal with!yup,i'm one of the orientation committee members.though i tried to fail my interview miserable.i just can't simply fail since i'm one of them~you know who!~gee sounds so Voldemortish.irina loves to movie but she said justice was not done because it is simply different from the bloody book!so she said.then there is the usual forum with kak yah and alia.dan's brown da vinci's code is gonna hit the screens.hhmmmppphhh will justice prevail?well you know.novel adaptation falls short as opposed to the book~EXCEPT FOR LOTR!hahahahha.....the book sure knows how to take me to lallalaaland!hahahhahahahwell to the fans no heart feelings.i just can't grasp the book and read it cover to cover.i'll end up jumping and skipping.ok till after the trip i suppose.i shall take pictures and put them up here.woit i got me self a flickr account.we'll see if i can remember my password and what not!hahahha...sayonara.all smiles : )

Thursday, December 08, 2005

argh brilliant brilliant day.i hope i do please the people at Google so that i can help them and let them help me because i am in need of help.not that they haven't helped me before but i'm in need.otherwise how am i suppose to joint jumy in his jumping expedition?i do have some courses to attend and it does involve flying fox and repelling but sad no bungee jumping and no base jumping and no skydiving too.

irina's phone gave way she is approximately rm200 short!kesian.she was eyeing for a pair of new nike's !she was stalked as well.luckily she noticed and she took an evasive action.Alhamdulillah.all safe and sound.

if one feels like sexually harassed what on earth he/she should do first?where to go and what to do?

shaza is off to japan already.which brings me the question.dear miss suria,where is your new tunang's house?well since there is a new house nearby shaza's house and there is a yellow coloured lotus.i just makes me wonder.anywhere near SJMC?

hah?12 already?wow time does fly!so i shall end now.need my sleep!felt like sleeping early.

wait!to MAN U fan(yeah you!),Manchester United(Glory?Glory?Glory?Man United?~hahaa)well Liverpool,Chelsea and Arsenal qualified~e'nuff said

hello peeps!watched "narnia" last myself a complimentary tix!lovely.......i liked it very much because i have a thing with phantasy phantasy things.fairy,trolls,dragons and stuff like get the picture don't ya?i'm pleased to inform that i'm going on a train trip to segamat to indulge in a BBQ cause at rafiqa's.specifically kat umah bpk dia yg kat dlm estate tuh!hahahhahahahha......irina pon ikut sekali naik keta api setelah diperkenankan ibu bapa beliau.i don't go kindnapping people's daughter mates are up for squash lately(as i come to know)apparently they have been doing it even before nicole ann david got to be number one.okayla consider all the ciggy they smoke they sure need that extra workout!hahahha....actually most of them are much fitter than me although they do smoke like dragons!hahahhaa...i've been quite inactive prior to the final exams.sebln lebih ooooooooooo......lembik jadinya!ok i shall pen down more later kot since aku tak solat asar lagi!smile peeps smile

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

woohooo...salamz everyone.i shall blog like mad these days cherishing my school holidays(i do sound like a kid with a candy.i'm done with nadrul's bass.yup both of em!switched the jazz pickups with new ones and changed the resistors as well.muahahhahhah.snd done with the p-bass as well.switched the old resistors with ernie ball 500k ohms.result!more cun sound.a wider range more precise tune!muahahahahah.sukanya sukanya.i took me minutes to do the p-bass but hours for the jazz(trial and error~salah grounding~ermmmmm)my 1st try resulted in a no sound coming out though i did followed the scematics to the exact specs!2nd try i traced all the wires according to the chinaman's made some sound but tak leh control.3rd try~geram sebab takleh resolve the tak boleh control issue~perah otak and eureka~long story short~berjaya!hahahhahahahahhah....

so jumy,how is your money venturing scheme?i do click on the ads so just you can dapat duit and belanja me! lah.tolong2 member sikit-sikit.irina finally posted a new entry.she felt quite upset byk blog kengkawan dia yg tak so happy so dia buatlah something kelakar sikit.well works for me.currently she's all hooked up with IQ test and quizzes and MENSA stuff.hahaaa...have fun my dear.

aku dah update blog aku!hahahahaha.....i ought to do that sebab cik matahari menyinar!hahhaha

last night i went to play futsal dgn the Total clan.goodness pancit mcm cipan!2 months(about) tak main petang seriously effects my lungs' capacity to keep the air in!i was constantly running out of puffing friends have more stamina than me!erk?malu malu...still i won't result into puffing to ciggy but yes to shisha!jumy shisha satow!

till tomorrow or later tonight i shall blog somemoeremoremore ....hahahhaha.cau cincau....btw silalah ke thingking box juga

aku akan terbang bagai batman!

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Yippieeeee.....finally its over!all over!hahahahhahahahahhhaha......EXAMS OVER!ironically i still have a report to submit~bugger.yep the whole batch said so too!imagine a week prior to finals and we are served with a lab report to submit!crazy mah!labs sessions are serious business here.....bulk of our marks come from labs!hahahahhaaaa.....the fun thing is that you get to do stuff tapi tg tak shiok tu lecturer yg ngajar kitorang assume semorang dah well pal did highlighted the matter tp kena bambu balik big time!at least he stated out the point!this morning news broke out that a dude got some very precious and much needed hint for our EE paper tp buat diam~bugger!kena la seranah hamba Allah tu dgn sebil. besar kami!hahahhahah.....i'm pretty broke.hhmmmppphhhh....kena carik duit la!hhmmpphhh pikir pikir....argh lapa so i'm off to happy ya all.